Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 02

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 02

QuinRose Soumei Hoshino / May 30, 2020

Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol Alice is kidnapped and brought to the strange world of Wonderland where a war is waging between the Queen of Hearts and the Hatter gang syndicate and Alice must find her way home while escaping thei

  • Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 02
  • Author: QuinRose Soumei Hoshino
  • ISBN: 9781427817709
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alice is kidnapped and brought to the strange world of Wonderland, where a war is waging between the Queen of Hearts and the Hatter gang syndicate, and Alice must find her way home while escaping their wrath.

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    1. Awww! This series is one of the cutest mangas I've read. Things get so violent that you don't even notice how randomly psychotic it is because of its cuteness. The artwork is just gorgeous and I'm still loving the style the style and clothes of all the characters. It's all so cute that I don't even mind that every guy in Wonderland is throwing themselves at Alice. The boy-obsessed girl in me is glad that the majority of the characters are guys. Aside from one or two, they are all gorgeous! Peter [...]

    2. I will admit it, I remain intrigued by this crazy manga. I don't always understand the characters but I can't stop reading! :) There is still a lot we don't know about Alice, but there are a few things we can glean from her actions in this volume. She cares about people and doesn't want anyone to get hurt (especially killed), even if they aren't her friends or "important". The fact that she can tell the difference between the "faceless" servants is very telling. Also, she wants to help others as [...]

    3. *mild spoilers in this review*Interestingly, this series does not rely on the gimmick of hot-boys-as-the-Wonderland-characters, and instead is developing a rather interesting and sinister plot. I'm not quite sure where the author is going with all of this, but all of the guys (and the queen) are murderous, immoral bastards. Even sweet Ace, the bad-ass knight who works for the Queen of Hearts, shows up splattered in blood holding a sack of - hearts. Yes. Well, they are clocks, but he carved them [...]

    4. This volume was a really nice addition to the the story! Alice is still stuck in the Country of Hearts, and is still learning about her new eccentric neighbors. All of them are seemingly nuts and don't have a care in the world when it comes to personal safety.In this manga we get to learn exactly why everyone seems to be a few marbles too short. We also get to see why everyone seems to have no respect for life. It's a little dark and gloomy but I thought it was fascinating all the same. I wouldn [...]

    5. 2.25*Guys run around picking fights about who loves Alice more while not actually making any romantic gestures towards Alice herself. This is kinda going downhill; I'm putting this series on hold for now. As of writing this review, I haven't figured out whether or not I'm going to abandon this series, but it's certainly going to be a while before I pick up another volume if I do continue. It's sad, because I usually love retellings :-(

    6. Alice in the County of Hearts (heart no kuni no alice) is a shoujo Alice in Wonderland story. Simple and straight to the point. No real fluff. Basis of the plot: everyone is in love with Alice and she is convinced she's in a dream. I read the whole series in a day online so I'm unable to differentiate between each volume specifically.

    7. A world in which everyone seems to be in love with Alice. Dream come true, or nightmare? It's not like she wants or asks for all the attention. And she just can't be sure about the one guy she does want it from, unsure of her feelings for him, and his worthiness of those feelings.Alice has agreed to attend a tea party at the Hatter's place. Well, she could hardly refuse, as he knew she had been to one with the Queen of Hearts, could she? She is a little discomfited that it is occurring at night, [...]

    8. Alice in the Country of Hearts is a multi-book manga series that gives the Alice in Wonderland story we know and love a nice big twist. Not quite as meek and submissive as the original Alice Liddell this Alice didn't fall down the rabbit hole when out of curiosity she followed the white rabbit, instead she was kidnapped by the white rabbit and taken to a Wonderland quite different to the one we know. Wonderland is divided into four lands overseen by Julius Monrey in the clock-tower (safe ground) [...]

    9. This series follows a girl named, you guessed it, Alice. This is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, but this Alice isn't as much of a doormat like the orginal tale. She's much more practical and cynical. On top of that, she never even followed the "White Rabbit" into Wonderland in the first place, she was kidnapped. This Wonderland is filled with mostly bishie characters that have to play the roles of this world's classic inhabitants: The White Rabbit, the Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Mar [...]

    10. In this second installment of the manga we get further into the aspects of the world that Alice has entered into/created. Not only do we see the darker sides of Ace and Blood, but also what the afterimages are and why Julius needs the clocks. I have to say that one of my favorite things about this manga is that though it is geared towards girls it is full of blood and death. I do read manga's that aren't, but it is refreshing to see that someone realizes girls just don't want flowers, butterflie [...]

    11. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love this manga, I can’t decide who I love the most! I didn’t even think about Boris being the Cheshire cat. No wonder I love him so much!! ^_^ I also love this new character, Joker, now I wanna read those ones! Oh why does so many awesome men have to be in this manga? I am never going to be able to choose my favorite! I actually like Peter. I don’t know why. Dee and Dum are so cute, but insanely crazy. I loved the part where Boris and Ace were [...]

    12. Volume 2 starts off with Alice attending a tea party. She plays with Elliott's rabbit ears. She also likes books, and Blood supposedly has lots of them. The White Rabbit/Peter White says he brought Alice to Wonderland so she could be happy.Peter White still seems totally obsessed with Alice. He also seems to love shooting off his gun. Ace and Peter get into a fight over Alice. Ace is jealous of Alice because she has a real heart, not a clock heart like those in Wonderland have.Apparently in Wond [...]

    13. So I continued reading about this crazy ride that Alice is on board. The situation where every guy "fall in love" with Alice is still happening, but I think I know the reason to it know. She is so unlike the people in Wonderland, and the fact that she has a heart beat. None of them have it, all they have is a clock. And since the don't have a heart, they lack the normal human traits like compassion, consideration etc. So when Alice is being kind to them, take care of them they become fascinated [...]

    14. Review in 75 Words or Less: Despite the amazing start in Volume 1, Volume 2 fell a little flat for me. There was no real character or plot progression. Yes, Alice finds out a big secret about Wonderland, but that is all the really happens. The male characters are still in love with her, which is actually starting to become quite annoying. And strangely enough, there is not one single mention of "the game." Okay second volume, but not the best.Final Verdict: I was a little disappointed with this [...]

    15. In questo secondo volume di Alice in Heartland alcuni interrogativi trovano una risposta: scopriamo, infatti, cosa sono e cosa fanno le "immagini residue"; qual è il vero lavoro di Julius, e, soprattutto, perchè chiunque, nello strano mondo in cui è capitata Alice, si innamora della straniera.Alice è sempre più stupefatta dalle sue scoperte -tra cui quella della relazione tra il Cappellaio e un altro personaggio-, e sgomenta di fronte all'inesistente rispetto verso la vita umana che si vede [...]

    16. Have absolutely no idea why am reading this series aside from killing time going thru a friend's manga shelfThe reimagining of Wonderland with its horde of hot guys is cute~looking and all, but really not that good. Everyone's idea of "love" apparently involves forcing Alice to do things she does not wish to, everyone's idea of acceptable violence is off the charts (why can everyone turn random objects into guns!?! Seriously! Not even well drawn ones) and the overall plot sorry, there was an ove [...]

    17. Alice learns why the characters in Wonderland don't mind being killed, and what her friend the clockmaker does. Even more people fall in love with her and she sees two of the characters who are supposedly at war together in the rose garden.This story is rather strange, and that's coming from me be wary!I wish there were half stars because this one probably deserves 2.5 stars, but I'm going with 3 rather than 2.

    18. Not as cute and funny as the first one, but it still kept me entertained and I will definitely be continuing with the series. The clock part of the story is coming along quite interestingly and when I first started, I expected something light and fluffy but with the clock part, it is taking a darker path which I find quite interesting. Hopefully the next one will have more of the first one's feels.

    19. Ok the story starts to develope between the charcters within wounderland, we see aces true colours and bloods treturous thoughts its a great book and a rilliant carry on from teh 1st volume, enough of a great storyline to get me wanting reading the next in the serious and an intreeging peteri shan't say anymore but for my manga lovers nad if you have read AITCOH lovers of volume 1 simply cant stop reading there keep going and let the story unfold before you!.yaoi lover.

    20. Alice gets more comfortable in this second installment of the series, getting to know the characters a bit more, and finding out some shocking truths about Wonderland. Peter White is still by far the most annoying character, and it seems even more characters are falling in love with Alice, while she still tries to fight them off. I quite like the realistic reactions and subtle hints to sex and such in this series as it makes it less innocent and a bit more real.

    21. Twisted and exciting this tale of Alice goes to the dark side of manga. The Cat (awesome), the Hatter, the White Rabbit, Blood Dupree, Ace and so many more characters bring the old story to life in a way that had me thrilled through this second book. The drawings are excellent and bring the emotions to life. A favorite. I can't wait to get the third in the series.

    22. Another lovely cover! So inventive, love the expansive view of the characters in full color.I love the inane things these guys pull their guns out for. More odd, creepy, delightful fun as we get to know the cast better and Alice goes in a whirlwind of meetings with the different players.Love the idea of the clocks and that no one can changeTTOM LINE: Relationship intrigue.

    23. I am enjoying this manga quite much. The second volume is even more interesting than the first one and I believe that it will only get more and more interesting. I like the hidden values that the manga is trying to transmit to us concerning the importance of life, the uniqueness of each one of us, the joy of being loved,c.

    24. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out to be one of those endless series where nothing actually happens, but Vol. 2 is not promising. Alice is still trapped in Wonderland and we learn one interesting thing at the very end, but not much is going on in the middle. Disappointing after the very good first volume.

    25. So this one was a little bit better than the previous one. We finally get a little more background information on this Wonderful Wonder World. More intrigue and yes maybe a little bit gun pointing which is actually annoying but still interesting. And maybe a little odd. Looking forward to reading the rest.

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