The Unsinkable Walker Bean

The Unsinkable Walker Bean

Aaron Renier / Dec 06, 2019

The Unsinkable Walker Bean Walker Bean never wanted to be a high seas pirate waging a pitched battle against the forces of the deep It just worked out that way Mild meek and a little geeky Walker is always happiest in his gr

  • Title: The Unsinkable Walker Bean
  • Author: Aaron Renier
  • ISBN: 9781596434530
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Walker Bean never wanted to be a high seas pirate waging a pitched battle against the forces of the deep It just worked out that way.Mild, meek, and a little geeky, Walker is always happiest in his grandfather s workshop, messing around with his inventions But when his beloved grandfather is struck by an ancient curse, it falls on Walker to return an accursed pearl skullWalker Bean never wanted to be a high seas pirate waging a pitched battle against the forces of the deep It just worked out that way.Mild, meek, and a little geeky, Walker is always happiest in his grandfather s workshop, messing around with his inventions But when his beloved grandfather is struck by an ancient curse, it falls on Walker to return an accursed pearl skull to the witches who created it and his path will be strewn with pirates, magical machines, ancient lore, and deadly peril.Author illustrator Aaron Renier brings everything he has to this swashbuckling adventure story Drawing from sources as disparate as Tintin, Treasure Island, and Harry Potter, Renier has woven together a breathless tale that will leave readers ears ringing from the cannon shot and their eyes dazzled from the glowing stares of sea witches.

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        Aaron Renier was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin He has been drawing comics, in one way or another, for as long as he can remember His illustrations have appeared in a wide variety of places, including turning an entire city bus into a moving aquarium He won the Eisner award for cartoonist deserving wider recognition for his first graphic novel Spiral Bound He is the illustrator of a series of books about the knights of the roundtable by Gerald Morris, and a picture book by Alice Shertle titled An Anaconda Ate My Homework His new book The Unsinkable Walker Bean will be out soon He lives in Chicago IL, with his dog trusty hound, Beluga.


    1. I had really high hopes for this, but to be honest, it kind of let me down. It started about a dozen interesting strings of story—the pearl skulls and how they came to be, the secret language on the mysterious tablet, the origins of the girl pirate, the eerie doctor, etc—but it never really resolved any of them. I mean, the language on the tablet looked a lot like the language the monsters were speaking, but then it didn't seem to quite match up into a code you could decipher, and we never l [...]

    2. I had the honor of coloring this book, which is by one of my favorite cartoonists (and best friends!) Aaron Renier. There is more imagination and inventiveness packed into these 200 pages than some authors could dream up over their entire careers. Aaron has created such a convincing world, that you can smell the salty sea air and hear all the different vendors yelling at the market in a faraway port.This book will hold up to multiple readings, as every panel on every page is jam packed with deta [...]

    3. How is Aaron Renier's "The Unsinkable Walker Bean" not considered a stone cold classic children's comic? Everyone knows the big ones: Jeff Smith's "Bone" series, anything by Raina Telgemeier, Kazu Kibuishi's "Amulet" books, etc. But I rarely hear anyone recommend this book for younger readers. Well, it's flown under the radar for too long. For its sheer force of creativity, its lovely production, and its abundance of rip-roarin' fun, "The Unsinkable Walker Bean" deserves a place on the Mount Rus [...]

    4. From my blog at brensbookstoread/Walter Bean is a slightly dorky kid who worships his grandfather, his stories and his inventions. When his grandfather gets struck by an ancient curse, it is up to him to return the evil skull causing the curse.Not looking for adventure, Walter is suddenly swept up into hiding from pirates, ancient sea monsters hunting them, and inventing machines to fool the entire crew on his ship. Not to mention, he has to fight on the side of the pirates, rebuild the ship, an [...]

    5. amazing graphics but convoluted hard to understand text sometimes. felt like i missed pages, but just gaps in story Title / Author / Publication Date: The Unsinkable Walker Bean/Aaron Renier/2010Genre: Graphic Novel, FictionFormat: Large paperbackPlot summary: This book has amazing graphics but the storyline at times is convoluted and hard to understand. At times as I followed the story I'd flip to the next page, and then I would have to flip back to double-check - the story would jump forward a [...]

    6. There's a little Tintin here. A little Pirates of the Caribbean. A lot Aaron Renier. And it reads like a J. Although the sea-witches are very creepy. Very. Creepy. But beyond that, the characters don't have as much punch as I would like. The pirates aren't very well delineated, ages are hard to guess. But Renier's illustrations have a definite charm. This didn't have the quirk of Spiral Bound, and I'm bummed that this is slated to be a series when that was not. But this wasn't bad for what it is [...]

    7. Liked the art but found the storyline somewhat hard to follow at the end -- there's a major reversal that's not fully explained, and all these narrative threads have been left hanging for the sequel. Still, a solid old-fashioned high seas adventure with a scrappy, inventive boy hero that will appeal to Tintin fans.

    8. I'm sure many will love it, but for some reason it just wasn't working for me. I'd still recommend it to pirate-lovers.Library copy.

    9. One Sentence Review: Usually I love Renier's work, but while this is a good fun book it just didn't gel for me, personally.

    10. This is a quest tale, were young Mr. Walker Bean must return a cursed (talking)skull to the oceans deep and save his grandfather. So over 200 pages of action he must face his own father(a corrupt Navy captain), a ship of pirates, a evil doctor, a trio of friends(a mysterious girl pirate, a musical pirate and their heroic dog) and two of the most hideous sea witches the haunt the seas. Renier's art work match the weirdness of the story, which creates a alternate world that fills the life of this [...]

    11. I am not used to graphic novels like these. The ones from my childhood were more like a full album of different length comic strips. What I can say from the story is that, if it had been published with graphics the story line may have been a bit convoluted and hard to follow for a 10 year old. I am a full grown 55 year old woman who still enjoys comic books. I was raised on Astérix and Tintin and enjoy a good play on words.The story has a surprising ending. What kept me reading and looking at i [...]

    12. Mixed feelings about this. I do enjoy the story but the plotline is nothing new and there are some loopholes. What I like about it is that it reminds me to start reading Treasure Island, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea or any of HG Wells' stories. 2.5 stars.

    13. A ton of fun. Really enjoyed this. Stumbled upon Aaron Renier's work recently in an anthology about Middle School and wanted to read more of his work. Great characters, mystery, mythology, even a page where I said to myself "This is a lot like a Where's Waldo spread." Psst - he might just be in it! My only disappointment? I can't seem to find vol. 2 any where. I'm quite ready to continue on the adventures of Walker Bean!

    14. Reason for Reading: My son loves seafaring tales and this looked wonderful.This is a beautiful book to behold. The illustrations are so bold, vibrant and full of details. The panels have so much going on in the background that one can look into them and see something new each time. We are even treated to the occasional two-page spread illustration. While some of these may be focused on a large central figure, the background will still hold many small details that one should linger on so as not t [...]

    15. Genre: Graphic NovelSummary: This comic begins with a mythical story about skeletons, merwitches, and underwater creatures. A young boy is told this story by his grandfather, an admiral. The young boy soon embarks on his own journey to return a skull to the merwitches, who will then in turn lift a curse off of his grandfather. Critique: a) This being a graphic novel, the illustrations are equally, if not more, important than the words in the book. Together they tell an adventure story which will [...]

    16. The Unsinkable Walker Bean was kinda sinkable. Walker Bean (whom I keep wanting to call Walter Bean) is a young boy whose grandfather, an Admiral in the Navy, is dying. His grandfather is under a curse from a skull that was rescued from the depths of the ocean- a skull that belongs to two "evil" lobster ladies in the depths. Walker, an imaginative and engineering child, decides to rescue his grandfather and find a way to remove the curse.This book is just plain "eh". The graphics REALLY turned m [...]

    17. The Unsinkable Walker Bean by Aaron Renier begins with a tale of how Atlantis sunk at the hands of a pair of sea witches. Now all these centuries later it appears that the story is true and Walker Bean's grandfather is suffering from their curse. Walker has to return a cursed skull to hopefully free him from a paranormal illness.Walker Bean apparently lives in an alternate Earth version of the seventeenth or possibly eighteenth century. There's a world map included in the book and while the land [...]

    18. 1. Graphic Novel 2. Walker Bean goes on his biggest adventure yet. When his grandfathers bag of mysterious treasures is stolen Walker finds himself on a ship with pirates, fighting sea monsters and maybe even discovering the lost city of Atlantis. 3. a: The greatest strength of the novel was it's ability to keep you entertained. It is full of adventure and you are able to see the mishaps that each of the characters find themselves in. b: The book is about the adventurous mishaps of Walker. He fi [...]

    19. Uh so. This was hella good.I really liked Spiral Bound, kid-friendly but complex. Saw this guy at the Minneapolis Indie Expo, and was all "ooh what's your new book about". He was like "um a kid and an enchanted skull?" and I said ooh who are your influences? and he said "um French guys". I said "Sfar?" He said "Yep." I said "awesome."So of course I had to read it ASAP. I was a little worried that it would be overly Sfarian, but it did a really great job differentiating itself, in tone, in story [...]

    20. I picked this up for my nine year old son, and found myself drawn to the wonderful art and intriguing story, so in the end I nicked it from him and read it myself. Walker Bean's beloved grandfather is horribly ill. He made the mistake of looking into the eyes of the pearl skull, stolen from the hoard of the hideous merwitches who destroyed Atlantis. The skull must be returned, but only young Walker is willing to do so. The skull is stolen! There's a sea-battle! Walker stows away on a pirate ship [...]

    21. Walker is a young boy back when pirates still roamed the 7 seas and the British Navy was the avowed military master of the world. Walker's grandfather has come across a mysterious skull that is said to be from Atlantis and poses powers of the unknownbut the grandfather has become deathly ill after looking into the skull and asks Walter to return it to whence it came. Along the way Walker meets up with pirates, a mysterious doctor, and two ancient merwitches that want the skull back and will do a [...]

    22. Really wanted to give this one a 4.5, mainly because I really loved the art--the colorization, in particular, is so vibrant and wonderful. Great stuff. My only qualm is that I feel like it might be kind of hard for kids to follow, considering it was hard for ME to follow, especially in the beginning. And then at the end I felt like all this great stuff was happening really fast and I was ALMOST beginning to thoroughly understand everything--and then it ended. I mean, I know that's how you set it [...]

    23. A really fun offering, although one that I think it better suited to a younger audience than an adult one. "The Unsinkable Walker Bean" is a seafaring pirate adventure starring a near-adolescent boy (Walker), whose admiral/inventor grandfather has fallen ill and needs him to throw a cursed artifact into the deepest sea to save him. Walker ends up having to stow away with a pirate crew; sea creatures, shipwrecks and skulduggery result, along with, of course, friendship.Creator Aaron Renier's art [...]

    24. Non-stop action, fearsome pirates and a cursed skull – it’s a perfect recipe. Add into this exciting story exciting artwork that pulls readers right in, and you have an instant hit. Walker Bean adores his grandfather, listening to his stories of adventure and working together to create new inventions. But now his grandfather is on his death bed, and he has a special request for Walker: to return a cursed skull to the depths of the ocean floor. Unbeknownst to Walker, the skull was stolen from [...]

    25. Grade Level: 3-8Pages: 200Summary: Walker Bean has been listening to tales of the sea from his grandfather his whole life. Now he is in the middle of his own swashbuckling adventure. Walker braves pirates, evil witches and his own fears with help from his grandfather's journal, an amazing message bottle and assistance from a few trusted friends. He is very mechanically inclined and comes up with creative solutions to life-threating problems.Recommendations or Comments: This is a fast-paced story [...]

    26. In this graphic novel, Walker Bean must race to save his grandfather's life. To do this, Walker must recapture The Skull that has been stolen from evil merwitches who preside deep beneath the sea. Why this will save the grandfather, I'm not sure. Walker's father is in possession of The Skull, so it’s an easy steal for Walker. His father’s henchmen chase him down, and the adventure begins. Walker ends up on a pirate ship where he devises a plan to recapture The Skull. At least, that's what I [...]

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