Through the Fire

Through the Fire

Beth Trissel / Jan 23, 2020

Through the Fire Will love inflame these two natural born enemies in fiery destruction Passions run deep in the raging battle to possess a continent its wealth and furs Both the French and English count powerful Indi

  • Title: Through the Fire
  • Author: Beth Trissel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Will love inflame these two natural born enemies in fiery destruction Passions run deep in the raging battle to possess a continent, its wealth and furs Both the French and English count powerful Indian tribes as their allies English lady Rebecca Elliot, having eloped to America with a British captain, finds herself a widow When she ventures into the colonial frontierWill love inflame these two natural born enemies in fiery destruction Passions run deep in the raging battle to possess a continent, its wealth and furs Both the French and English count powerful Indian tribes as their allies English lady Rebecca Elliot, having eloped to America with a British captain, finds herself a widow When she ventures into the colonial frontier with the militia to seek her uncle, she unwittingly enters a dangerous world of rugged mountains, wild animals, and even wilder men The rules are different here and she doesn t know them, especially those of the savagely handsome warrior who captures her body and her heart.Half Shawnee, half French warrior Shoka, former guide for English traders, is the hawk, swift, sure, and silent as the moon He knows all about survival in this untamed land and how deadly distraction can be His intent is to sell Rebecca to the French before she draws him under her spell, but if he lets her go he can no longer protect her If he holds onto her, can he safeguard his heart With battle looming and an enemy warrior bent on vengeance, Shoka and Rebecca must decide whether to fight together or be destroyed.

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        Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my human family and furbabies An avid gardener, I grow herbs and heirloom flowers and use them in my stories The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans especially the Shawnee , and the Scots Irish are at the heart of my inspiration My English, Scottish, and Scots Irish ancestors were among the earliest settlers in America I write historical romance set in the colonial frontier, the American Revolution, Georgian England, and 20th century America I like a good ghost story, so some of my historical romances have paranormal and ghosts in them In addition to historical romance and Native American Western romance, I write time travel romance some are Scottish time travels , Young Adult wolf shapeshifter paranormal sci fi fantasy romance, New Adult fantasy paranormal time slip romance back and forth to the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War 1 I also have nonfiction about gardening, herbs, and country life My blog is the happening place bethtrissel.wordpress


    1. Since I'm apparently not allowed to leave a negative review without some people losing their freakin' minds over itlets just say I did not enjoy the book. Everyone has different tastes, people. Respect my opinion and I will respect yours.

    2. 2.7 stars. Liked the story idea but wasn't impressed by the book. So much more could've been done to explore the social/cultural aspect of people from different worlds and the hardships they face. Shoka and Rebecca fell in love very quickly and for such a short about of time a lot happens (too much to seem realistic). Rebecca came off as an ill tempered hapless woman and a bit of a floozie. Hearing how beautiful she was and the men falling all over themselves to help her got old quick.If you lik [...]

    3. This book was a wonderful story with great imagery and emotion.Someone commented they didn't like this book and gave it a one.This person in my humble opinion, needs to change genres to sci fi or something else, as she cannot recognize a good romance. Not only is it hurtful to say things like that, and I challenge your knowledge.Maybe she ought to read bodice rippers cause she can't recognize good when she sees it. I thought it deserved a five myself!

    4. Received the book yesterday afternoon and finished it about 15 minutes ago. Absolutely loved this story. The characters jumped off the page and either you loved them or hated them they are great characters. The main love story was beautiful to watch unfold along with the interwoven second love story. Mythical things happen in this book that make it such a wonderful read.What I learned from this book was that I need to get a hold of alot more of Beth Trissel's work.

    5. Definately 5 stars. Would give more if they let me!!!!! Beth is an amazing author who can grab your attention from the beginning and hold it to the end. Her way of describing things make you really see and feel them. You can almost smell the flowers!!!!! I have read all 4 of her books and looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work, Beth, and don't let one comment ever stop you from doing what you love.

    6. A beautiful story line, that embraces you and takes you on a beautiful journey, leaving you wanting more, hard to let go off! Exellent book, highly recommended~

    7. A nice, solid, good read--just what I want when I sit down to read a book! So nice to see this area of the genre represented.

    8. Never has an author taken me on such an enjoyable journey!! I can't wait for the next adventure!! A great book to curl up with on a chilly Autumn evening!!

    9. I enjoyed every page of this book, the plot, action, emotion and characters. B. Trissel has a lovely voice and makes you share her love for the Shenandoha Valley.

    10. Publisher: The Wild Rose PressReleased: 2008Pages: 332ISBN-10: 1601544715ISBN-13: 978-1601544711Stars: 3.0First of all, I’d like to apologize to Historical and Paranormal Romance Author Beth Trissel for the ridiculous amount of time she’s had to wait for this review. She’s a lovely person with quite a respectable following and has written no less than 8 books that are available through The Wild Rose Press. I am not a huge fan of traditional romance novels – I prefer contemporary chick li [...]

    11. Great readAnother great book written by Beth Trissel!!! If you love historical action packed romances, you need to read this book!!!! I can't wait to get started on the sequel to this book! Thanks Beth Trissel!!!

    12. Through The Fire by Beth TrisselThrough The Fire by Beth Trissel takes place during one of the most turbulent times of American history, the French and Indian wars. Rebecca Elliott is fleeing an abusive father and taking her sister, Kate, with her to Fort Warden. The plan is to meet up with an uncle she has not seen in many years but remembers him as a kind and loving man.As they travel by horse back through the forest. They are attacked by Shawnee warriors who are allied with the French. The ba [...]

    13. I like this genre but I tend more toward the supernatural and fantasy. Having said that I go through periods where I can't get enough western and native American romance stories; let's face it they can be the best.This book was a great quick read but the characters seemed too silly without much depth. The two lovers talk about his home (somewhere far away) and his children but the heroin seems to gloss over this like everything will be perfect just like it is on their journey. It feels like that [...]

    14. Poor Rebecca has such a dangerous journey. She is a young English widow traveling with her sister, to find their uncle in the pioneer days. They are with a small company of soldiers who are on their way to the fort where Rebecca's uncle is. It's a war torn land they journey across, with some of the native Indians siding with the English army and others with the French. The travelers are attacked by a band of natives, and Rebecca is taken prisoner.Her sister dissapears on horseback. Most of the s [...]

    15. This is my first book from Beth Trissel. I loved the plot, story, location, era, and even the hero and sub characters in this book. I wasn't crazy about the heroine, Rebecca, making if difficult for me to love the book as much as I wanted to. Like a lot of heroines, she is stubborn and strong willed, but it seems over the top or just a bit too much, and even after proclaiming her love from the hero, she still argues and defies him. It was frustrating for me. I still enjoyed the book and my next [...]

    16. Maybe I managed to read the weakest book first. This entry even tops Don’t Bargain With the Devil. For the first time, I found a romance novel where the characters sound like real people instead of the stereotypical Romance Character # 1—Heroine, Romance Character #2—Love Interest, Romance Character #3—Villain, and so forth. This did, however, remind me rather forcibly of the Last of the Mohicans plotline.

    17. This book was nearly a did not finish for me. I only finished it because it was easy reading. I didn't really care about the characters, especially the heroine Rebecca. Her constant state of accidental undress really got on my nerves. How many times can one girl's blanket slip? A lot apparently!

    18. Through the Fire, was a delightful read. I was thoroughly captured from the beginning to the end, and found the romance very believable and engaging. I look forward to more stories by Beth Trissel. Patrice Wilton

    19. Sorry, became determined to complete this book as the reviews were good but can only say that good writing is let down by a poorly developed plot and awful editing.

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