Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 03

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 03

QuinRose Soumei Hoshino / Jun 05, 2020

Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol The hilarious and dangerous tale of Alice s adventures in wonderful Wonderland continues

  • Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 03
  • Author: QuinRose Soumei Hoshino
  • ISBN: 9781427818188
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • The hilarious and dangerous tale of Alice s adventures in wonderful Wonderland continues.

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    1. This series continues on as it has before - sinister, creepy, with a facade of humor. Not much happened in this volume, other than a few dropped hints about Alice and the increasing homicidal behavior of Blood Dupree, the Mad Hatter mafia boss. Alice is learning anew that Wonderland is not such a nice place, after becoming a bit complacent with the characters there. Nightmare makes a reappearance, and he and Peter Rabbit hint at why Alice has been brought to Wonderland and what her purpose is. I [...]

    2. These characters remain intriging from volume to volume. My favorite part from this book is how much Alice can't resist Peter when he's in rabbit form - he's just too cute! :) and I agree, I don't think I would be able to resist picking him up and cuddling him, either.Vivaldi, the Queen of Hearts, is a really interesting character, and I'm happy we're hearing more of her sad backstory. Despite her power, her isolation is really rather tragic, and I'm happy she can share at least part of her chil [...]

    3. Alice in the County of Hearts (heart no kuni no alice) is a shoujo Alice in Wonderland story. Simple and straight to the point. No real fluff. Basis of the plot: everyone is in love with Alice and she is convinced she's in a dream. I read the whole series in a day online so I'm unable to differentiate between each volume specifically.

    4. Alice is becoming so involved with the inhabitants of Wonderland, that one has to begin to wonder - does she truly wish to leave? In fact, I cannot remember the last time she spoke of doing so. Hmmmm?Alice returns to the Clock Tower, to Julius' surprise. She makes him some more coffee. He grades her with 81 points - she is getting better! She lets him know that rather than feeling frightened of him for what he does, she finds his work commendable, thinks of him as a saver of people. When Nightma [...]

    5. This one only get three stars because at times I wanted to smack Alice in this volume. Mostly regarding Peter White and Blood Dupre, but also her general ignorance even though she has been in wonderland for quite some time. The biggest thing I want is growth from characters and I see very little growth from Alice which is rather aggravating. The world is evolving and we are learning more and more about the other characters, but Alice seems to be static. Out of all the characters in this manga Ju [...]

    6. This series follows a girl named, you guessed it, Alice. This is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, but this Alice isn't as much of a doormat like the orginal tale. She's much more practical and cynical. On top of that, she never even followed the "White Rabbit" into Wonderland in the first place, she was kidnapped. This Wonderland is filled with mostly bishie characters that have to play the roles of this world's classic inhabitants: The White Rabbit, the Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Mar [...]

    7. This is Hatter's explanation to why everyone in Wonderland is attracted to Alice (mostly the guys since there is only one female I've seen besides Alice, and that is Vivaldi aka The Queen of Hearts):"Outsiders are loved by the people in this world. And not because they're rare. They're only able to come to this world if they have the elements that will make us fall in love. That's what they say anyway. If it's true, it's a matter of course that we're both (he and Julius) attracted to her.So what [...]

    8. HmmmI don't really have much to say about this one. I liked it, but not as much as I loved the other two. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like the drawings looked a bit different in this volume. It wasn't bad and not a radical change, but to me it seemed off to me.I am back to being mixed about Peter. He's an annoying creeper, but ohmigod he was adorable in this one. I swear, he was the cutest rabbit I've ever seen. So cutee!!! I wanted to steal him from the pages of the manga. He was all fuzzy a [...]

    9. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I figured Blood was the Queens younger brother, if they weren't lovers that was the only other thing they could be. I don't see why Alice likes Blood. He like choked her and tried to shoot her Just a little to agressive for me lol. I personally like Boris and Peter the best, Also Elliot is pretty awesome too.I think Alice's sister is dead. Which would be really sad, but they keep trying to tell her something about the sister. So that would make sense. I can [...]

    10. I myself haven't read many manga's in my time,but compared to Fruit Basket(which itself is also a wonderful series,) the artwork shines. I love the characters and how their emotions changed from the beginning. I'm glad that the author is going more into the character of Boris. The Cheshire Cat was always a beloved character(no matter how creepy he looks in the Disney movies.) We can tell that the author is also unfolding the character of the Clock-maker as well, which I believe is supposed to be [...]

    11. Continua il pericoloso gioco di Alice nella terra di Heart.L'ambiguo Peter trama con Nightmare, il demone malaticcio -il coniglio è un personaggio che mi dà sui nervi, ma in forma di animale è tenerissimo!-; l'impenetrabile Julius si affezione sempre più alla straniera; qualcuno gioca con la memoria di Alice; i gemelli sanguinari sono sempre più ingenuamente pericolosi; Blood sempre più presuntuoso e la nostra eroina sempre più attratta da lui; Boris comincia a comprendere l'importanza de [...]

    12. THIS WAS THE BEST SO FAR i enjoyed it emencely, i loved the fact that we can finally see what blood truly feels and the creation of the story finally began to make sence to me it took three books yes XD i have to say that i am still awaiting the true feelings of alice to be uncoverd but her thoughts are more shown within this ook, i loved it alot and think that the story is finally becoming a very intresting one, poor ace, i wish i could hug him this book unfolds his true colours nad the story h [...]

    13. The story itself captivates more then the sum of the parts. While some of the characters continue to interest me (Alice not really being one of them), I am definitely intrigued enough in the story to want to see how it unfolds. What is Blood Dupre's relationship to the Queen? [I suspect they might be brother and sister:]. What is Nightmare's role in this world/game? Why does the White Hare think that Alice has to fall in love with him, like it has been predestined? I have many more questions and [...]

    14. This is the volume where the story really gets going. Once it’s no longer about introducing the characters and the setting, the story really takes off. The plot thickens!Alice is increasingly involved and attracted by the happenings of the Country of Hearts with more and more hints being dropped about a bigger plot being played out.This is the volume that confirmed my decision to keep reading and made me look forward to what is to come.

    15. oh look, the Peter White found a new way to be creepy! [creepier?]Oh sure, kidnapping Ms Liddell into his world was one thing, but now he can get close to her by simply changing shape into a cute fluffy bunnyrabbit! Looking like the more typical Wonderland books' Mr Rabbit with the coat and giant watch and fluffy~fluffy tail girl can't tell him to get lost (even if was yelling at him just a minute before) and will even let him on her bed *facepalm*

    16. Wish it lasted longer! This is such a captivating series. I can't wait to finish the rest of this series and continue with the other lands. My only issue was that they didn't really go over what's going on between Blood and Vivaldi even though it was brought up multiple times. Still really enjoying the series :)

    17. I'm really loving Julius. There is something too cute about a cold man trying for someone they love.Blood was a fascinating turn of events as well. And Nightmare and Peter working together was so funny. Ace is so murky but obviously very powerful for Blood and Peter to be so unlike themselves with himTTOM LINE: More delightfully odd Wonderland.

    18. The story of this kingdom gets curiouser and curiouser! Alice learns a little bit more about the strange land she finds herself in, while refusing to give in to everyone's wishes about where she should be and what she should do. Even if you're not a big Wonderland fan, this is still worth reading! I'm looking forward to the next volume!

    19. I love this adaptation of the classic story. Though it doesn't bring up the word play by any means it expands in other aspects such as introducing the idea of the possibility of other worlds outside wonderland and I feel that is an equally wonderful idea. Love this and if you're interested in starting manga then this would def be a good place to start.

    20. Good but I think the ending was bad how Blood Dupre comes back to take her back to wonderland, but Alice shouldn't have fallen for him because Blood treated her so badly, yet she would fall in love with him.p Peter White then is happy but he keeps changing his mind. His character can't be explained as caring or cold because he does both but chanfes so many times it is out numbered.

    21. WHY DOESN'T MY LIBRARY HAVE THE 4TH BOOK?!!!!! Now i have to go out and buy it! its totally worth it though this book series is FANTASTIC!!!!! I like the white rabbit the best, right from the beginning i liked him more than the other characters although some are getting pretty high up there on my list of faves. can't wait to read the next one! :)

    22. This is still a completely strange story, but I'm liking it. Alice starts working with the clockmaker and has more encounters with the crazy inhabitants of this world she has ended up in. Peter, the rabbit-man who carried her into this world, realizes that turning into his adorable rabbit form will make Alice hug him and uses it to his advantage as often as possible.

    23. Alice becomes more comfortable in Wonderland, which may not be a good thing. Just what is this game everyone is playing and what is her role in it, as an outsider? There's more drama between the various dangerous, gorgeous young men who all seem to desire her, which moves the story along a little faster than the last volume.

    24. I LOVE this series!! No other Manga has ever pulled me in further. I LOVE all of the characters, the mystery in the story just keeps getting better, the love polygon, is super exciting, with many open possibilies and the perfect amount of sexual tension. This will also grab the heart of any stuffed animal huggers. I haven't enjoyed a Manga to this extent in a long time.

    25. I am glad the rediculous amounts of violence are a plot point and not just there for the sake of being violent. I find myself wanting to continue reading this more because I want to know what the hell is going on and not necessarily because I am enjoying the story.

    26. c'est toujours un plaisir de retrouver alice même si l'on ne comprends pas vraiment le but du jeux pour l'instant, la seule chose qui est sure c'est qu'elle fascine tous les habitants de wonderland.

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