The Tooth

The Tooth

Avi Slodovnick Manon Gauthier / Feb 24, 2020

The Tooth An ordinary visit to the dentist turns into something extraordinary when Marissa and her mom walk through the tall gray buildings downtown and encounter someone special

  • Title: The Tooth
  • Author: Avi Slodovnick Manon Gauthier
  • ISBN: 9781935279723
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ordinary visit to the dentist turns into something extraordinary when Marissa and her mom walk through the tall gray buildings downtown and encounter someone special.

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    1. The tooth is a moving book. It captivated me right away. The little girls learns about a lot on her trip to the dentist. She meets a homeless man on her way and is so curious about him. After the dentist trip, she decides to give the tooth to the man so that he will get money the next morning. This little girl obviously was too young to make sense of this all, but the beauty in this story is that she did all she could do in her situation. She did not have money herself, but she gave all she had [...]

    2. So I picked this book up because it's well designed and has lovely (if haunting) illustrations. Opening it I think it's a story about going to the dentist. It's not. There are clues on the first page that there is darkness afoot and things are not what they seem, but I was in no way prepared for the stomach punch that hit on the last page. Without giving anything away I think this is a horrible book and totally inappropriate to read to most of the picture-book set. A second grader and up? Perhap [...]

    3. "The Tooth" is a thought-provoking story about a little girl who encounters a homeless man on her way to the dentist. One her way back home, she pulls free from her mother and drops her extracted tooth into the donation box in front of the man. She instructs him to place it under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come. The ending provides a perfect opportunity for discussion, and the story demonstrates empathy.The little girl is sweet and caring and every child can relate to the sacrifice of g [...]

    4. Marisa has to go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. Along the way she notices a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. She thinks about him, while she's waiting for the dentist. When she gets her tooth, instead of taking it home, she gives it to the homeless man so that the tooth fairy would visit him that night and give him some money. She realizes that all he needs now is a pillow.

    5. A great easy read! It has such a great meaning. It sounds like it is going to be just about her tooth and the dentist when it is more than that!

    6. This story is about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa loves candy so much that she had a toothache. On her way to the dentist with her mother through the busy city, she notices a man sitting on the side of the street with a shoebox in front of him. A few people here and there stop by and drop coins into his box, but most people just walk by without even noticing him. During her dentist appointment Marissa has to get a tooth pulled because she had a cavity, and her dentist reminds her to put th [...]

    7. First published in Canada, this book speaks to the issues of plenty and need. Marissa has to go to the dentist because her tooth hurts from eating too much candy. On the way through the city streets, she notices a man sitting on a grate on the sidewalk to keep warm. Once inside the waiting room, Marissa heads to the window and watches the people passing the man. Some leave coins but most completely ignore him. When Marissa goes in to the dentist, her tooth has to be removed. So she gets it to ta [...]

    8. This story begins with the main character, a young girl named Marisa waking up with a terrible toothache. The young girl's mother takes her to the dentist's office rather than school that day. On the way to the dentist's office from the car Marisa saw a man on the sidewalk, sitting with a box filled with change. Her mother pulled her away and held her hand tightly suggesting to stay close to her mother and away from the man. Throughout the entire visit, the man is all she could think about. Duri [...]

    9. This book is about a little girl named Marissa wakes up with a toothache. Too much candy has created a consequence. She is hurrying through the busy city to get to the dentist, when she sees something unusual. It is a man seated with a shoe box lying in front of him with money inside. In the waiting room she sees him through the window how some walk past him, leave a few coins, or walk over him. Marissa gets her tooth taken out and her mother reminds her to put her tooth under her pillow. Mariss [...]

    10. This book is about a little girl who had a sore tooth. She had to skip school that day to go to the dentist. On her way there she saw a man sitting on the sidewalk with a shoe box with some coins in it. Most people walked pass him while some dropped a coin or two inside. She went to the dentist and found out that she needed to pull out a tooth that had a bad cavity inside. Her mom reminded her that she could put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. As they left the dentist, she couldn't help [...]

    11. This book begins with a young girl's visit to the dentist with her mother. Yet, it displays the power of kindness and compassion from this child to a homeless man who she see's sitting on the street with a box in front of him.On first noticing this man, she is instantly curious about him. On the way home from the dentist, she slips the tooth she got removed into the poor man's tin. She tells him "Put this under your pillow tonight and you will have money in the morning". This takes the old man b [...]

    12. 3.5Marissa ate too much candy and visits the dentist instead of going to school. Marissa is intrigued by a homeless man on the way to the dentist. The dentist pulls her tooth out and gives it to her in an envelope, warning her to brush twice a day. As Marissa and her mother walk back through the city, Marissa drops off the tooth envelope intothe homeless man's shoe box. She says, "Put it under your pillow tonight and there will be money there tomorrow." The man smiles and the text says, "Now all [...]

    13. This is such a powerful book. The author does an amazing job setting up the scene and bringing the reader into the book. The little girl in the story shows an unbelievable amount of generosity and compassion in this story for the homeless man. This is a MUST READ BOOK to students. It is important for students to be aware of those factors in the world such as homelessness and poverty. They are a sad but real fact about the world we live in. This book truly will leave your students in deep thought [...]

    14. This was such a sweet story about a little girl encountering a homeless man for the first time. She goes to the dentist and gets a tooth taken out, then gives her tooth to the man in hopes that the tooth fairy will give him money. It's a great story to show children how important it is to have compassion for others, especially since you might not always know exactly what the other person might be feeling or going through.

    15. Marissa is on the way to the dentist office when she sees a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk by himself with a shoe box full of money in front of him. At the dentist, Marissa has to have a tooth pulled out that has a cavity in it. Marissa gives the homeless man the pulled tooth for him to put it under his pillow. This is a very sweet book that I might use to teach my students the importance of kindness.

    16. This is perhaps the first picture book I've encountered that takes a serious and sobering view of homelessness. This book will likely spark some interesting discussion about the problem of homelessness, and may inspire kids to donate items to homeless shelters and charities in their own neighborhoods.

    17. I loved this book. It started out as a simple story about going to the dentist, and I was afraid it would be the usual moral about not biting the dentist and how the dentist is really quite nice. But it wasn't. It was a girl who saw injustice when she saw a homeless man in the street and donated a tooth to him so the tooth fairy would bring him the money since he needed it.

    18. A realistic portrayal of a child's natural curiousity about someone begging in the street. Important to introduce theses topics to children and invite discussion. This book paves the way. Gorgeous illustrations.

    19. so sad but so sweet. the real world can be harsh, and it is important to understand that not everyone has the same privileges or benefits. CompassionSharingCaringCommunityDiversity and Inclusion

    20. Loved hearing this shared from storyline online. The story was a beautiful one highlighting the selflessness of children and the power of giving. Sometimes a tooth can change the way we think about the world.

    21. It's a warm and pondering book. It's like after you finish the book you have an impact you think about what you read. It's nice!

    22. This is such a great book when teaching your students about compasion, about how we as humans need to treat other humans.

    23. Simple story about a girl who tries to help a homeless man. This would be great to read at Girl Scouts Daisy or Brownie level. Ended rather abruptly.

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