The Lotus Quest

The Lotus Quest

Mark Griffiths / Dec 15, 2019

The Lotus Quest The author goes in search of the mystery of the Lotus sacred flower from Egypt to Japan touching on its medicinal uses as well as the inspiration it has provided to Western artists Most of all he u

  • Title: The Lotus Quest
  • Author: Mark Griffiths
  • ISBN: 9780701181222
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author goes in search of the mystery of the Lotus, sacred flower from Egypt to Japan, touching on its medicinal uses as well as the inspiration it has provided to Western artists Most of all, he unveils a stunning vision of Japan s feudal era in visits to shrines, ruins, gardens and wild landscapes.

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    1. There was some very beautiful imagery within this book. The author clearly has a deep appreciation and understanding of aesthetics- specifically those of Japan, which, of the cultures of the world, is the country most associated with attention to beauty and its development.Praise stated, the historical accounts within this book were bland, and I felt as though the last few chapters were very disjointed from the focus of the author. They related only tangentially to the topic of the sacred lotus, [...]

    2. This book started off very well, with an interesting and engaging survey of the lotus and its place in human culture and history.As warned in the introduction, the book soon starts to specialise in the place of the lotus in Japanese history. I am a fan of writing about Japanese history and cultural, and writing about botanical subjects, so you would think I would have been a great fan of this section of the book. However, I found my interest flagging as the author became bogged down in the retel [...]

    3. The books starts off very well, but it failed to keep me from somewhere around the middle. It is usually believed that "a picture is worth a thousand words", but the author seems to not think so. There are lengthy descriptions of lotuses in paintings, monuments etc when a simple figure would suffice (or at least be a good supplement to the text). I felt that the ratio of the knowledge I gained, to the amount I read was very low. I would have appreciated if the author included at least a few maps [...]

    4. This was a gem of a book. I have been fascinated by Japanese spirituality ever since I found out about the tea ceremony and the significance of the stages, many years ago. I picked this up a while back and felt it was the time to read it. A slow dense read, crammed with unexpected information. I hadn’t known about the connection to Ancient Egypt nor Alexander the Great with the lotus As a linguist, I enjoyed observations on translating poetry and how Japanese itself developed as a language. A [...]

    5. I didn't finish (renewals ran out at the library) but did benefit from this well-written-albeit-a-bit-too-dense-with-detail-for-me tome. The author's careful observations of the lotus or even aspects of the lotus that appear in art from around the world are revelations, and I loved his stories of visiting Linnaeus's original collection housed in a vault under Burlington House in London (who knew?) and of sprouting 3,000 year old lotus seeds in the blinking of an eye!

    6. This story was brilliantly written, though a bit "text-bookish" so slow to read for me. Following Mark Griffiths journey through present-day Japan interwoven with her ancient history was fascinating. And the lotus! Sprouting 1000 year old seeds speaks volumes of the power and magic of this life-giving plant.

    7. Very interesting book but does go off the point a bit telling the story of japan's history. But well written and an enjoyable read.

    8. Absolutely wonderful - beautifully, poetically written and full of incredibly interesting and well-told stories.

    9. Well written account of the author's investigation into the fascinating (and really long!!) history of the lotus. Seeds can lie dormant and then still germinate and flower after 2000+ years! Amazing!

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