Woodcuts of Women

Woodcuts of Women

Dagoberto Gilb / Jun 01, 2020

Woodcuts of Women Dagoberto Gilb is an acknowledged master of the short story the winner of the PEN Hemingway Award and a PEN Faulkner finalist for his debut collection The Magic of Blood and was awarded a Guggenhe

  • Title: Woodcuts of Women
  • Author: Dagoberto Gilb
  • ISBN: 9780802138743
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dagoberto Gilb is an acknowledged master of the short story, the winner of the PEN Hemingway Award, and a PEN Faulkner finalist for his debut collection, The Magic of Blood, and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for his fiction writing His critically acclaimed collection Woodcuts of Women is now available in paperback and features ten moving and heartbreaking stories ofDagoberto Gilb is an acknowledged master of the short story, the winner of the PEN Hemingway Award, and a PEN Faulkner finalist for his debut collection, The Magic of Blood, and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for his fiction writing His critically acclaimed collection Woodcuts of Women is now available in paperback and features ten moving and heartbreaking stories of lust, love, and longing among men and women struggling to find their way in the world Written in Gilb s spare, humid language, each of these haunting stories is crafted with a poetic, aching beauty At turns powerful and resonant, hopeful and humorous, Woodcuts of Women is a tour de force by one of America s foremost Latino writers The sheer intensity and bravado of Gilb s vision make this collection succeed Jean Thompson, The New York Times Book Review Lonely, tough stories stories that force us to confront what s difficult in us, and in the people we love Adrienne Miller, Esquire Gilb s stories read like verbal woodcuts deliberately unrefined and carefully unadorned, clear in their intent but without undue elaboration Sean Glennon, The Hartford Courant Gilb writes of the gritty passions of man for women, grand delusions and tender mercies Oscar C Villalon, San Francisco Chronicle

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        Dagoberto Gilb was born in the city of Los Angeles, his mother a Mexican who crossed the border illegally, and his father a Spanish speaking Anglo raised in East Los Angeles They divorced before he began kindergarten He attended several junior colleges until he transferred to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studied philosophy and religion and graduated with both bachelor s and master s degrees After that, he began his life as a construction worker, migrating back and forth from Los Angeles and El Paso A father, he eventually joined the union in Los Angeles a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, he became a class A journeyman carpenter, and his employment for the next twelve years was on high rise buildings.


    1. Dagoberto Gilb is possessed of incredible powers of description. But in a unique way, wholly different and categorically unique; not with words perfectly placed, like Coetzee; not with the winds of magical realism at his back, like Garcia Marquez; not hip like Junot Diaz. But special. And simple. In this quick read, I found myself going back and re-reading the last paragraph or two half a dozen times, asking "How'd he do that? How did I arrive here?" Dago has a special relationship with lust as [...]

    2. I'm simply left in awe with his prose, the way he thinks - the construction of his words. Dagoberto Gilb is the working man's writer, being a working man himself. His words become thoughts, become sentences, become paragraphs, eventually leading to the skyscraper of human nature reaching towards the heavens, connecting us with gods of old.(continue reading)

    3. Woodcuts of Women by Dagoberto Gilb reminds us of the first time we read anything erotic or groundbreaking yielding such an addiction to the page that removing your eyes and mind from the book is as tough as kicking a habit. Woodcuts…begs the attention of men and women, couples, book clubs and gender study courses to read, discuss and peal back the several layers of what a man’s love of women is -as well as to examine the possible objectification that feminists warn against. The jury is stil [...]

    4. This is one of those story collections I tend to re-evaluate the minute I'm done reading. Maybe it's because "Snow," the final story, is so incredible; and maybe it's because I went through the others so quickly. Gilb uses language like a hammer; he forces you to forget that language is precious and then, in his own way, reminds you again. There are many incredible passages laced throughout these ten stories. Gilb is a master of pacing and dialogue; his characters are all very real. He's often c [...]

    5. I haven't read the last two stories yet, so this review isn't fair. But then again, I can't rate this book fairly at all, because Gilb was my teacher and I'm super fond of him as a person, so I'm prejudiced.This is a collection best read slowly, since almost all of the stories are first person narrators and some of them have similar themes. My favorite one in here so far is "Pillows," which is about (spoiler) a guy who is house-sitting and notices that all the pillows in the apartment are filthy [...]

    6. i so loved this collection of stories! it is because of this book that made me go to dagoberto gilb's recent reading at sacramento city college to hear him red from the even more magnificent "the flowers". these are stories about women by a man who really knows women. in a good way too, smart and sexually. the man should be a ton more well known than i think he is. if not for these two books alone, but as a speaker: he is so funny, such a fantastic reader, and everyone loved his talk. really imp [...]

    7. I got about half way through this collection of short stories and couldn't finish it. Plenty of folks have written about their sexual rites of passage, but there was something particularly creepy about this guy's narrative - a man who will use one woman while he pines for, loves, or is infatuated with another. Writing style aside, the tales of this work didn't necessarily prompt my desire to finish past the 50% mark. Maybe I'll go back to it in the future, but for now, life is too short to read [...]

    8. In every chapter, there’s a man looking for love sometimes in all the wrong places—a gay night club, a friend’s dirty unkempt apartment, Hollywood Boulevard. Sometimes love finds him like at a motel pool. In Dagoberto Gilb’s WOODCUTS OF WOMEN, sexual attractions are explored freely and heated love conquered. Intimacies are displayed artfully in these ten stories of passionate working men and the women they love with the same sensitivities and physical yearning as their women. Featuring a [...]

    9. Gilb's style is spare and direct, immediate. He takes us right next to his characters' skin rather than inside their minds. This has a sensually enchanting affect, in environs that vary from bowery to suburban paradise. His irony permeates, but never takes over or sours the simple beauty he evokes describing his characters observations of others, their inner perceptions, their world. I think we could accurately call this 'Chicano irony' -- that of the outsider who knows from the inside.

    10. Wow - I didn't know that the author, Dagoberto Gilb, had won a ton of literary awards. I came across this book when I was researching how to make woodcuts/linocuts. I ordered it mainly because it had a woodcut on the cover - ha! - and because I loooooove short stories.Some of the stories were fantastic, while others were good but not great. Just hearing about all his awards makes me want to research his other books.

    11. Dripping with testosterone and unevenly written. I don't consider myself a prude, but many of the stories in this collection read more like soft porn. "Bottoms" (although, yes, by it's title it could also be porn) was excellent and made reading the collection worthwhile. After a stint of reading both Gilb and Richard Ford, I feel thoroughly exposed to manly-man sensibilities--so now I am re-reading Moby Dick

    12. I wanted to like this book. I heard Dagoberto Gilb introduce Sandra Cisneros (one of my favorite authors) at an event in Austin last year. I think that I'm just very particular about short stories, and his writing didn't make sense to me sometimes.I did really like the woodcut illustrations though. They were beautiful!

    13. Meh. We all know how I feel about short stories. And as much as I can appreciate an appreciation of women, these were just too testosterone-fueled for me. Nice writing, but I probably won't move on to his novels.

    14. This book of short stories, perhaps,sets out to accomplish something that it never quite realizes. Gilb is a poetic and skilled writer, but besides "A Painting in Santa Fe," I wouldn't recommend this collection.

    15. Short stories. Highly recommended, touted, but because of the raging heterosexuality, I didn’t enjoy it. [May be instructive for my writing. I can’t afford to be too ragingly homosexual if I expect to be read widely.]

    16. The stories are snapshots of men (or a man) thinking of and engaging with women; It is a perspective of latin culture that I had never read about before. I hope to read more by him. The title could be Woodcuts of a man's mind on women.

    17. Dagoberto is my favorite contemporary American short story writer. His major virtue is that he isn't boring. At least I don't think he is. If you enjoy the subtle, belle lettres style of Alice Munro or the soaking Christian symbolism of Flannery O'Connor, you may not like his writing.

    18. A knockout in every sense of the word. I especially love the story "Hueco" and the story "The Pillows."Strongly realized characters and beautiful use of language and dialogue.Some of these stories appeared in other collections.

    19. This is a collection of short stories all of which deal with a woman or women. I liked them a lot. I think they are very well-written and down-to-earth. I'd like to read more from this author.

    20. Mr. Gilb does have a great deal of insight about relationships and women. I heard him talk several years ago and he was very engaging.

    21. 1st book of short stories by gilb. neat, quirky sw style, in the tradition of old masters like anaya, sandra cisneros, urrea

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