Shadows in the Jungle

Shadows in the Jungle

Larry Alexander / Jan 19, 2020

Shadows in the Jungle A new account of World War II heroism from the national bestselling author of Biggest Brother Determined to retake the Philippines ever since his ignominious flight from the islands in General D

  • Title: Shadows in the Jungle
  • Author: Larry Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781440687327
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
  • A new account of World War II heroism from the national bestselling author of Biggest Brother Determined to retake the Philippines ever since his ignominious flight from the islands in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur needed a first rate intelligence gathering unit Out of thousands, only 138 men were chosen They were the best, toughest, and fittest men the Army had to ofA new account of World War II heroism from the national bestselling author of Biggest Brother Determined to retake the Philippines ever since his ignominious flight from the islands in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur needed a first rate intelligence gathering unit Out of thousands, only 138 men were chosen They were the best, toughest, and fittest men the Army had to offer They were the Alamo Scouts Larry Alexander follows the footsteps of the men who made up the elite reconnaissance unit that served as General MacArthur s eyes and ears in the Pacific War Drawing from personal interviews and testimonies from Scout veterans, Alexander weaves together the tales of the individual Scouts, who often spent weeks behind enemy lines to complete their missions Now, than sixty years after the war, the story of the Alamo Scouts will finally be told.

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        Larry Alexander is a journalist and military historian who has written a number of books about World War II, most notably about Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S Army Easy Company was made famous principally by Stephen Ambrose s book, Band of Brothers, and the television miniseries of that name.For over a decade, Alexander has been a columnist for the Intelligencer Journal , a newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania His books include Biggest Brother The Life of Major Dick Winters, the Man Who Led the Band of Brothers, In the Footsteps of the Band of Brothers A Return to Easy Company s Battlefields with Sgt Forrest Guth, and Shadows In The Jungle The Alamo Scouts Behind Japanese Lines In World War II Alexander participates in American Civil War re enactments as a living historian with Company E of the 30th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves Civil War re enactment unit He has also participated in the making of the motion pictures, Gettysburg and God and Generals Alexander was nominated for a Pulitizer Prize in 2005 and had won state level journalism awards He lives in Ephrata, Pa with his wife, Barbara.


    1. Stories from the Alamo Scouts, an intelligence-gathering unit which served in the Pacific in covert operations during WWII. The beginning of the book starts off with a big WOW!, recounting the story of an elderly man with a cane being attacked by a mugger - and then promptly taking down the mugger using his cane. Immediately following that is another exciting story of an actual jungle operation. Compared to that incredible beginning, it gets a little dull while it explains the history behind the [...]

    2. The Alamo Scouts were Shadow's in the Jungle. This elite group performed like no other. The more I read about them the more it was hard to believe what they went thru. Some of their raids to release POW's were beyond belief. The Scouts had nerves of STEEL. Larry Alexander, the author, did an excellent job in putting this story together. He did such a good job that I plan to google books about the Alamo Scouts.

    3. -Todavía quedan cosas a tratar sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial que estén poco o nada sobadas.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. Aproximación novelada (pero sin un ápice de ficción, al parecer) a los Alamo Scouts, unidad bastante pequeña de las fuerzas armadas estadounidenses que mezclaba actividades cercanas al reconocimiento profundo, la inteligencia especialmente y algo de operaciones especiales tras las líneas japonesas, cuya actividad en el Pacífico durante los dos últimos años de [...]

    4. Solidly researched historical overview of the Alamo Scouts and their role in intelligence gathering and rescue missions in the Pacific during World War II. This book was very good, but not quite as engaging as Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides.

    5. This book is about my father and his Special Forces unit in WW2. It's a fictionalized account of the Scouts' exploits during the war in the South Pacific. It's very close to my heart, and should be read by any WW2 junkie or curiosity seeker.

    6. This book was a little different than many WWII books I've read in that you read individual stories of a somewhat large group of men. It was really interesting learning about some of their heroics in the Pacific Theater. It feels almost disrespectful writing this, but by the ends some of the stories started feeling redundant. I think I learned most from this book about the indigenous people on the islands where the battles took place. It is really sad that these men didn't get recognition for be [...]

    7. In Shadows In The Jungle it tells the story of an elite intelligence unit named the Alamo Scouts, made up of the most elite soldiers in all military branches that preform the most dangerous of task such as recon on Japanese-held islands and assess enemy locations, conditions, morale, troop strength, and rescue missions and while they do all this stuff they have to try and stay completely undetected to keep the element of surprise on their side. I think this story is so amazing because it tells t [...]

    8. General Douglas McArthur distrusted the OSS and the joint chiefs of staff and wanted his own reconnaissance unit. He asked Maj. Gen. Walter Krueger to form an all volunteer unit to work behind enemy lines. Maj. Gen. Krueger's command was code named Alamo Force in honor of the Spanish Mission in his adopted hometown. Krueger formed the 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit which became known as the Alamo Scouts. The Alamo Scouts in camouflage uniforms were sent behind enemy lines by submarine or P [...]

    9. I just could not get enough of resistance movements after reading the Jedburghs so I picked Shadows in the Jungle up. I don't regret picking it up but I wish that I had not read it right after Irwin's book. This book seemed to lack the detail and personal aspect of the resistance that The Jedburghs portrayed. Telling the tales of one of the most efficient special forces units of all times, Larry Alexander kept my interest up enough to keep me reading. Some of the accomplishments of the Alamo Sco [...]

    10. This book details many of the missions of the Alamo Scouts an elite reconaissance force established by General Macarthur in the Pacific, he didn't trust the OSS. These small units of soldiers would go onto the islands in the Pacific ahead of the invasion force and scout out targets and landing zones for the Navy. The Alamo Scouts conducted 108 missions behind enemy lines killing more than 500 Japanese soldiers and rescuing hundreds of enemy P.O.W's and civilians held by the Japanese. They conduc [...]

    11. The Alamo Scouts are one of those small units that performed remarkable tasks in WWII. The war was full of such units that have great stories, and I enjoy reading about all of them. I did not love the writing style of this book, though. In some ways it reads like an official account in that it progresses mission by mission without much separation between the relatively extraordinary and routine actions. In other ways, the book is a bit contrived because it is clear that the author re-created con [...]

    12. Author starts out with a story about an 85 year old man who walks out of a restaurant with a doggy bag. He opens his car door, puts his doggy bag in the passenger side, and closes the door. He is then hit over the head by a mugger. The old man whips around with his cane and commences to beat the tar out of the young thug. When the police and paramedics come, the old guy is leaning against the car and the punk is lying on the ground writhing in pain. Turns out the old guy had been an Alamo Scout [...]

    13. This was a very interesting read of a remarkable unit. I'm a sucker for anything that deals with World War II and the Philippines, but I thought this told an amazing story that most people don't know too much about. It loses a star simply because it doesn't go into enough detail about each of the men. I know it's difficult to reassemble each man's story over 60 years after it happened (especially when their missions were classified until the 1980s), but I just couldn't give it five stars when yo [...]

    14. Sadly, due to their only recently de-classified status, there weren't a lot of members of this elite force, and forerunner to modern special forces alive when this was written, but what remains is fascinating.Although the depth of detail is less than histories of other campaigns, for the previously stated reason, this book is chock full of hair raising accounts of guys being dropped off at night, in the surf, from PT boats in the South Pacific, to assault Japanese-held tropical islands - great s [...]

    15. During World War II General Douglas MacArthur created his own special operations intelligence force as he did not trust other sources. These men operated behind Japanese lines in small teams. Their mission and existence was kept classified for over twenty years. During their two years of existence they had over one hundred missions without losing a man.

    16. WWII history of a South Pacific intel unit called the Alamo Scouts with lots about Bill Littlefield, my boss at the public defenders office in LA. Here's my column on Bill. t/TGAcGZT6.

    17. Excellent book and very interesting content. I'd never heard of the Alamo Scouts before. I remember my grandpa (who served in the Pacific) tell me about groups that would go in before his Marine unit and look around for them.

    18. Excellent book!!! What a great tribute to such amazing heroes. Too bad they didn't get the recognition they deserved sooner. Almost halfway through this book I realized that the Robert Sumner was in fact my great uncle Bob Sumner.

    19. It's a good narrative, though the narrator gets confused in places, and confusing in other places of the book, leaving you to try to figure it out, or just keep plodding along. Overall, I learned about a unit I never knew existed, and the vital role they played in the war in the Pacific.

    20. An excellent book about a little known unit based in the Pacific Theater. I think this is an great sourcebook for Wargamers as well as history buffs.

    21. very good book about true American heroes Well written and documented. The author did a magnificent job of bringing to light the incredible stories of true American heroes.

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