Natsume's Book of Friends, Vol. 6

Natsume's Book of Friends, Vol. 6

Yuki Midorikawa / Dec 09, 2019

Natsume s Book of Friends Vol Takashi rescues a young boy named Kai from an abandoned house where he had been locked in a box But this isn t just a case of bullying gone too far Kai has been complaining about being chased by ghos

  • Title: Natsume's Book of Friends, Vol. 6
  • Author: Yuki Midorikawa
  • ISBN: 9781421532486
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Takashi rescues a young boy named Kai from an abandoned house, where he had been locked in a box But this isn t just a case of bullying gone too far Kai has been complaining about being chased by ghosts Does he see yokai too, or is there something darker going on

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      357 Yuki Midorikawa
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        Yuki Midorikawa , Midorikawa Yuki is a Japanese mangaka manga artist Midorikawa is best known for drawing the manga series Natsume Yujin cho Natsume s Book of Friends Yuki Midorikawa started writing manga when she was an elementary school girl When she was a junior high school student, she sent her manga for the first time to Hana to Yume , a semi monthly Japanese sh jo manga magazine published by Hakusensha Since then, she had kept drawing manga to become a mangaka.


    1. One long and several short stories structured around the theme of loneliness. In the series' first three-episode arc, Natsume encounters his most powerful yokai yet. Appearing again are Taki, the girl who can't see yokai herself but knows about them, and Mr Natori the actor/exorcist. Two of the shorter stories also have returning characters -- the bullied orphan fox spirit (so sweet! I wish he would get a better deal) and Reiko herself. For some reason the collection ends with a completely unrel [...]

    2. きゃ!チビ狐だ!この子は一番好きなキャラ。超可愛い!もっともっと見せてください緑川先生!今回の話はアマスパ、小さな神の話が泣かせた。それ以上あまり覚えない。この巻を読んでいる間に手術したからあまり集中できなかった。今はリハビリ中のであまり集中できない。ましょうがない。

    3. The series shifts to something less episodic and more arc-based. I'm neutral to positive on this; I like the series' steady emotional continuity and subtle change, and am happy we're apparently going to see more of it, but I also enjoyed the miniature grace of the individual episodes. It's a big plus not to have to reread the origin story of the Book of Friends in every single chapter, though.So, we have a three-chapter arc about Natsume's encounter with a young boy who sees spirits and a confli [...]

    4. The story is just getting better and better. I also really liked the short story at the end. I wonder who those two are. Maybe they could be his parents. Maybe we find out in the next volume

    5. Erneut gute Kurzgeschichten, die immer deutlicher machen, das Natsume zwischen den Menschen und den Yokai steht, sodass er sowohl Vermittler als auch das problem sein kann.

    6. The chapters in this one are largely more episodes, but we do see more of Natori and Taki. Natsume is forced to decide whether to protect humans or youkai. He is also subjected to youkai who trick humans because of loneliness and a desire to be a part of the world into which he himself is trying to enter.The manga includes some violence including evidence of bullying, fights between youkai, Natsume and Nyanko-sensei, but the worst results seem to be cuts, bruises and talk about eating people (ve [...]

    7. The entire Kai arc broke my heart. I am fucking serious. I, like our characters are fooled by Kai disguising himself as a human. And then Natsume has to make a choice between Kai or Natori and throughout the entire read, I keep thinking to myself "Why can't there be a compromise?". Fox child is super adorable and I like how he is drawn when he is running. :)I am still laughing at how Hinoe met Reiko. Nyanko sensei is right. What did Hinoe see in Natsume's grandma? The events itself is not that e [...]

    8. I really liked the three part story about Natsume's dilemma of standing beside his human AND yokai friends and I loved seeing the little fox again, but I didn't like that we did not get a resolution of the situation between Natsume and Kai.The short story with Reika was fun but a bit of a tease (if I can read about her, give me more of her story, please), and for a teacher-and-student love story, that bonus story is quite powerful - and quite squicky from my perspective as a teacher (probably be [...]

    9. I'm torn on this volume. On the one hand, I think this is the first time when the conflict between his yokai friends and his human friends has been thrown into sharp relief. People have said he'd have to decide, but in this issue, we finally see it being a major point. More Taki and Natori is welcome as always. :)

    10. Last volume introduced the first multi-part Natsume story; in this one, the whole main part of the book follows one story line! I like serialized stories.This volume also has a short story, "The Corner of the Schoolhouse." Bit awkward. High school girl with crush on teacher. Not my cup of tea.

    11. There was a really touching short story at the end about a girl and her love for her teacher. In real life I might find it a touch creepy but when I read it in a manga I just "aww." Kai was rather sweet and I truly hope we get to see more of him in the future.

    12. I really liked the longer story about Natsume, Natori and Kai, and I would love to have more stories about the litle fox because he is seriously adorable. The short story about the girl and the reacher wasn't bad, but it also didn't really do anything for me.

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