Suuri rakkaus

Suuri rakkaus

Sarah Dunn / Jun 03, 2020

Suuri rakkaus Alison Hopkins is firmly undoubtedly and undeniably in love She and Tom are happy togetheruntil the evening he goes out in the middle of a dinner party to buy some mustard and doesn t come back She

  • Title: Suuri rakkaus
  • Author: Sarah Dunn
  • ISBN: 9513127281
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Alison Hopkins is firmly, undoubtedly, and undeniably in love She and Tom are happy togetheruntil the evening he goes out in the middle of a dinner party to buy some mustard and doesn t come back She had always feared that Tom s looks would land her in troublehaving a handsome boyfriend is like owning a white couch, an invitation to disaster.

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        Sarah Dunn born 1970 is an American author and television writer She was educated in the University of Arizona.Coming to prominence in 1994 with her book Official Slacker Handbook, Sarah Dunn went to Hollywood, where she wrote for such series as Murphy Brown, Veronica s Closet and Spin City.


    1. The Big Love joins yogurt ads, spray tans, and sitcoms in the long line of terrible things that have resulted from our culture's expectations of, and regard for, women. Things I hate about The Big Love (the short list): 1.) The main character of The Big Love went to a frickin' Ivy League university and her main obsessions are marriage and why, at age 32, she has only had sex with two people in her life. Are you kidding me? OK, so, she's from a fundamentalist Christian background and argues that [...]

    2. This book was smarter than average chic lit (I would presume), although still chic lit, HOWEVER if you grew up an evangelical Christian and now find yourself a bit moreberal, this character is amazing. The stuff she writes about the Christian dating scene and the resulting issues of sex are hysterical.

    3. Bleh couldn't even finish it on BOOK TAPE. It was really just bad. But plenty of jokes about fundamentalist Christianity, mixed in with the horribly stupid storyline about being in love with the world's most obnoxious guy, and a liberal dose of profanity.Don't bother.

    4. No. Just noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooP.S. I would go to the market and buy cheese to eat alone every day if I could

    5. The blurb sounded light and fluffy but the actual book was a bit of a slog. It lacked a certain glibness or pacing to make it enjoyable and elevate it above the overdone premise. The Year of Yes , Eat, Pray, Love and I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti were essentially the same book but were easier to read and more entertaining.In this book, I felt like the protagonist was really whiny and kept talking about how she wasn't going to do something (bash fundamentalists, talk about herself, talk about [...]

    6. Alison is looking for the big love. She thought she has found it but when her boyfriend for several years leaves her during the dinner party, she has to start to consider things from different angles.Eventually Alison starts to think that does the real love, the big love, even exists. And if it does, how can you find it?The are many new, unfamiliar things Alison goes through while she is searching for the big love. She has an affair with her boss, she has sex after the first date, she feels hers [...]

    7. Sarah Dunnin Suuri rakkaus on kirja itsensä löytämisestä ja itsensä kunnioittamisesta. Alison on reilu kolmekymppinen nainen, jonka avomies Tom jättää yllättäen sinapinhakureissun yhteydessä (tärkeä yksityiskohta). Alison joutuu pohtimaan, miksi Tom palasi takaisin vanhan rakkautensa Katen luo, mitä Katella on enemmän kuin hänellä. Alison joutuu myös miettimään, millainen henkilö hän on ja mitä hän haluaa elämältään.Vaikka tämä kirja on sijoitettu romantiikkaan kirj [...]

    8. Yes. YES. This is chick lit done properly, replete with the kind of intense introspection that would, logically, accompany the sort of romantic plots so present in the genre. This particular narrative isn't terribly different from the others, but the narrator's voice elevates it to something else. Some of the sentence structure was a little distracting, although I respect it as an aesthetic choice.

    9. There were things I liked about this book. Overall annoying and irritating and I just kept wanting to yell at this woman to check her privilege for like a second. Dunn has better books. This book had some good moments, and I think if things had been more developed, it would have been a lot better. The stream of consciousness thing was kinda ok but off putting for sure.

    10. The Big Love is in the best tradition of chick lit. Alison Hopkins is stunned when her live-in boyfriend, surely preparing to propose, goes out to pick up mustard, then calls to announce he is in love with someone else.Alison tumbles through a number of reactions and tries to scrape her life together. She narrates the story in a chatty breathless style that feels a lot like a long telephone call. Like this: "I suppose if I had been exposed to Dorothy Parker at an impressionable age she would hav [...]

    11. "Haittaako jos juon itseni humalaan tänään?" kysyin."Miksi se haittaisi?""Haluan vain varoittaa seuralaisiani, kun aion juoda itseni humalaan. En halua kenenkään luulevan, että se on vahinko.""Luovut tietoisuudestasi tietoisesti.""Aivan", sanoin. "Se saatettaisiin luokitella alkoholismin oireeksi, vaikka en ole ihan varma.""Tapailin yhteen aikaan naista, joka kävi AA-kerhossa, ja hänen mukaansa kaikki mitä tein viittasi alkoholismiin.""Millaiset jutut?""No, en tiedä", Matt sanoi. "Jatk [...]

    12. Ughhhh. I forced myself to finish it and even at that, probably skimmed more than 50% of it. I originally picked it up because the title made me think of the HBO show "Big Love." The story line seemed intriguing enough, the girl is throwing a dinner party, sends her live in bf out for mustard, he calls her and breaks up with her over the phone. The main character is nuerotic and pyscho analyzes everything. As a result, the book is like having a conversation with someone who has a touch of ADD. T [...]

    13. Why do I do this to myself? Why I continue to read chick-lit hoping to re-create the excitement I felt when I read "Bridget Jones's Diary" at 22? Only to realize every time that the main reason for the excitement was that I was 22 and "Bridget Jones's Diary" was the first chick-lit I ever read, and in fact, the whole genre is crap. Yesterday's Harlequin romances in a new coat. "The Big Love" is a shining example for that. The title says it all, for God's sake. But no, I had to convince myself "i [...]

    14. i really loved this book. i think mainly because every girl can relate to the character in some way if not all. her thoughts are similar to ones that i have all the time and expresses feelings that you'd think only you had. makes you feel better knowing that you're not the only girl who thinks/feels certain ways.i think we've all been through that stage where we always tell ourselves no matter what, we're never going to be with someone who did us wrong but it's always the opposite when we're act [...]

    15. I read this book several months ago. It did have a couple of humorous moments and I could empathize with Alison in the beginning but as the novel progressed it became harder to identify with her. I noticed that they are billing this book as appealing to fans of Price and Prejudice as well as The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Well, I loved P&P and thought The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing was very overrated. Honestly, this book has nothing in common with P&P. Don't expect too [...]

    16. The story line in this was kind of wobbly, but the main reason I connected with it is because the main character struggles with her Christian upbringing and even though she is no longer a believer, she still finds herself questioning things. A lot of things that were mentioned struck a chord with me and some of the scenarios had me laughing out loud and nodding my head. Anyone who has any kind of past with organized religion should find this very amusing.

    17. This book was great! It isn't often that I open a book and find it necessary to keep reading until I have read every last detail. I enjoyed Sarah's writing style imensley. There was never a point where the plot started to drag. This is a great book that explores why women tend to stay in relationships longer than they know they should, while simultaneously exploring the impact having a strong religous background has on current day dating. It's laugh-out-loud hilarious!

    18. Really not a great book at all. Hard to even recommend for light reading. I finished it simply because I was waiting at the house while the movers packed and had nothing else available. Got two stars instead of one, because there were a couple funny parts.

    19. " Властта притежава онзи, който обича по-малко. Който е по-склонен да си тръгне. Ще ви кажа и нещо друго. Изневярата е власт. Каквото и да се е случило в една връзка, всичката власт е у онзи, който се чука наляво и надясно."" Може би единствената причина да не съм станала по.лошо е, [...]

    20. This book is a pure chick lit, one and done indulgence for me. It was a decent story of repressed girl (thanks to her hang ups and religious induced guilt) finds her inner strength through a bunch of crappy events in her life.Alison, an Evangelical Christian 32 yr old woman working as a puff columnist at a minor Philadelphia newspaper throws a dinner party. Her live in boyfriend goes out to buy the mustard for the guests all seated, phones and says he's in love with his old college gf and isn't [...]

    21. The Big Love was a Big Flop. A lackluster story that felt like a failed attempt at being witty, this "love" tale was anything but. Alison is in love with Tom, her boyfriend of several years. Tom cheats on Alison. Alison decides to sleep with her new boss. Alison loses her job (nothing to do with the new boss). Alison takes Tom back. Alison realizes Tom isn't her Big Love and instead "finds herself" by taking up all the cliche things single girls in their 30s apparently do. The plot essentially w [...]

    22. Didn't like this as much as the Arrangement or Secrets to Happiness, which I read first. I like Dunn's sense of humor, and this book had some funny parts, but the main character's thoughts weren't that interesting, and the book didn't have much of a plot.Main character is a 30-something single looking for love in Philadelphia. She grew up evangelical and is somewhat narcissistic. Seemed to me like she was looking for a "great catch" who would love her, although she did not appear to be offering [...]

    23. I was anxious to read Sarah Dunn's first book because I enjoyed her second so much. About half way through, I read some of the reviews and was disheartened to see how many people disliked the story. I did start skimming a bit, but then it hooked me back in and I enjoyed the last half. I disagreed with those who didn't like the end. I thought it was better than I was expecting. It is clear that Sarah Dunn is a unique voice, and she is honing her skill as a writer. I look forward to her next effor [...]

    24. Heavy on narration and whining. Light on dialogue, character development, and plot. Very disappointed. Just finished loving The Arrangement and this book fell flat. I rarely give one star ratings and even less often write reviews but I feel like I need to warn others. Good news, this book is super short.

    25. A fun, light read. I liked Sarah Dunn's style. The rambling narrator was endearing. Didn't expect the bit about the narrator growing up in an evangelical church, but I appreciated her issues and could relate! I'm convinced that Dunn had the experience because it was definitely an insider perspective. Lastly, won't give it away, but I was happy with the ending!

    26. Since I liked The Arrangement so much I decided to dive into Sarah Dunn's back list. This reads so much like Nora Ephron's Heartburn (without the recipes) I'm not sure if it's homage or purely accidental. It's entertaining but I think it had a good hook with the "growing up Evangelical Christian" angle that wasn't exploited in a beneficial manner.

    27. I didn't realize the ending was the ending until I turned the page and there were no more chapters! It was cute, but after reading her second book I can see how much her writing and storytelling improved so this fell a little short of expectations

    28. I purchased this because I enjoyed The Arrangement so much. This was definitely not that. I paid $9.99 for it and finished reading only because I’ve never been able to feel good about the sunk cost principle.

    29. This book is kind of a let down. I would've been happier with the ending being her happily living alone than to reintroduce Henry again in the final few pages. I just felt like there wasn't really any story. It was just a woman going through her day to day life with no real plot.

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