Mech 1: The Parent

Mech 1: The Parent

B.V. Larson / Jan 21, 2020

Mech The Parent Bio tech aliens battle Mechs built by humans After centuries in stasis a lost task force returns home Arriving from the infinite void the surviving ships discover that the Imperium lies in ruin The H

  • Title: Mech 1: The Parent
  • Author: B.V. Larson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bio tech aliens battle Mechs built by humans After centuries in stasis, a lost task force returns home Arriving from the infinite void the surviving ships discover that the Imperium lies in ruin The Homeworld itself is destroyed, and nothing lives in the Ancestral System except an infestation of unknown bipedal beings creatures soft, red of blood and warm of fleshWhBio tech aliens battle Mechs built by humans After centuries in stasis, a lost task force returns home Arriving from the infinite void the surviving ships discover that the Imperium lies in ruin The Homeworld itself is destroyed, and nothing lives in the Ancestral System except an infestation of unknown bipedal beings creatures soft, red of blood and warm of fleshWhen you colonize a planet, make sure the owners aren t coming backMECH is the story of a new Earth colony built upon the ancient Homeworld of a civilization presumed incorrectly to be long dead MECH is a full novel, 90,000 words in length Author s Disclaimer Mech is a strange book even by my standards It s extremely popular, and everyone either loves it or hates it Mech is a fast, fun read with a weird sense of humor Think of it as a dark comedy, like a zombie movie The story is meant to entertain, and nothing else Read the sample BVL

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    1. Failed the suspended reality test. Sure in all the multi-verse everything that can happen must but Zerg aliens that can tap right into "fluid-optic" networks upends reality. One its light, two is multi frequency, three its terabits of data, forth its bits baby, and five fluid? really? We use glass for a reason -refraction, reflection, absorption, pumping and doping. So maybe that complaint is because of my background :)

    2. So, I was perusing Barnes & Noble's sci-fi eBook selection and I ran across a book called Mech. It was, like, three or four bucks. The description was very first-person, in that it was obviously the author describing the book. That made me suspect that it was self-published. But it sounded interesting and was only a few bucks. So I bit.(And, indeed, looking up the book just now, I see that it is an eBook-only self-published book. And it's $2.99.)And I'm glad I grabbed it. It's a blast. The a [...]

    3. I cannot recommend this book.In this novel, the story and its telling are competent, and adequately follow the basic structures necessary to hold a book together, so at least on this level, "The Parent" is readable. I was able to finish the book without issue -- it is, if nothing else, a quick read.However, the worldbuilding is inconsistent and the reader never gets a grasp on what the situation of the characters. By this I mean, the levels of technology change frequently (why have thoroughly mo [...]

    4. As much as it pains me to say so, this is the lowest ever score I have given to BV Larson. Until this book, I don't think I have given anything other than 5 stars to over 12 previous books from this author. I just found the story small in scope, very slow action, meandering dull story lines and poorly thought out tech. For me, after giving 5 stars to his Star Force and Undying Mercenaries series, it was a shock to be so underwhelmed by this one. I will pretend this series does not exist and will [...]

    5. I really tried to like this book, but had to quit at the 25% mark as things just didn’t flow and it was, well, weird. The scenes really didn’t connect and the pace was slow. This one had a lot of potential based on the description, but as was my experience with another Larson book the writing just wasn’t very good and this one needs a good editor. I would give this one a wide pass.

    6. A book you can pick up or put down.The plot was the good guys verses the bad guys with the invading aliens tossed in. Entertaining only when you have nothing else to do. Only a few surprises - just enough to make you pick the book up again.

    7. StrugglingReally don't know about this series yet, as much as I love Larson's other books this one is not up to par but will stick with the series

    8. I have read a lot of B. V. Larson books. They all have been really good military science fiction books. This one is, well, strange. It does have a lot of fighting and the fighting is done by aliens versus humans, but the story is all confusing! It took me a long time to get into the story because I had no idea what it was about from the very beginning. I thought a book titled, “Mech 1”, would be about some kind of mechanical soldiers, cyborgs or something like that against some bad aliens. W [...]

    9. Exactly What I was Looking For!I have never read or heard of this author before but have been watching the reviews for this series for some time. The reviews (good and bad) and the synopsis drew me in, so I decided to give it a chance and I am so glad I downloaded it. This book was exactly what I was looking for, a series full of fascinating intrigue and high adventure. After reading the first chapter, I went and purchased the rest of the series. This book was very entertaining and a fast read. [...]

    10. Um after finally squaring off against this e-book I'm kinda confused, and still trying to figure out what's going on. I have to say that the book, has a lot of dialogue, and descriptions, but I honestly couldn't hold my attention for very long. Maybe because it's on my computer ( Kindle for PC), but it seems to jump around, and not really offer anything. The title "mech", I believe refers to the bio-robots that are loyal only to Droad. Oh by the way, there's an alien invasion that's going on. An [...]

    11. I’m not sure what to write on this one. There are a lot of words that come into my mind like unintelligent, messy, nonsense, unbelievable etc. but I find it difficult to put some words around them after having read this book.The book is quite violent. That in itself is nothing that I have something against but there has to be a purpose to the violence. Here it appears the book is written just as a frame to the violence. It’s like the book was written by a very young writer that just had a se [...]

    12. I was pleasantly surprised with this freebie from the Kindle marketplace. Well written, nice sci-fi invasion plot, political sub-plots, characters who act the hero (or villian) for plausible reasons. Sure, it had a few weaknesses too. The she-dragon-Chinese-empress as main (human) villian was a bit overdone - bordering on a racist depiction. Must all powerful Chinese women be a screaming banshees? And the title character (Mech), perhaps the most interesting to me (Are they human? Once human?) di [...]

    13. This is truly worrying.Imagine, a pregnant termite Queen filled with fertilized eggs.Now imagine that Queen, the size of a very tall obese human or larger.Now imagine this termite Queen, merged with something from a Japanese tentacle Doujin, and it has four butts and (view spoiler)[birthing chambers. (hide spoiler)]Now imagine that one Queen, birthing specialists from different areas of the Military: Army, Marines, Navy, Air force, Black-Ops and undercover surveillance.Imagine this Queen being a [...]

    14. Not bad for a book that I gather was never published in anything but electronic form and most likely published by the writer him or herself. It lacks a little in character development, but the ideas behind the technology and the genetic enhancements of humankind are enough to break even on points. I will agree with one of the people online who read it who said that the writer could be a bit more descriptive at times but all in all a book worth the read for sci fi enthusiasts.

    15. It was an entertaining light read. Typical Sci-Fi Space Opera with enhanced humans utilized for combat. They didn't have a big part in this book, but I am sure their role will grow in future books.An alien race invades a planet full of humans, etc, etc.Like I said, entertaining read, but it won't win a Nebula Award.I don't know if I will continue reading the rest of the series. Too many other (better) books to read.

    16. This was a decent science fiction series. The setting is not really any different from any other science fiction - mankind out in the stars, faced by an organic threat that can morph itself into a variety of different types that provide for different functions - strategist, close combat specialist etc. None of the books really stood out for me, but if you are looking for adequate science fiction, this is a series that will deliver some mindless entertainment.

    17. Mech, Book 1 of the Imperium Series, is a surprisely fast (especially on the Kindle) and enjoyable sci-fi war novel with villains, giants, half human thingees, and aliens galore! The premise of the story is the return of an alien race to their home planet after many millennia. The planet, of course, is now home to bickering humans who try to eliminate each other and have no idea of their impending doom! I really enjoyed the aliens created by B.V. Larson!

    18. No tedious backstory, no lengthy discourses on quantum mechanics - Larson launches you straight into his universe and lays it on thick and fast. The pacing is great, and the story is captivating and is sure to please all sci-fi / space warfare / aliens type buffs (think of a cross between starcraft, aliens, warhammer 40k). My only gripe is that it is over quickly and leaves you wanting for more! There is so much potential to expand upon - I hope Larson follows up with a sequel.

    19. Clear military novel.Not much is left to wonder about the contacts with another species, nor about the existing universe. The novel jumps in and into the action, without that context that might make it something different.Enjoyed, but not that much. Not sure if I'll jump and try to follow the series. The first book didn't impress me that much.

    20. Great aliens. They are intelligent but devoid of human characteristics. It's a frightening and engaging read. The "Mech" title is deceiving. I'm assuming this refers to the supporting cast. Strange title and a lot of characters.

    21. A surprisingly good story but I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't really much about the mechs. The story of the Skald was more prominent though I imagine it wouldn't sell as many copies if that was the title.

    22. I did enjoy this book even though I gave it 3 stars. It was a bit slow to get started and seemed to push myself through the first 1/3 of it. After that it picks up a bit and was more enjoyable to read but isn't groundbreaking in any way. It was quite inexpensive online and worth checking out.

    23. A full-on multi-threaded wild ride with a multitude of vicious aliens invading a planet of a recently arrived governor. This is a hard to put down romp with plenty of twists and turns to keep any SF fan amused.

    24. Much more gory than the preview would suggest. It's a quick read with lots of plots leading to an eventful climax that is entertaining and satisfying. A definite read.

    25. Well written and traditional style sci, with space smugglers, kind of believable aliens and a walloping good fight haha

    26. This first book in the series is a little weak. Plot seemed a little cliche, but gave it 4 stars because the second book is much better and deserves a read.

    27. I really enjoyed the series. It was a bit predictable at times, however it still held my attention with the way it wove the story.

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