Rebel Island

Rebel Island

Rick Riordan / Jun 04, 2020

Rebel Island Triple crown winner of mystery s most coveted awards the Edgar the Anthony and the Shamus Rick Riordan and his Texas style take on the crime novel have never been bigger or darker than in this lates

  • Title: Rebel Island
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • ISBN: 9780553904109
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook
  • Triple crown winner of mystery s most coveted awards the Edgar, the Anthony, and the Shamus Rick Riordan and his Texas style take on the crime novel have never been bigger or darker than in this latest Tres Navarre thriller This time Navarre faces a killer as unstoppable as a force of nature.Tres Navarre had given up private investigation and with it a violent past that hTriple crown winner of mystery s most coveted awards the Edgar, the Anthony, and the Shamus Rick Riordan and his Texas style take on the crime novel have never been bigger or darker than in this latest Tres Navarre thriller This time Navarre faces a killer as unstoppable as a force of nature.Tres Navarre had given up private investigation and with it a violent past that had buried too many friends Newly married, with a baby on the way, it was time to find a safer line of work He and Maia had come to Rebel Island to celebrate their honeymoon and a new future But no sooner had they arrived than a reminder of the past showed up in the form of a corpse shot dead in room 12.Just like that Tres finds himself flashing back on the memory of a grim childhood summer spent on the island a summer that changed everything in his life A summer he could never forget but never entirely remember either And when a second corpse turns up, it s clear to Tres that the past is not dead and buried after all, but is stalking Rebel Island with unfinished business of its own.What really happened that long ago summer, what dark secrets were kept, and who has come back to avenge them these are the questions Tres, his brother Garrett, and the very pregnant Maia must answer and time is running out For a monster hurricane is about to hit Rebel Island, cutting them off from the mainland and leaving them trapped on a flooding island with the hotel s remaining guests brutally dying one by one Tres knows better than anyone that the bloodlines of South Texas are as twisted as barbed wire This time they re guarding a revelation that can turn his dreams of happily ever after into the ultimate nightmare.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Rebel Island by Rick Riordan.This was my first book by this author as well as my first in this series.I am not going to elaborate on the story itself only to say that I found it captivating. The author's details during the major hurricane/storm was extensive. He caught and perfectly illustrated the fear in the victims and the on the spot thinking of Tres the lead character. The ending was a bit overdone in my opinion or should I say overkill. A little too much did not go a long way became tediou [...]

    2. This is the seventh entry in the adventures of Tres Navarre, a part-time English Literature college professor and part-time San Antonio PI. The series is above average with a cast of captivating characters and fairly engaging plots. Unfortunately Rebel Island is a very weak addition.The book opens with Tres marrying his 8 ½ month pregnant girlfriend and then honeymooning at a childhood vacation spot - Rebel Island - on the eve of a hurricane. As implausible as that sounds - things get worse. On [...]

    3. The seventh and last (far as we know) of the Tres Navarre series.After reading this, I think it will be the last one, the way Tres does a lot of thinking back on his summers on Rebel Island. A lot happened there when he was a kid, some good, mostly bad memories. Not as much action as his earlier adventures, and with old friend and "vato" Ralph looking down on Tres's time to move on. Has been a nice ride around San Antonio

    4. I think I've said before:"Tres Navarre, Tai Che master, is good at asking questions and reading reactions. He also excells at getting beat up, hit in the face, and blown up. And when he makes a bad decision, the consquences are huge."In this one, he gets beat up less, and the attempts to blow him up are only half hearted. He is newly married and has just been a full time professor for about 7 months when his brother wrangles him into going to Rebel Island, where they spent thier childhood vacati [...]

    5. The whole idea of a hurricane coming to an island and the people being clueless (including an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman) was ridiculous. This is not 100 years ago. Too many holes in this story for me, although the idea was good. I fought hard to finish it, but it never got better. No real surprises, just depressing, uninspired writing.

    6. I loved the Percy Jackson books for kids by Riordan, and just adore this crime series for adults. Great writing and really likeable characters. Highly recommended for fans of southern crime.

    7. Really goodHe needs to make more tres Navarre books. They are really good. This would make a good murder mystery dinner party.

    8. Rick Riordan is a master storyteller. I wasn't really impressed with Tres's first outing in the Big Red Tequila, but as I plodded through the series I came to enjoy his company. Tres is stupid, slow and irritating at most times, but his heart is in the right place. He is as human as any one of us, and that's what makes him so real for me. Having read all the books in the series, all I can say is "Rick Rocks!".

    9. I like settings involving the beach, islands which is why this caught my eye. Trez navarre I still can't figure out, PI? not working? yes he is working but as CA reluctant crime solver? Soon to become a father ? I was pretty confused throughout this whole book.good ending thodid not see it coming !!!

    10. Really sad this series ended. I wish Rick Riordan would revisit Mr. Navarre and San Antonio. Or even Austin. I'd love to know how those plans worked out for Tres and Maia

    11. Go me I just finished my first series by this author and it happens to be the one that I've never heard anyone talk about.

    12. Kinda struck me as a "closed room" murder mystery, but a decent read, did not really anticipate the direction the story took.

    13. Rebel Island is the seventh, and probably the last, of a series of mysteries written by Rick Riordan that center on South Texas and San Antonio, which most Texans recognize as a country unto itself. Riordan's protagonist, Tres Navarre, is a private investigator and sometimes College English professor who wants to enjoy a simple family life but who cannot avoid a mystery or a conflict when one inevitably appears in front of him. I will miss reading about Tres and his girlfriend, now wife, Maya [...]

    14. Not set in San Antonio (which is what drew me to the series in the first place), but still full of Texas. Although I'm sad that this is the last Tres Navarre novel, it was a good way to wrap up the series. Hopefully, Riordan will turn back to the genre again someday.

    15. I didn't like this book as much mostly because Tres and company were stranded on an island with a killer during a hurricane. Did I mention no phone service? Yeah, it felt like a bad horror movie script to me. Sure there were some twists and turns, but what makes me most disappointed is that Tres didn't really grow throughout the series or this book in particular. I had hoped for a revelation about his relationship, or work, or something anything. Nada.In my opinion, Tres Navarre may have been th [...]

    16. While browsing in the mystery shelves at the public library, looking for a book by Ellis Peters, I found one by Rick Riordan, of The Lightning Thief fame within the young adult audience. Imagine my surprise to discover this mystery for adults disappointing!My earliest difficulty was the wholesale introduction of characters--fifteen, by my count--in the first four pages. (I had resorted to pen and paper, thinking this was to be an epic.) And then, between pages 11 and 15, eight more characters jo [...]

    17. I picked this up at the library, thinking Rick Riordan writes mysteries too? I wasn’t even sure it was the Percy Jackson author (it is) and even as much as I read mysteries, I had no clue. This is book seven in a PI series about Tres Navarre. That’s a hard place to start any series but usually with mysteries it gives you enough of a running line on the main threads you need so I didn’t feel lost. But I didn’t feel particularly overwhelmed either. There are so many points of view in this, [...]

    18. In the book, "Rebel Island" by Rick Riordon, a group of people are trapped in a hotel on an island because of a strong hurricane going on outside. In the book, an innocent man is killed because of a stupid assumption, and ends up losing more than he already did. In the book, the owner of the hotel, Alex Huff, is killed by someone staying in the hotel, Benjamin Lindy. Benjamin Lindy's daughter and grandchildren were killed in a bombing by notorious criminal, Calavera. Calavera was targeting Lindy [...]

    19. 2.5This book didn't do a whole lot for me. I think part of it is that it is book 7 in the series. I typically like to read series in order, even if it is the kind of series that you don't reeeeeally have to. I was unfamiliar with the characters and this particular book didn't inspire me to care that much. It was definitely plot-driven and fast paced. However, the plot was convulutedfully convenient for the characters to be stuck on an island with an unknown assassin and a killer storm approachin [...]

    20. Rick Riordan who has found great fame in the YA genre with his Greek demigods series about Percy Jackson and his compatriots first found literary fame in the mystery crime genre with this gritty series about a Texas Medieval English Literature Ph.D. turned P.I. Riordan has created a young man with a past, a very rocky present and whose future seem somewhat cloudy. Each installment keeps getting better and better. Think Harry Dresden without the magic/paranormal stuff. You won't be sorry and I'm [...]

    21. If this was the last Tres Navarre book, it is a nice wrap up to series, but I'm hoping it isn't the last. I really liked the setting for this novel, Rebel Island seems ghostly and a perfect place to set up for past occurrences in Tres, Garrett, and Alex's lives. Even though we are just introduced to Alex the way the character is written it makes it seem like we have know him all along. I like the relationship with Tres and Maia it still is strong with banter and stubbornness but that fits their [...]

    22. Although this series had its ups and downs as Riordan figured out what kind of story he was trying to tell, this was a good ending for Tres and co. While I wish that more characters from the previous books made an appearance, I did like that Maia made the full-blown transition from the girlfriend character to being essential for solving the mystery. I also liked that Riordan gave every side character a secret that could potentially relate to the mystery. It effectively built the suspense and mad [...]

    23. This is one of those series that started strong and sort of fizzled out at the end. Aside from a curiosity about a couple of things in Tres Navarre's life that remained up in the air at the end of the book, I'm glad the series came to an end when it did, before the quality fell further. I love the author's writing, but it just felt like the passion he had for his characters at the beginning waned by the end of the series.which is entirely possible, given that there are a couple of years' overlap [...]

    24. If you enjoy a good mystery series, you enjoy this one from Rick Riordan's Tres Navarre series. When he decided to honeymoon on Rebel Island, a fictional island off the town of San Antonio, Texas. And what makes matters worse, it's in the middle of a hurricane storm. But when Tres finds a U.S. Marshal's dead body, it makes things go bad to worse, knowing a killer was on the loose. It's up to Tres, his bride Maia, and the other hotel guests stop the killer and prepare for the storm, while old mem [...]

    25. The last book in Riordan's Tres Navarre series was pretty good but nowhere near as satisfying as the previous few. I'd heard this was the case and I agree, mostly because it seemed rushed with little care taken to draw out the characters.For those who have not read the series yet, I will comment that in the first two books the characters were not very well developed but the next several just got better and better while getting darker and more introspective. Since I listened to the audio versions [...]

    26. I seem to have stumbled in to Tres Navarre's life about six books in, but it was an ok way to spend some time. Tres has just married Maia, and his brother Garret was surprised there were no honeymooon plans. He cooks up the idea that they all revisit a place the boys went on vacation as kids, Rebel Island. They return to the old hotel, now run by Alex Huff. There's a murdered federal marshall, a hurricane that completely isolates the island and fears among the guests that one of them may be next [...]

    27. Tres attracts trouble no matter what he does. This book is a good exampleough admittedly Garrett isn't helping much. A classic closed-door murder mystery. Someone is murdered, and there is no way for anyone to leave the island; the killer is among us; etc. Despite the it's-been-done factor, I really enjoyed it. This is one of the few Riordan mysteries I've solved before the end, but even so he managed to trip me up. The truth is always more complicated.

    28. This was like listening to a classic Agatha Christie novel only set in modern times of drug-running and tequila and in Texas. Tres and his new wife, Maia, get talked into spending their honeymoon on Rebel Island to help an old acquaintance out. Like all good mysteries, not all is as it seems. And there's a storm on its way, trapping everyone on the island. And a murderer is out there.Absolutely superb. I really am enjoying this series.

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