Freaky Green Eyes

Freaky Green Eyes

Joyce Carol Oates / Jun 05, 2020

Freaky Green Eyes New novel from the bestselling author of BIG MOUTH AND UGLY GIRL

  • Title: Freaky Green Eyes
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9780007183142
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • New novel from the bestselling author of BIG MOUTH AND UGLY GIRL.

    Freaky Green Eyes Oates, Joyce Carol Freaky Green Eyes turned out to be a lot, lot darker than I expected I really like the YA fiction I ve read by JCO in the past and was really enjoy this novel, which at first, seemed to be about a teenage girl watching her parent s marriage fall apart I was already in love with Franky s voice and the way she saw the world Then her mother goes missing and suddenly Freaky Green Eyes Freaky Green Eyes Textbook Verlage der Westermann Gruppe Um mit dem Zerplatzen der Familienidylle fertig zu werden, erfindet sie ihr mutiges und scharfsinniges Alter Ego Freaky Green Eyes Oates beleuchtet in diesem Jugendroman die psychologischen Abgrnde der beteiligten Personen Empfohlen fr das bis Schuljahr Erfahren Sie mehr ber die Reihe Zugehrige Produkte Man of the Moment A play in two acts Zum Freaky Green Eyes Buch von Joyce Carol Oates Klappentext zu Freaky Green Eyes Die schchterne Franky muss sich, mehr noch als andere Teenager, mit Loyalittskonflikten in ihrer Familie und mit Wahrheitsfindung auseinandersetzen Um mit dem Zerplatzen der Familienidylle fertig zu werden, erfindet sie ihr mutiges und scharfsinniges Alter Ego Freaky Green Eyes Oates beleuchtet in diesem Jugendroman die psychologischen Abgrnde Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates Jazmyn horton Freaky green eyes In the fictional book written by Joyce Carol Oates, Freaky Green Eyes, the main character Francesca learns a valuable life lesson It may be harder to see the bad in people who are closest to you In the book francesca peirson, but referred to as franky, is a fifteen year old daughter of the famous reid pierson who lives in the exclusive yarrow heights Freaky Green Eyes Teacher s Guide Verlage der Freaky Green Eyes Teacher s Guide Freaky Green Eyes bersicht Produkt Zugehrige Produkte Empfehlungen Benachrichtigungs Service , zzgl Versandkosten Lieferbar Zum Kauf anmelden Exklusiv fr Lehrkrfte und Schulen Dieses Produkt darf nur von Lehrkrften, Referendar innen, Erzieher innen und Schulen erworben werden Auf den Merkzettel Freaky Green Eyes

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    1. Franky Pierson's dark side "Freaky Green Eyes" shows herself after a college boy tries to rape her at one of her dad's ritzy parties and she defends herself. Franky notices that her family is falling apart and that her mother is distancing herself from them after her father threatens her. It is up to her and "Freaky Green Eyes" to find out the truth about what happened to her mother before her family gets hurt. Want to read more? Check out this book for yourself and find out.This is Joyce Carol [...]

    2. Reviewed by Mark Frye, author and reviewer for TeensReadTooProlific author Joyce Carol Oates delivers yet again with FREAKY GREEN EYES. With a plot that gradually unfolds to expose a family's destructive private life, this book covers a topic touched upon by many but seldom handled so artfully. As in her previous novels, such as WE WERE THE MULVANEYS, Oates unveils a family that is picture-perfect to the world at large but dysfunctional and horrific behind closed doors. The narrator -- Franky -- [...]

    3. Maybe I just didn't get this. A lot of people seem to like and recommend this book, but I really didn't enjoy it at all. The narrator didn't make any sense to me at all. Spoilers ahoy. I can't figure out any reason why Franky is so attached to her father and so distant and cruel towards her mother. I guess there's the whole Electra complex, but there was absolutely no explanation in the narrative that was believable. This girl is supposed to be smart and strong, so I didn't understand how the re [...]

    4. At 100 pages in, it's disappointing, especially for a Joyce Carol Oates. The protagonist's voice seems to pop in and out of character, and overall Franky/Freaky is just plain flat. It's a struggle to finish it. Another reviewer compared it to Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's not in the same league. I honestly think it's another example of an author dipping into the YA without having read much in the genre, which is a mistake. Francine Prose, whom I admire as much as Joyce Carol Oates, seems [...]

    5. Divorce would be hard for any child, but what happens when your famous, former football star dad and artistic mom suddenly agree in a "mutual separation"? Freaky Green Eyes is a book revolving around the main character, and oldest daughter in the Pierson family, Francesca "freaky" Pierson. At the beginning of the book Franky is at a party when she is in a sticky situation with a drunk boy where she has to think on her feet and be aggressiveis event is the birth of Frankys alter ego, Freaky Green [...]

    6. ***Spolier Alert** Sitting here wondering why my mom vanished.My book is fantasy fiction.This was the best book i ever read because i like how the author tells me that the dad might be hitting the mother. My Story is called FREAKY GREEN EYES the setting in my story is Yarrow Heights and in Skagit Harbor.In this book the main character is Francesca the older daughter in the story.This story is mostly about Francesca family and the problems.This is because Francesca has a part in her body that is [...]

    7. Book #34 for 2011 - I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! I started it yesterday while my kids were napping, read it after they went to bed last night and got up early this morning to finish it! Meet Francesca (aka "Franky" and "Freaky Green Eyes") - she lives in Seattle with her mother, father (who is a famous sportscaster, sister and step-brother.) Her father is a highly respected man in their community, however, Franky's family is not what everyone thinks it is. When her mother moves away to a near [...]

    8. This book was truly an amazing, touching story. The novel provided suspense and thrill. When I found out why the mom had disappeared I had chills sent up my back! This novel made me tear up, get scared, and be happy at the same time! "Freaky Green Eyes" touched my heart, and I would recommend this novel to pretty much anyone who likes suspense or mystery. A must-read!

    9. Publicado en lecturaylocura/monstruo-deMonstruo de ojos verdes de Joyce Carol Oates. Violencia de género para jóvenesAprovechando la lectura de Sexy de la misma autora, ya comenté por aquí la faceta de la autora relacionada con la creación de libros para jóvenes; libros que aprovecha para contar temas controvertidos en clave más accesible a nivel de estilo pero con el suficiente fondo para que valgan la pena. El tratamiento que realiza la autora va encaminado a hacer conscientes a los jó [...]

    10. I didn’t realise this was a book written for young adults when I started it but it didn’t take me long to work it out. It’s a book many not-so-young adults will no doubt enjoy too; the approach is intriguing. Freaky Green Eyes starts off life simply as a description but quickly becomes the name of a fifteen-year-old girl’s alter ego. I thought at first the girl might be schizophrenic or have dissociative identity disorder but it’s nothing like that. Nor is she possessed by a demon or a [...]

    11. COMIENZO:Ya por fin con el libro en las manos, me fijo en la portada y el titulo.Monstruo de ojos verdes. PRIMERAS SENSACIONES:Dejando atrás la portada, presenta una historia que si bien al principio no te termina de enganchar porque es bastante previsible, se le acaba cogiendo cierto gusto, basado principalmente en esa sensación de, aún sabiendo como terminará la historia querer hilar todos los cabos sueltos que pueda llegar a haber. CAUSAS DE ESTAS:Todo esto es provocado por un inicio que [...]

    12. Plot summary: Fifteen year old Francesa "Franky" Pierson is caught in the middle of a disintegrating family life. Faced with the confusion of parents who say one thing and then act completely differently, Franky starts to feel like a second personality is taking over her at the most stressful times, a coping mechanism for how to explain her own erratic behavior. Franky called this other side of herself Freaky Green Eyes; with curly red hair and intense green eyes, Franky feels that when Freaky t [...]

    13. Freaky Green Eyes is a book with many things going on all at once. Franky, the main character, has to deal with her parents, and all of their family issues. Franky's parents say that they are getting along fine, that they will love each other forever and will never get a divorce. But her parents are never home at the same time. Franky's father is away most of the time on business, and her mother is away at their old summer house in Skagit Harbor.Franky and her father go through much conflict whe [...]

    14. A dark story of a teenage girl whose father is a sports hero to the public but physically abusive at home. When her bruised mother tries to establish some kind of life of her own, Franky sides with her father out of fear and blames her mother for "provoking him". But worse things are comingI thought this was probably a very realistic portrayal of what goes on in abusive families. Franky could be criticised for not being more of a hero earlier but the truth is that a lot of kids do grow up idolis [...]

    15. Este libro trata de una familia que aparentemente es perfecta. Poco a poco los lazos de la familia se van rompiendo por unas razones que Franky, la protagonista, desconoce.Krista, la madre, cada vez está más ausente de la familia, tiene comportamientos extraños y Franky empieza a dudar que tras la manga larga y los pañuelo esconde algún tipo de herida o moratón. A lo largo del libro van ocurriendo una clase de sucesos que hacen que Franky empiece a preocuparse y asustarse ya que su situaci [...]

    16. This book is marketed to teens, but why I am not really sure. Of course, anyone familiar with Joyce Carol Oates knows that she could write a book for monkeys and it would still be great.This is a complex and disturbing story. Francesca (aka Franky) is a teenager whose parents' marriage appears to be falling apart, even though they insist that nothing is wrong and nothing has changed. The marriage of the protagonist's parents had loud echoes of my own hopelessly screwed up marriage, one of the pr [...]

    17. A true psychological thriller, Freaky Green Eyes really blew me away! Francesca, who prefers to be called "Franky," is the daughter of a famous sportscaster who is a former Seattle Seahawk, Reid Pierson. Reid Pierson is very strong, charismatic and controlling. He hates weakness, and has to always be right. 15-year-old Franky adores him and sees her mother's sensitivity as shameful weakness. Her mother, scared to death of Reid, pursues her own art and spends a few days a week at her cabin out of [...]

    18. Reading this book on Valentine's Day is more than a little messed up, I admit, but in my defense I started it without really realizing what the book would be about, and by the time I did (it didn't take long) I was kind of hooked in a horrified way.From the outside, Franky's family appears to be perfect. But the reality is so far from that it's scary. The way that everything and everyone revolved around Reid Pierson was sickening. The way that the kids blamed their mother for making their dad an [...]

    19. I've been wanting to read something by Joyce Carol Oates for a while and when I came across this in the library, I figured it would be perfect. My understanding is that this was Oates first YA piece and somewhat shorter than her other novels (ie shorter investment), and thus a good place to start.I liked this, however, I struggled between giving this 3 or 4 stars. This is definitely not something I would recommend for the under 14 age group due to content, that starts with a "date rape" scene, w [...]

    20. All around good book.In the beginning Franky fought off a rapist finding her inner self (Freaky Green Eyes). She went through a lot of problems going on in her family and thought her mom gave up on their family. She visited her mom one time that helped her figure out a big secret. I like how strong Franky was in the book. I was fascinated that in the beginning Franky was able to fight off a big dude that was trying to rape her. "Cameron's weight is on me but I'm able to slide out from beneath hi [...]

    21. Solid but unremarkable. Oates creates a believable first-person protagonist, but she tries (and fails) to create some sort of tension behind the character's sensible side and the burgeoning rebellious side that lurks beneath her placid, good-girl surface. It's a half-hearted push and pull that seems like an even bigger failure since it's this supposed tension that gives the book its title. Anyway. It doesn't actually pick up until the second half when it leaves the teen angst behind and turns in [...]

    22. This came across my desk and I have enjoyed Joyce Carol Oates in the past so I read it. Right away there is an almost rape scene with a party where everyone is drinking. This would make me uncomfortable to have 6th and 7th graders read it so I would not recommend it to them. Only a very mature 8th grader. There is some language and some domestic violence. I liked the way the story was told and it had some interesting narrations through email, journal, and court testimony. I also liked how realis [...]

    23. Once I had time to really get into this book. I couldn't put it down. I finished around 3 am. I tried to get some sleep but couldn't . I had to find out how Franky/Freaky was going to handle the situations surrounding her family. Was the truth being told to her? Did her mother really abandoned the family? Freaky knew! Was Franky going to open her eyes to reality and listen to Freaky? This book was suspenseful, full of heartache, and you felt such relief when justice was received! A good read! I [...]

    24. This is a riveting and fast-moving book with a strong narrative voice. I really liked the "Freaky Green Eyes" device which is framed as a kind of alter ego at the beginning but we eventually see is perhaps the narrator's true self. This novel also does an exceptional job of showing the gas-lighting and manipulation common in domestic abuse situations.

    25. pretty good, slow in the begining but then got better and even though i guessed the ending, it still had me wondering, not bad for summer reading

    26. Read in an evening, though not as earth shattering as I remember from when I first read it in middle school, still a solid book.

    27. When life for Franky gets tough, the part of her personality known as Freaky takes over in this excellently paced story of a dysfunctional family with many secrets to hide.

    28. Monstruo de ojos verdes:Es una novela juvenil en la cual Franky (Francesca) una niña de 14 años se da cuenta de que dentro de ella hay una personalidad agresiva y que explota cuando ella esta en riesgo o enfadada y se da cuenta de ello cuando el año pasado en Julio al ir una fiesta aprovechando que esta sola y ahí conoce a un chico que intenta aprovecharse de ella sexualmente y ella al darse cuenta de lo que estaba pasando reacciono agresiva y el chico le dijo que parecía un ``monstruo de o [...]

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