The Dead Room

The Dead Room

Chris Mooney / Feb 27, 2020

The Dead Room When Special Investigator Darby McCormick is summoned to search for a missing teenage boy she has no idea the case will come to haunt every waking moment The boy had been in the care of a man whose f

  • Title: The Dead Room
  • Author: Chris Mooney
  • ISBN: 9780141039879
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Special Investigator Darby McCormick is summoned to search for a missing teenage boy, she has no idea the case will come to haunt every waking moment The boy had been in the care of a man whose fingerprints reveal him to be long dead gangster, Frank Sullivan, killed by the FBI some 20 years earlier.

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        Chris Mooney is the critically acclaimed author of Deviant Ways, World Without End, and Remembering Sarah, which was nominated for the Barry Award and the Edgar Award for Best Novel He lives in Boston with his wife and son Series Darby McCormick


    1. Although I was kind of wanting to know what happened, by the end, I didn't really care. This is the book that Darby transformed from regular CSI to G.I. Joe Barbie and it was too over the top and unrealistic to be believable or even enjoyable for a couple of hours. This series has gotten out of control and it is time to end it.

    2. Yet another great book in the Darby McCormick series. This one involves corruption within the Boston Police and the FBI that covers up the actions of a mob boss supposedly killed years before.At the same time Darby is trying to figure out what is wrong with her friend Coop that he is acting so bizarre.This one kept me guessing the whole way through and ended with a great cliffhanger as to Darby's future with the Forensic Lab. Gotta read the next one soon.

    3. Ok, so he's not just an author, he's a friend.Very good thriller/mystery. His best since "Remembering Sarah".Chris'last couple have not been published in the US, and that's a damn shame for someone on the short list for the Edgar Award. If you can find it, read it. You'll stay up late.

    4. The Dead Room by Chris Mooney Title - The Dead RoomAuthor - Chris MooneyFirst Published - February 2013Publisher - Penguin Pages - 464Price on - Paperback - £7.99 Kindle - £3.99ISBN - 1405913800Darby McCormick is back in the third book of the series. When a mother and son are violently attacked, Darby and her team are called in to investigate.The further Darby digs, the more secrets come to the surface, with a dead man's fingerprints appearing at the crime scene, can Darby figure out the puzz [...]

    5. I'm a huge fan of crime drama series and movies. Despite my love for procedural drama and mysteries, I've never really read crime fiction before, except for a glimpse of Mary Higgins Clark. This is my first official crime mystery book, also my first Darby McCormick and the first glimpse of Chris Mooney book. With a title like that and a synopsis that compelling, I couldn't resist this book when BookDepository offered a 60% deal.At first I thought the back story would be SWAT, with Darby undergoi [...]

    6. As a Crime novel I thought that this was a cut above others that I have read recently for a number of reasons, and yet there was something about it that just failed to make me go crazy over it.Darby was a strong character and yet - unlike some other long standing Detective series - she didn't dominate the novel with her theories, observations and thoughts. She was a subtle voice which led us through, and yet she was established to us as the Leading character. Very clever writing.The constant int [...]

    7. I was wavering between two and three stars for this book, I opted for the higher of the two because for the most part this book I enjoyed reading it, but there were quite a few bits that I struggled with.The twists near the end, and there are two major ones, are very good. I never saw either of them coming (in hindsight one of them perhaps I should have been considering but the other I still think is one hell of a blindsider). Our lead character is interesting, though she did seem very good at e [...]

    8. I thought that is was very well written, but left us with some unanswered questions. This is my first McCormick book, so maybe it is continued in book four, but I don't think so. Mooney did a wonderful job of throwing twists and turns into the usual "mystery story". I was intriguing, but not a page turner which is why I gave it four stars. It took me a bit of time to read (but this is my own fault because I am not a mystery reader in the first place). Overall I would recommend this book to anyon [...]

    9. The Dead Room has been sat on my kindle for a while, a long while (around about five years) and was released earlier than that (2009).  I have to say, finally opening it up I was feeling rather guilty about having waited so long to read it and I was also rather nervous.  I had it in my head it wouldn’t be any good or I would have read it by now.  Thankfully, whilst the guilt didn’t go away, the nerves did after a few pages because this was a pretty good read.Darby is the type of strong fe [...]

    10. Audiobooks are starting to grow on me, I enjoyed this one a lot at work. This is the first book that I have read by this Author and in this series. So I went in with a completely clean slate. I didn’t feel confused at all. It did give me some background questions, but they were more on the line of I wanted to know more. I wanted to read the other in the series that I had missed. Works fine as a standaloneI really like how it started off. The start was a great introduction to who the main chara [...]

    11. I have no words I will try though! This book was absolutely bloody (wanted to swear but kept it PG) fantastic. An absolute work of genius. A fiction story about one detective not only trying to solve a murder but also trying to uncover secrets from her own past plus the corruption of the police force she works for. Vivid, gritty and downright gory. Everything a crime/thriller book should hold 5 stars all the way

    12. Excellent book!This might sound weird but I admit that I cried at the end. I had grown to respect Jamie's character for her struggles and how she led her life. The ending felt like I was hit by a truck. it was so sad.Maybe it affected me more because I was listening to the audiobook instead of reading the paperback.All in all a very clever story ybe a little far fetched with Fed theory .but hey that's why it's called fiction right?

    13. Not sure why it took so long to read, but that may have something to do with finding the story a little too complicated at times. The final third of the book was a much easier to read and in the end its deserving of a 4 rating.Moving off the Darby McCormick books , but I'm sufficiently intrigued to come to the series before too long.

    14. ok I'm done with this series for awhile. I really wish there wasn't a bad cop in every single story. like every partner our mc has is a bad cop lol. the storyline was alright for the most part. I totally didn't guess the little twist at the end there so props.

    15. 4*4*, says it all another cracking book from Chris Mooney. This author never disappoints .I have enjoyed every one of his booksWould recommend reading him

    16. I read and enjoyed the first two books in the CSI Darby McCormick series very recently, and I saw the potential that this series had to be something great. The Dead Room is the book that has now made me a huge fan of Chris Mooney, and I have completely fallen in love with the character of Darby, she is just such a fantastic character and one that I can't wait to read about again.The Dead Room is a complicated book to write the whole 'this is what happens' in one paragraph, and so the best thing [...]

    17. Im dritten Fall der Ermittlerin Darby McCormick geht es um einen grausamen Mord an einer Frau, die gefoltert wurde.Am Tatort findet sie schnell heraus, dass die Täter von einer weiteren Person gestört wurden. Und so gehen die Ermittlungen in zwei Richtungen.Diese besagte Person ist eine ehemalige Polizistin, die bei einem Überfall schwer verletzt wurde Während Darby den Spuren nachgeht und bald eine Verbindung zur Mafia findet, ist die Polizistin auf persönliche Weise hinter den Tätern her [...]

    18. Darby McCormick, gerade zurück von ihrem knochenharten Training für das SWAT Team, wird an einen Tatort gerufen, der nur wenige Straßen von ihrem alten Elternhaus entfernt liegt. Eine Frau wurde gequält und ermordet - und alles vor den Augen ihres Sohnes, der mit leichten Verletzungen im Krankenhaus liegt. Bei der Vernehmung kommt ein FBI Agent dazu, der Sohn rastet aus und jagt sich eine Kugel in den Kopf. Bei den Ermittlungen finden sich Fingerabdrücken von toten FBI Agenten und die Spur [...]

    19. >>Diese Rezension und viele mehr findet ihr auch hier: wort-welten/ ZUSAMMENFASSUNG:Als Darby McCormick am Tatort eintrifft, ist selbst sie sprachlos. Wurde in dem unscheinbaren Haus in ihrer Heimatstadt doch eine Frau zu Tode gefoltert, während ihr Sohn zusehen musste. Doch das ist erst der Anfang eines schier endlosen Albtraums. Schließlich bleibt es sehr bald nicht mehr nur bei einer Toten. Aber spätestens als der Fall sie zu ihrem Vater führt, der vor Jahren im Polizeidienst erscho [...]

    20. I'm saying this more and more these days, but this isn't my regular type of read. It's a procedural crime thriller about soem deaths being caused by people who are supposed to be dead. As I say, it's not my usual read, but the story kept me hooked from beginning to end.My only slight downside was that I found it a little predictable, but I get that a lot and it shouldn't put you off. The story is well constructed and the pace builds nicely to a satisfying conclusion. The investigation itself has [...]

    21. The Dead Room4.5 StarsThe rapid pacing, intricate plotting and excellent characterization more than compensate for the slightly far-fetched premise and Darby's sudden transformation from lab rat into serious kick-ass chick. Fox Mulder's "Trust No One" maxim fits the plot of this book to a tee as Darby slowly unravels the mystery of a gruesome home invasion, and soon comes to realize that rampant corruption in the Boston PD and FBI means that everyone around her is a potential villain. The story [...]

    22. This was an excellent read from Chris Mooney in the Darby McCormick series. Darby is turning into a superwoman, in that she has her Forensic qualifications, now she has a PhD in Psychology, and has just completed SWAT training. This case however, could end her life, if she survives, it could finish her career. There is massive corruption within the Boston F.B.I and the police Force in general. The Irish Mafia have a heavy hand in the proceeding and what Darby finds out about the case, also leads [...]

    23. The book, from the first line to the last, had me hooked, yearning for more and more till I had finished it within a span of a very few days. The point isn't to brag about how much free time i had on my hands, rather it is to praise the work and effort of the writer, who wove a story so intricate and riveting, that I couldn't stop turning the pages. From the graphic details of the crime scenes, to the complex backgrounds of each character, to the enthralling character building, to the unfolding [...]

    24. Loved this book. This is the third Darby McCormick book I've read by Chris Mooney and they just get better and better. I love the fact that a male author has created such a strong, self sufficient, intelligent and moral female main character like Darby. It's refreshing in a world where females are normally just the victims in crime thrillers. That said I did think Darby's path in this book became a bit far fetched, like Gi Jane taking down a whole army, in Darby's case it's the Boston PD and FBI [...]

    25. Mooney is America's answer to Val McDermid, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 3rd in his series of Darby McCormick books. An exciting thriller which looks at a grizzly murder with all sorts of twists and turns, 'The Dead Room' is a rollercoaster of an adventure which I found extremely hard to put down. Would highly recommend all crime lovers, especially those who are encapsulated by the twisted and gripping literature of Thomas Harris. This will not disappoint.

    26. I was excited by the title and the blurb, but boy it took some dedication to get through it. I really didn't enjoy it very much at all in the end. I won't be trying anything more from this author. I just found it very slow moving and the content not all that exciting. I was hoping for some great reveal but I worked out what it would be long before it happened. I feel like I wasted precious time on this book.

    27. Darby McCormick is a multi talented crime scene investigator who is going against corruption buried so deep in her police department that she does not know who she can trust. Darby is sort of unbelievably super hero like. This story occurs in Boston and it sounds like she is taking on Whitey Bulger and the Winter Hill gang. It kept moving and you really had to hope for Darby. Always on the side of justice regardless of the result.

    28. WOW! I loved it. I really enjoyed the plot, how Darby and Jamie get closer and the development of the story. Being Italian, I can understand quite well the reactions of people. I do not want to say too much in case somebody hasn't read it but I absolutely loved it! I couldn't put it down. To me, definitely a page-turner book.

    29. I love Chris Mooney. He has become another of my favourite authors. This one is a little different than the others I've read of his. This is mostly about the "Irish mafia", and Darby is getting into a very large can of worms this time. I love her character. I usually don't like books that have anything to do with the mafia, but this one was different, with a twist. Really enjoyed it.

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