A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

Poul Anderson / Feb 25, 2020

A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows this is an alternate cover edition ISBN

  • Title: A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
  • Author: Poul Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 10 0451150570

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        Pseudonym A A Craig, Michael Karageorge, Winston P Sanders, P A Kingsley.Poul William Anderson was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century Anderson also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories He received numerous awards for his writing, including seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards.Anderson received a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota in 1948 He married Karen Kruse in 1953 They had one daughter, Astrid, who is married to science fiction author Greg Bear Anderson was the sixth President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, taking office in 1972 He was a member of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers Guild of America, a loose knit group of Heroic Fantasy authors founded in the 1960s, some of whose works were anthologized in Lin Carter s Flashing Swords anthologies He was a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism Robert A Heinlein dedicated his 1985 novel The Cat Who Walks Through Walls to Anderson and eight of the other members of the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy 2 3 Poul Anderson died of cancer on July 31, 2001, after a month in the hospital Several of his novels were published posthumously.Series Time Patrol Psychotechnic League Trygve Yamamura Harvest of Stars King of Ys Last Viking Hoka Future history of the Polesotechnic League Flandry


    1. I didn't realize this was part of a series. Maybe it'd make a difference if I already like the main character and the world. At any rate, I had a hard time keeping track of the alien planets, the alien governments on those planets, and which alien races lived on which plant and was trying to stir up political discord where. The writing style is a bit flowery or high fantasy or something for my taste. It's a short enough book, but I had to power through the last hundred pages to get to s sort of [...]

    2. Solid Poul Anderson space opera that combines political intrigue with romance, as was his specialty. It's dark, of course, but not nihilistic. Great head fakes—the primary antagonist, barely seen in the actual events—is a telepath (and the eponymous knight, perhaps) so we know he's controlling things behind the scene, but not how much. There are so many ways for a story like this to go wrong, but it mostly works, because Anderson doesn't go for the cheap twist. The word usage is noteworthy, [...]

    3. A rare misstep in an otherwise solid series. The opening and closing pages are affecting, but every scene in between consists of exposition on exposition. Anderson describes alien scenery in exhausting detail, then has his characters explain the political situation in oblique characterless phrases, and then the scene ends. Scenes stack on scenes and the effect is stupefying. Character also takes a knock on the head. Two characters have a romance doubly implausible - the characters are unappealin [...]

    4. The culmination of Dominic Flandry's story. Let's begin with honesty. I know the limitations and strengths of this genre, and still found this book wonderful. Dominic Flandry was born in pulp magazine short stories, but he turns into as complex a character as Monte Christo (another pivotal hero born in short stories). This is the first Flandry story that I found superb in all regards. Poul Anderson finally moves beyond short story brevity to approach his characters and themes in firm detail. I f [...]

    5. Dominic Flandry rocks.Part of the Imperial Terra series, which takes place after the Polysotechnic League, Dominic Flandry is an agent of Naval Intelligence during the last days of the Empire. While the rest of humanity enjoy their prosperity, ignoring the catastrophe to come, Flandry schemes and fights across space to hold the dike in place again the coming of the younger, more vital cultures.

    6. Awesome space opera. Espionage agents clash in a Cold War on a galactic scale. Poul Anderson's writing is superlative.

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