The Hotel Riviera

The Hotel Riviera

Elizabeth Adler / May 27, 2020

The Hotel Riviera She thought she was in loveAmerican Lola Laforet is swept away in a whirlwind wedding to a handsome Frenchman and finds herself the chef owner of the Hotel Riviera a gemlike retreat snuggled up again

  • Title: The Hotel Riviera
  • Author: Elizabeth Adler
  • ISBN: 9780312994792
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • She thought she was in loveAmerican Lola Laforet is swept away in a whirlwind wedding to a handsome Frenchman and finds herself the chef owner of the Hotel Riviera, a gemlike retreat snuggled up against the blue Mediterranean In their first blissful year as newlyweds, her life seems to be a dream come true But then charming Patrick Laforet disappears one day with nothShe thought she was in loveAmerican Lola Laforet is swept away in a whirlwind wedding to a handsome Frenchman and finds herself the chef owner of the Hotel Riviera, a gemlike retreat snuggled up against the blue Mediterranean In their first blissful year as newlyweds, her life seems to be a dream come true But then charming Patrick Laforet disappears one day with nothing than a wave goodbyeuntil real romance beckoned on France s Cote d Azur Six months later, Jack Ferrar, an American expatriate living on his boat, drops anchor in Lola s harbor and teaches her the true meaning of attraction Lola is very attracted yet wary Is he another rogue, or a man to be trusted When various shady people all claiming ownership of the Hotel Riviera and the police appear, Lola and Jack have to track down the mysterious Patrick And along the way, they fall in love With great food, wonderful sensuality, and lush scenery, Elizabeth Adler holds you under her spell and transports you to one of the most romantic places on earth.

    Hotel Riviera Rivijera Petrovac HolidayCheck Das Hotel Rivijera kann man auf Grund seiner guten Lage mitten im Grnen und direkt am Meer, dem sehr guten Service sowie seiner berschaulichen Gre sehr empfehlen Zu der Zeit unseres Aufenthaltes waren die meisten Gste aus Deutschland und Frankreich. Hotel Riviera Italien Segrate Booking Das Hotel Riviera erwartet Sie in Segrate und liegt Autominuten vom Flughafen Mailand Linate entfernt Freuen Sie sich auf klimatisierte Zimmer mit Sat TV Die Parkpltze an Hotel Riviera Alanya HolidayCheck Trkische Riviera Ich kann nur gutes ber das Hotel Sagen das Hotel liegt direkt am Kleopatra Strand ist sehr Sauber hat einen guten Spa Bereich das Personal ist sehr Freundlich spricht berwiegend Deutsch und ist sehr Freundlich dies war mein zweiter Besuch im Riviera aber sicher nicht mein letzter. The Hotel Riviera by Elizabeth Adler As soon as I started listening to Elizabeth Adler s The Hotel Riviera, I was hooked And what is there not to like gorgeous setting in St.Tropez on the French Riviera with lush descriptions of the Mediterranean and the beaches. Riviera Hotel, Carcavelos, Portugal Booking Riviera Hotel is located a minute walk from Carcavelos Train Station, where guests can take a train to Cascais and Lisbon Cascais is . mi away, while scenci Sintra and its monuments are mi from the Riviera Lisbon International Airport is mi from the hotel. Riviera Hotel Las Vegas Riviera Hotel The Riviera Hotel and Casino enjoyed a legendary past as one of the first top notch Las Vegas hotels in the State of Nevada, known for its big name entertainment and friendly hospitality, as well as its worldwide name recognition.

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        Born in Yorkshire, North England, Elizabeth Adler met her husband Richard an American while both were working in London They have lived in England, Ireland, France, Brazil, and the United States and have traveled extensively They have one daughter and live in Palm Springs, California Her first novel, Private Desires also titled Leonie , launched an enormously successful writing career, she also wrote as Ariana Scott She has now written over twenty internationally acclaimed bestsellers.


    1. Onvan : The Hotel Riviera - Nevisande : Elizabeth Adler - ISBN : 312994796 - ISBN13 : 9780312994792 - Dar 336 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2003

    2. Not a bad book, butI hate characters that are allowed to utter a line like, 'it's good to have a man around.' Ugh!!! It's also good to have cookies around, but you never read that one.Also, there was a lot of filler that didn't move the plot along, and the female lead jumps from the frying pan into the fire, romance-wise. Don't want to give any spoilers, but that one was pretty obvious. But, even with all that said, it wasn't a bad book. Not great, but not bad.

    3. Depois de ter ouvido e lido várias críticas favoráveis a Elizabeth Adler, foi com alguma curiosidade que iniciei esta leitura.Lola Laforêt era uma americana realizada, com um casamento estável e um hotel que representava tudo o que ela era. Desde a decoração, que à primeira vista poderia parecer descontextualizada, mas que no fundo tinha toda uma história, até ao local onde se centrava, mágico e para os seus hóspedes quase como um lar. Contudo, tudo muda quando o seu marido Patrick d [...]

    4. An enjoyable read. The author really makes you feel like you are at the Hotel Rivera experiencing the sights, enjoying the meals, drinking wine with the patrons and feeling the end of summer warmth and breezes. Lola March LaForet is the owner/chef of the little hotel in France. Her husband Patrick has disappeared and she's sure it has something to do with another woman. Suddenly his Porsche is found and she is suspect in his disappearance. Her friends elderly Miss N and hunky sailor Jack help he [...]

    5. Acabei finalmente este livro e tenho a dizer que vou fazer uma pausa na autora!Que protagonista tão sem sal, o contexto do livro é engraçado, Saint-Tropez, praias, sol, um hotel mas depois achei o enredo fraquinho! A fórmula é sempre a mesma, elas têm sempre maridos parvos que arranjam amantes e que as deixam e depois subitamente conhecem o amor mas só na última página é que surgem os pedidos de casamento, ele até tinha pinta e animou um bocado a história e a amiga dela inglesa é a [...]

    6. This book was amazing. It's one of my favorite books. It's sad, romantic and witty. It had a little action in it. I could not keep this book down. I highly recommend for anyone to read it when they get a chance.

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in a "just for fun" way nothing deep here, but a good read all the same. Adler's characters are well devined, plots are interesting and mostly un[redictable. A delightful escape.

    8. Reading this book is like taking a little vacation to the Cote Azur. Elizabeth Adler, the author has the ability to describe the Riviera and make you feel as if you are there.

    9. With Elizabeth Adler, you will get that fantasy escape and it was pure fun, easy, light reading for stressful times!

    10. Post Listen Review: I wish Elizabeth Adler would knock it off. This book is about poor little rich people in the French countryside (who can afford to live in the French countryside) that are so miserable because they don't have love in their lives. God this is getting old. If you want to hear about how that one percent we keep hearing about live, listen to this book. And if you want to be brainwashed into thinking that all women really need in their lives is a good man, listen to this book. If [...]

    11. O Hotel Riviera é um pequeno refúgio no sul de França. O hotel encontra-se situado mais propriamente em Cote d'Azur, perto de Saint Tropez, uma zona normalmente associada a riqueza, a extravagância. Um paraíso azul, invejável, onde Lola March Laforêt mantém o seu pequeno hotel que prima pela simpatia, qualidade de serviço e pela gastronomia saborosa. Isto porque Lola, não é só a gerente deste simpático hotel, mas também a chef de serviço. Este hotel é o orgulho de Lola e é tamb [...]

    12. Admittedly, I only picked up this book because of my interest in the location of the book - as I thought the storyline would most likely be boring and predictable, and the characters unbearable; but the description vivid enough to satisfy my wanderlust. I am so glad that I was wrong. The Hotel Riviera is the perfect summer holiday read. I say this because the storyline is not too complicated or deep, but interesting enough to make you want to keep reading. It's about a woman who owns and invests [...]

    13. As soon as I started listening to Elizabeth Adler's "The Hotel Riviera", I was hooked. And what is there not to like--gorgeous setting (in St.Tropez on the French Riviera) with lush descriptions of the Mediterranean and the beaches. The main character, American Lola Laforet (whose first mistake was to marry a Frenchman lol!) is a wonderful chef hence luscious descriptions of food! Lola is part owner of the Hotel Riviera, a small wonderful hotel which would be just the kind of place I would go to [...]

    14. Typical Elizabeth Adler storyline set in a lush tropical paradise. The story revolves around an American, Lola, who marries a Frenchman, Patrick, and becomes the chef/owner of the Hotel Riviera. Patrick is less than the ideal husband, what with his womanizing and frequent disappearances. This time, however, he has been gone for six months and Lola is left wondering what has happened to him, all the while trying to cope with the running of the hotel. Now a new wrinkle - someone has dropped anchor [...]

    15. The Hotel Rivera by Elizabeth Adler The sorts of stories that rock my soul are those that have extreme credibility, leaving the impression that the events portrayed could have actually happened as they were described. Adler once again shortcuts that process, losing a few points on my WOWometer. All the same, this is still a pretty good book. Lola Laforêt is patronne and chef at an eight-room hotel on the Côte d'Azur near St. Tropez. Six months earlier, her husband had forgotten her birthday an [...]

    16. Könnyed könyvre vágytam, amit meg is kaptam ettől a történettől!Az emberek az ilyen könyvekre szokták azt mondani, hogy „tipikus” "semmi eredeti sincs benne", de én úgy vagyok vele, hogy jól esett, és bármikor ha ilyen könyvre vágyom akkor Elizabeth Adler könyveit fogom végigolvasni. Korábban olvastam a Toszkánai nyár című könyvét, és az is nagyon tetszett.Nem szeretnék belemenni a szereplők vizslatásába, mert szerintem nem erre lett kitalálva a könyv, csak an [...]

    17. I'm ashamed to say I wasted my time reading this bookpulse grab at the library. If anyone thinks the Twilight books are bad, welley haven't read Elizabeth Adler. She makes Stephanie Meyer seem like Nabokov. To describe this book as "vacuous" would be an understatement. I will give it this, the descriptions of food were, well, appetite inspiringbut they were almost completely literal, and I couldn't help thinking of how the author lives in Palm Springs and probably has gobs of money and has possi [...]

    18. The pink cover and romance sticker on the spine had me worried that this one was a sappy romance, but while there was romance, this was more of a thriller with romance thrown in, which worked for me. The chapters that are in first person from the protagonist's perspective were annoying, enough that I was not really rooting for her for the rest of the book, but I liked Miss Nightingale a lot. The climax was also a bit awkward, maybe because there was not enough character development for the criti [...]

    19. Começamos logo no início da história com o desaparecimento do marido de Lola, o Patrick, aparentemente tudo parecia a correr bem e nada justificava o desparecimento dele. Por isso, começa a sua busca para encontrar o marido e saber se afinal ele está vivo ou morto e conta com a ajuda de Jack, mas acaba por ver que e saber o verdadeiro significado do amor através de Jack, até que o marido aparece. É um livro intrigante e muito misterioso em que nos vemos a questionar se afinal o Patrick e [...]

    20. Je ne sais pas si c'est dû à l'excitation d'être allée à la bibliothèque après 2 ans d'absence, le fait que l'histoire se déroule sur la côte d'Azur où je me rendrai dans moins d'une semaine ou parce que l'histoire était vraiment bonne, mais ce livre m'a beaucoup plue! Ce n'est pas un chef-d'oeuvre, mais le personnage principal, l'Hôtel Riviera, est tellement bien décrit qu'il donne l'envie de s'y rendre pour les prochaines vacances!

    21. 9 de 10*Este foi o primeiro livro que li da Elizabeth Adler e fiquei agradavelmente surpreendida!A história passa-se num pequeno hotel na Riviera, junto a uma praia privativa, e a personagem principal feminina é a chef e dona do hotel que gasta todas as suas energias em função do seu hotel e dos seus hóspedes. Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao/

    22. I wish there was a category, "tried to read." I hated this book. In fact, I hated it so much that I put it down. The writing was amateur. I kept thinking, did the publisher edit this? The characters had no depth and I decided that I really did not care if the main character found her husband or started a romance with Jack. I just put it down and moved on.

    23. This was an enchanting story! Set in the South of France in a cozy little hotel, Lola Laforet and her staff and guests are simply delightful. There are some mystery elements and looks of delicious culinary accoutrements that make it a fun, quick read with unforgettable characters. I hope we hear more about Lola & the Hotel Riviera again soon!

    24. Some language. A character development book along with a light mystery. Lola Laforet is living her dream of being a chef in her little hotel on the coast of France. Then her husband mysteriously disappears and the police think she killed him. Where is he and why??? Then a stranger sail into her harbor and the story takes a turn. Wish I could have eaten some of her meals!

    25. Adler writes on-bodice-ripping romances about 40-something women. This protagonist runs a small hotel on the French Riviera. The story centers around her missing husband. She solves this mystery with the helps of her gusests and a handsome stranger who just happens to anchor his boat nearby. Good reading for a cold-suffering mom.

    26. I had really enjoyed the historical fiction book by Adler, "Fortune is a Woman" (tho the title is hokey), but this was a little disappointing in that book's wake. It painted the French Riviera as a beautiful place but it was pretty much a "fluff" book. Those have their place of course but I wasn't sitting on a beach somewhere ;-)

    27. Tuki says:I loved the setting of this story, the idyllic Cote de Azur in the South of France. The description of the food and the hospitality extended by Lola to her guests transported me and very much made me feel like I was right there languishing the beauty of the Mediterranean scenery. A delightful easy read with more romance than suspense even though its pegged as a “romantic suspense”.

    28. Love Adler but am not a fan of her books re woman rediscovering herself. This include this one. Last time I sw Paris. Summer in tuscany. House on amalfi. Place in the country. Not her usual well thought out detailed storylines

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