Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs

Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs

Blaize Clement / Feb 28, 2020

Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs Curiosity is always a killer for former police officer Dixie Hemingway Even a trip to pick up her parrot at the veterinarian s office is bound to turn up something curiousd the teenager Dixie meets in

  • Title: Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs
  • Author: Blaize Clement
  • ISBN: 9780312369569
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Curiosity is always a killer for former police officer Dixie Hemingway Even a trip to pick up her parrot at the veterinarian s office is bound to turn up something curiousd the teenager Dixie meets in the waiting room is no exception Jaz, as she calls herself, is inconsolable after her stepfather ran over a rabbit with his car Really Dixie s animal like instinCuriosity is always a killer for former police officer Dixie Hemingway Even a trip to pick up her parrot at the veterinarian s office is bound to turn up something curiousd the teenager Dixie meets in the waiting room is no exception Jaz, as she calls herself, is inconsolable after her stepfather ran over a rabbit with his car Really Dixie s animal like instinct tells her that something s not quite right about this Jaz and she s going to make it her purr sonal business to find out Even if that means going on a wild goose chase, from the pampered luxury of Siesta Key s exclusive resorts to the gang wars being fought in the back alleys, to ferret out the truth And not get caught with her tail between her legs in the process

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    1. Another fast read, but this time the subject takes on some heavier social issues. Ms. Clement does tend to become repetitious about her chores with the animals (how many times do we need to hear about Billy Elliot's need to run fast, or how many times she cleans the parrot's cage, etc.). Also, I'm tired of the handsome, but gay coupling of her brother and his partner's not even relevant to the story line in any of the five books, so why make such a point of it in each of them? Who cares if they [...]

    2. Even after five of these, Dixie still delights and I think the things she finds herself tangled up in are credible and plausible. There was some movement forward in her character development, which I like to see in a series; and I just enjoy these books. They're short and entertaining. My one complaint is that early on I think the author did too much foreshadowing with some unnatural lines, "It's good that we can't see to far ahead. If we could we'd never go forward."

    3. Loved itis series is a must for any pet lover out there. Dixie appears to be moving on with her life quite nicely after dealing with the death of her husband & daughter. But instead of resuming her job as a Sheriff's Deputy she continues to pet sit. Which is where she meets Jaz a troubled teen who has difficultly letting people in. Things turn topsy turvy in Dixie's world when an old high school friend turns up asking Dixie for help.

    4. For what it is, a cosy featuring a pet sitter set in the Keys, it's good. Interesting characters (e.g. gay brother and his partner, paraplegic greyhound owner, old woman who makes great chocolate bread) and enough about the setting that you want to live there.

    5. I like this series. A cozy-ish mystery series but not too fluffy, and I like the characters, both human and animal.

    6. "Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs" by Blaize Clement.Another winner in a winning series. Dixie Hemingway has problems on her hands and I don't mean small problems. She encounters a teenager, Jaz, with a bully of a step-father at the vet's office. Later while at one of her client's homes taking care of Big Bubba, a talkative parrot, young thugs show up demanding to know the whereabouts of Jaz. Dixie senses trouble for Jaz. As if that isn't enough trouble for Dixie to get involved with a high school f [...]

    7. #5 in the Dixie Hemingway series. Dixie, a former Sheriff's deputy, now works on a wealthy Florida Key as a pet sitter. A very enjoyable series, especially for lovers of cozies and/or animals.Dixie Hemingway takes an instant liking to Jaz a girl she first meets at the vet with a nervous man claiming to be Jaz's stepfather. Later, three young thugs looking for Jaz confront Dixie at the home of one of Dixie's clients. Lt. Jean-Pierre Guidry, suspects the three are connected to the knifing murder o [...]

    8. Dixie - a professional pet-sitter, and ex-cop - manages to get mixed up in a South American drug cartel, and a gang shooting in LA - all without ever leaving the Florida keys.Like many books of this type, everyone around her tells her to stop meddling, but of course, she doesn't. She saves a child, but almost messes up a major bust, and somehow, nobody seems to mind.I really like Dixie and her family and friends, but I find the mystery elements of this series a little too far out there. Still, i [...]

    9. I really like this series so far. I figured out I skipped book 4 before this one after I started so now I have to go back and read it :)

    10. I really enjoy the Dixie Hemingway mystery series: Strong woman with a history that influences her daily life; love and knowledge of animals; Florida weather; love between brother and sister; interesting peripheral characters; and smart humor. Thanks, Blaize Clement, for being so good at character development! I wish I knew Dixie!Don't want to dive into a spoiler, but there is a first in this particular book regarding a couple of the main characters, and that deepens the story line overall. Befo [...]

    11. The fifth installment in one of my favorite series, the former detective turned pet sitter always seems to find others in trouble. A high school friend and a young woman she met at the vets office pull her in this time.

    12. Another great entry in this series that I love. If you haven't read any of these you should start at the beginning of the series just for the character intros & backgrounds. The stories are smart & interesting & the pet sitting aspect is funny as well as informative. The descriptions of the setting ( Siesta Key, Florida) is enough to make you want to move there. The main character Dixie is Kinsey Milhone with a shot of adrenaline. They have a lot in common- feisty, gun carrying, form [...]

    13. I love this series and all the characters. At times I think she goes into her descriptions a bit much but then again I read the series and if reading seperately you need some history. I like how she did not overdo all her pain issues with losing her family. For me that takes away drom the story in her other books---NOT ALL!!! I love Dixie, Ella and the gang. Nice change from heavy murder mysteries and love the pet angle. Lots of new knowledge! I hope this series continues for a long time7/2/15:J [...]

    14. I do enjoy this series. Dixie is "damaged goods" but she's getting better all the time. The characters in the book are all so well-drawn and the descriptive scenes just make me want to visit or live in Siesta Key.Dixie meets a mysterious young girl (Jaz) at the vet's office where one of Dixie's friends steps forward to ask Jaz to help (unneeded *wink*) with the assistance dog pup she's training. Dixie sees Jaz several times, then the girl disappears. Dixie's brother Michael is busy with work and [...]

    15. this was a good one, i could keep up with everything. dixie knew this girl from high school, she married a rich man, she wasnt really bright. he was a big drug dealer who got killed and she pretended like he was kidnapped. dixie dropped off the fake ransome not knowing it was phone books and a phonie kidnapping. the lady had a dumb boyfriend who called in the ransome demand and dumped the husbands body with a anchormeanwhile there was a girl named jaz who was in witness protection, dixie rescued [...]

    16. I've enjoyed this series. This particular one, however, was a bit tedious at times. Dixie is Parrot sitting in this one. While the first two times she describes the routine of taking care of the parrot are fine, she does it again at least three more times. I kept wondering what the parrot has to do with the mystery. He must have something to do with it, since she talk about the routine so much. But, no the parrot is not central to the mystery. Why then, do we have to hear about her cleaning out [...]

    17. Dixie is continuing to pick up the pieces of her life as she continues to be conscientious about caring for her various charges. She encounters a young girl with an incongruous stepfather while at the veterinarian's office and becomes alarmed when a group of thugs accost her at one of her pet-sitting houses while looking for the girl. Adding to her worries, Paco, her brother-in-love, disappears on an undercover assignment and is not heard of for days so Dixie is reluctant to involve her brother [...]

    18. Despite the cutesy title, this mystery lacks both telepathic animals and a dim-witted heroine. Instead, it's a reasonably brisk venture set on a Florida key with an engaging protagonist. Dixie, the lead character, is an ex-cop, now a pet sitter. This is the fifth in the series. A frightened young girl with a dubious "stepfather," an old friend in a panic because her husband has been kidnapped, thugs and cops and colorful locals. Fine descriptions of the ocean, sunsets, and island life. Dixie mak [...]

    19. I love this series. There is something so refreshing about Dixie and the way she tells it how it is, instead of skirting around the truth. In this book Dixie is pulled into a world of gangs and drug trafficking when she meets a young girl named Jaz. She knows something is off and won't rest until she figures out what is going on with Jaz and how to help her. This mixed with helping out an old friend, can only lead to Dixie finding herself in the midst of madness and mayhem! I gave this 4 stars, [...]

    20. Really enjoying this series (I say that all the time LOL). Wasn't hugely keen on the girl, Jasmine, in the story, and thought the US Marshals didn't act hugely concerned, but then again the story is told from Dixie's 1st person POV, so we don't get to see what happens behind the scenes, so that's understandable. Another great read! And yeah, I like seeing glimpses of Micheal (her brother) and Paco (his partner). You have to admit, when the side characters are the ones you really like, it's somet [...]

    21. A very quick read. My first Blaize Clement book and picked up as the book was on display at the library. Having 4 cats myself, this would be a good read. Reminded me of a cross between Lillian Jackson Braun and Janet Evanovich. Not as funny as JE but the main character seems similar to Stephanie Plum. Enjoyed for a Saturday afternoon read. The funny thing is I think Winston the cat was reading too as he jumped down at the same point in time that Winston the cat (similar description) in the book [...]

    22. Pet sitter Dixie Hemingway would have never guessed her visit to the vet would be anything but routine. She meets a young girl named Jaz who turns out is in the witness protection program running from some young thugs who seem hot on her trail. Dixie' old friend from high school is also in a boat load of trouble involving her rich, much older, Columbian husband. It was entertaining but too much blah, blah about about useless information.

    23. A great read. Entertaining, very easy. Amusing.I read this over a couple of snowy days. It was my first in this series.The main character is a pet sitter so there is a lot of description of the various pets she cares for. I found this enjoyable even though I'm not much of an animal person. I also liked the description of Florida, the setting of the series.Will look for more in this series.

    24. This story feels like a new beginning. Dixie is starting to heal and find her way. She is still running her pet sitting business and getting herself into trouble. Getting herself out of trouble is a whole different story. This book leaves you feeling like a new chapter is opening up for Dixie.

    25. I just love the Dixie Hemmingway mystery series. They are cozy and quick reads with great characters, interesting story lines and a tiny bit of romance. Maybe because I am an animal lover myself. This is the 5th in the series and I have really enjoyed them all. A nice change of pace from my recent paranormal obsession!

    26. I have read all the Dixie Hemingway books and eagerly awaited this newest one. Dixie is at the vet's office with one of the pets she is sitting for and meets a teenage girl named Jaz who is distressed over an injured rabbit. Jaz's step-father seems a bit off and Dixie's interest is piqued. Dixie ends up trying to figure out who Jaz is and where she is staying. Interesting, and fun.

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