The Poyson Garden

The Poyson Garden

Karen Harper / Jan 19, 2020

The Poyson Garden The letter came in secret with a pearl eardrop from an aunt long thought dead resurrecting the forbidden past Banished by her spiteful half sister Queen Mary to Hatfield House in the English count

  • Title: The Poyson Garden
  • Author: Karen Harper
  • ISBN: 9780440225928
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • The letter came in secret, with a pearl eardrop from an aunt long thought dead, resurrecting the forbidden past Banished by her spiteful half sister, Queen Mary, to Hatfield House in the English countryside, twenty five year old Princess Elizabeth cannot refuse the summons The Boleyns are in grave danger And Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, is marked for death by a mThe letter came in secret, with a pearl eardrop from an aunt long thought dead, resurrecting the forbidden past Banished by her spiteful half sister, Queen Mary, to Hatfield House in the English countryside, twenty five year old Princess Elizabeth cannot refuse the summons The Boleyns are in grave danger And Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, is marked for death by a master poisoner whose reign of terror may have royal sanction.With her few loyal retainers, Elizabeth escapes to Kent Here, in her ancestral Hever Castle, now held by the Queen s loyalists, Elizabeth seeks to unravel the plot against her And here, in the embrace of intrigue and betrayal, the princess must find a brilliant, powerfully connected killer before the killer finds her.

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        A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Karen Harper is a former college English instructor The Ohio State University and high school literature and writing teacher A lifelong Ohioan, Karen and her husband Don divide their time between the midwest and the southeast, both locations she has used in her books Besides her American settings, Karen loves the British Isles, where her Scottish and English roots run deep, and where she has set many of her historical Tudor era mysteries and her historical novels about real and dynamic British women Karen s books have been published in many foreign languages and she won the Mary Higgins Clark Award for 2005 Karen has given numerous talks to readers and writers across the county Her most recent books include THE SOUTH SHORES TRILOGY CHASING SHADOWS, DROWNING TIDES and FALLING DARKNESS Her latest historical is THE ROYAL NANNY Please visit her website at KarenHarperAuthor and her fb page at facebook KarenHarperAuthor


    1. Finally got around to reading the first book in the Elizabethan Mysteries! And it's just as awesome as all the others. The first book takes place before Elizabeth becomes Queen, her half sister, Queen Mary is still on the throne, but she is dying. I'm not sorry I didn't read these books in order, but knowing how all her privy plot comes to be is a bonus for later books. The Poyson Garden revolves around, you guessed it, poison plots. Elizabeth realizes, at the age of 20, that not only does she h [...]

    2. Elizabeth is living in the country under the constant observation of Queen Mary's loyal retainers, the Popes. Elizabeth has her own few personnel who are loyal but she must be very careful to keep far from any more plots so she is not returned to the Tower.In this setting she learns that her Aunt Mary Boleyn has not died many years before but has been in quiet seclusion and is now on her death bed. Elizabeth escapes to meet the last of her mother's kin. Once there Elizabeth is told of the poison [...]

    3. Elizabeth Tudor, effectively imprisoned on an estate in rural England, hears about a murder done by enemies of the Boelyn family and takes steps to investigate it both for the sake of her mother's family and also in order to ensure her own safety.This was a quick read, an okay piece of historical fiction, and a pretty bad mystery (at least by my golden-age conditioned standards there *was* no mystery, for the identity of the villain was made clear to the reader long before the characters could f [...]

    4. I didn't care for this book. I was somewhat interested how some of the things would be resolved in later books in this series but not enough to plow through more by this author.

    5. I really don't get how people like this book. I expected it to be so much more than just her becoming Sherlock Holmes to find out who poisoned her aunt, Mary Boleyn. I like that she was cutthroat in her demeanor but I breezed through this book and not in a good way. I just had to get done with it. 2 stars was generous for me. Will not be continuing this series.

    6. This was a charming little romp into utter fiction and I enjoyed it. Imagine Elizabeth II (before taking the throne) as a medieval Nancy Drew, trying to stop an assassin from poisoning her. Such fun! I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    7. I was a bit wary of an historical mystery featuring Queen Elizabeth I as an amateur sleuth. I have no trouble with fictional detectives but believing in real people is a bit different as I discovered when I tried to read a book featuring Jane Austen as a detective. Sadly that was also a problem here.Princess Elizabeth, living is Hatfield at her sister’s command, receives a letter of her aunt Mary, long thought dead, who asks her to come and visit because there's something she must tell her. Th [...]

    8. I decided to pick up this book because I thought it would be a lightweight reading. And it was light too light and in a very bad way. I love mysteries, at least I love the mysteries by Agatha Christie, with interesting characters and even peculiar ones, as Poirot, with storylines that tie us from the first page to last due to all the suspense created around a particular event or character or because the twists are ingeniously introduced here and there. None of this happens in this book. To begin [...]

    9. First sentence: "The Queen wishes to see you alone in her privy chamber, my lady." Elizabeth Tudor has had quite the life. Her father beheaded her mother and declared Elizabeth a bastard. Her sister Queen Mary refuses to acknowledge Elizabeth as her heir and keeps her under house arrest lest she start an uprising among the Protestant heretics of the realm. To make matters worse, it seems the surviving Boleyns are being targeted by a master poisoner. Will Elizabeth catch the poisoner before the p [...]

    10. It took me a second try to actually make it all the way through Karen Harper's The Poyson Garden. This was not, I think, because the book was inherently bad--but rather, it struck me the first time I tried it as too much 'nobody in this cast of characters is interesting besides Elizabeth'. And let's face it, if you're telling a story about Queen Elizabeth I, whether or not she's actually queen yet, it's hard to come up with a cast of characters that can hold a candle to her. I was particularly r [...]

    11. In this intriguing historical mystery, Harper has taken the future Queen Elizabeth and puts her smack dab in the middle of a plot to poison the entire Boleyn clan. During the time of Queen Mary’s reign, Elizabeth has had to deal with always looking over her shoulder. Now with this new threat inching closer, Elizabeth must find out whom is behind it and she is hoping that her sister is not the one pulling the strings. After receiving a letter from her Aunt Mary who she thought was dead; Elizabe [...]

    12. I don't think I am going to bother continuing on with this series. The premise of the book was interesting enough, but in this case, Elizabeth I's Mystery Inc. gang failed miserable.Once it was revealed who the poisoner was, I gave up. I skipped to the last chapter and the afterward. I didn't want to read any more than I already had.I nearly threw this book back in the library drop box at the first mention of Bloody Mary. For starters, I hate that name given to Mary I. She wasn't responsible for [...]

    13. I love this series so much! Not many people know this, but I am a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth I, and I read everything I can about her. This is a fantastic mystery series by Karen Harper, a former Brit. Lit. teacher. The stories feature Queen Elizabeth and a group of friends who form what is called a Privy Council. Together, they help Elizabeth solve various mysteries, from poyson plots (hence the title) to murders. I love the way Harper depictes Elizabeth: spunky, intelligent, and sassy to say [...]

    14. My mother got me this series for Christmas a couple of years ago thinking I would like it because it's Elizabeth I, but it definitely has my mother's touch with it being the start of a mystery series. I really did like this book and definitely think I will enjoy the series. It's, as far as the first book is concerned, historically accurate though it is much more of a fictionalized storyline. I really enjoyed the characterization of Elizabeth: staunch, smart, clever, anxious, impatient, dominate, [...]

    15. A pleasant little read. This is a cosy mystery set in Tudor times with highly improbable, although very intriguing, scenario of Princess Elizabeth investigating a plot to poison her, and all other Boleyns. If you suspend the belief that this would have happened to a heavily guarded political prisoner. Then this is a very enjoyable read. Queen Mary is still in power, although believed to be dying. Princess Elizabeth is banished to Hever Castle, this much is true to history. But having the princes [...]

    16. This was a different kind of mystery for me historical characters in a fictional story with Princess Elizabeth as the leader of a small bunch of interesting characters to solve a mystery and get the killer. It kept me reading even though the reader knows who the murderer is early on. It was a light read and not too involved. The best part of the book were the characters that helped Elizabeth solve the identity of the poisoner. I was a little stumped with how Harper had Elizabeth's personality ju [...]

    17. Since I do enjoy historical fiction so much, and mysteries are my favorite genre, I thought "The Poyson Garden" would be the perfect choice for me. Well, it was OK, but it didn't really grab my imagination as I had hoped it would.For one, I didn't expect the main character to actually be the Princess Elizabeth I, herself, but it was. Considering that, I'm sorry, but I just can't picture her behaving in such a way, even by stretching my imagination. Obviously the author thought it a plausible ide [...]

    18. I think the Popes in this story were very bad keepers of Princess Elizabeth if she was able to slip out of house arrest/rural exile so easily and so often and for so long. And once they've seen Meg and Elizabeth together, how could Elizabeth possibly think the Popes would confuse one for the other? This book is filled with so much that is good (characterization, period flavor, etc.), it's a pity the dramatic logic has to strain my suspension of disbelief. I think Harper would probably be able to [...]

    19. Originally recommended by a friend who ended up not finishing the book, I have to say I'd agree with her disappointment. While I'm not very familiar with the Elizabethan era, I was definitely curious to get a little taste with this book.It ended up being a tad slow, very predictable, and too loose of a plot. While the ultimate ending was somewhat satisfactory, the last part of the story was rushed which was frustrating because there were many things unresolved (for me anyway!).I did, however, en [...]

    20. This is one in a mystery series that is set in the time of Elizabeth I. I had not read this series before. I'm not sure if this is the first in the series, but it doesn'r seem to matter if it was out of order - at least to me. As diabolical plots swirl all around her, Elizabeth seeks to escape the clutches of her sister, Queen Mary, and Mary's loyalists, while working subtly, yet feverishly to pinpoint who it is that's been murdering those around her.I enjoyed this very much. It was exactly what [...]

    21. I'm biased because I adore this particular genre and time period, and I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series of books by Karen Harper. They are written very similarly to Fiona Buckley's Ursla Blanchard Mysteries. almost confusingly so. This series focuses on Queen Elizabeth I, herself, solving the murders of her subjects. Absolutely fictitious activities frequent the books (Elizabeth leaving the castle in disguise to chase down clues and criminals). But, this is why it is Historical "Fiction". [...]

    22. well, I mostly liked the title. it was okt much of a mystery, more just of an unlikely historical fiction about elizabeth I pluckily defending herself from plots before ascending the throne. it wasn't so much working out who the killer was with clues as sending out for information and accessing forgotten memories. there are some hyperbolic paragraphs that seem clumsy, to whit: "it could not be. this eardrop with a letter from a woman long dead. the forbidden past resurrected from its tomb. and a [...]

    23. I've been reading a lot of science fiction lately, and decided this would be a good excuse to recheck an early love of mine- historical fiction (not the lust in the dust, bodice ripper type). This fit the bill, though I find my adult ideas of historical literature are more demanding than my youthful excursions. It was a simple mystery story, of strong loyalties and poisonous (literally) plots. I have always been fascinated by Ann Boleyn and the path of Elizabeth 1 to the throne. I found myself w [...]

    24. Princess Elizabeth languishes at Hatfield awaiting the pleasure (or death) of her sister Queen Mary. When she learns of the attempted murder of one of her Boleyn relatives, she sneaks away to see the family. When another family member dies by poison, Elizabeth suspects a plot and starts to investigate.I enjoyed this book. I love this time period and this portrayal of Elizabeth as a daring young woman is quite appealing to me. I enjoyed the cast of characters and the history is pretty good. If yo [...]

    25. Since I just read The Queen's Governess for a review for Library Journal and liked it so much, I thought I would pick up one of Karen Harper's Tudor mysteries. I started with the first, The Poyson Garden. What I liked about Harper's writing in her historical novel, was just as clear in her mystery: good historical detail, a well-written story, and even better, there was a fine mystery too. I was impressed that she could take known historical events and insert a mystery in the middle. Very talent [...]

    26. The idea of Elizabeth I as a detective piqued my interest, and, overall, this book delivered well. It was not so much that she was solving mysteries or crimes, but more like she was investigating threats to her reign. In this first book the threat originated from Mary Queen of Scots and her attempts to take Elizabeth's throne. The other interesting aspect of this book is Kat Ashley, Elizabeth's lifelong confidant is like Watson to her Sherlock Holmes. The book is written well, the mystery well c [...]

    27. Eminently forgettable way to pass a few hours. Karen Harper has clearly done her research, and the result is a tale that immerses you quite well in Elizabethan England. Unfortunately, I found the characters themselves not terribly sympathetic and the mystery rather flimsy, though I did like the use of St Anthony's fire. There was a lot of potential with the villain's motivations, but they were conveyed in a way that was exasperatingly muddled. Not a bad book, but definitely not the best in the s [...]

    28. I'm going to be honest here -- I didn't like this one at all! I would have thought that the author, having written the well-researched Passion's Reign/The Last Boleyn would have had the good sense not to go mucking about with the historical details, but this mystery novel with Princess Elizabeth as a murder solving sleuth was just too much suspension of belief to take serious. Feh! Not for me, and I haven't picked up another one of hers since in this series. For the complete review, please go he [...]

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