In a Dark Place

In a Dark Place

Ray Garton / Jan 20, 2020

In a Dark Place An intriguing account of the Snedekers encounter with the world of the supernatural describes the family s move into a converted Connecticut funeral home and their battle with sinister inexplicable p

  • Title: In a Dark Place
  • Author: Ray Garton
  • ISBN: 9780394589022
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An intriguing account of the Snedekers encounter with the world of the supernatural describes the family s move into a converted Connecticut funeral home and their battle with sinister, inexplicable phenomena 25,000 first printing Tour.

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    1. I'm giving this book five stars because the author, Ray Garton, is a skillful horror writer, and he does a good job telling a very scary story. The book is atmospheric, to say the least: an innocent family moves into a new house that was once a funeral home. Predictably, things don't go well. And that's my problem with stories like these, of which I've read hundreds: no one ever seems to suspect that something supernatural is occurring until far too late. Seriously: I'd hear a menacing, disembod [...]

    2. After it was revealed from the author that the story was false and the entire events documented a hoax, this novel ended up being a rare find for anyone interested in reading it. I finally was able to get my hands on it through a library loan, and while the story itself is frightening, it is just another documentation revealing one of the many versions of the events the family claims have happened to them.Each time the story is told, mainly by the mother, it changes. Not a single movie, document [...]

    3. I read this book TODAY. Picked it up to skim the first chapter, then found myself unable to put it down. My mom recommended this book to me and loaned me her first-edition copy, so I just want to sayanks, Mom!The Snedekers live in New York until their oldest son, Stephen, is diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. When the commute back and forth between NY and CT becomes too much and too costly, the family moves to Connecticut, closer to Stephen's doctors. That's when it begins.It turns out, their new [...]

    4. This was awesome and super creepy. I am obessed with Ed and Lorraine Warren and all the supernatural cases they have been a part of. Ever since I saw the Conjuring and watched a few episodes of Haunted Collector, I have been on a mission to learn as much about the Warrens as possible. I cannot wait to read their other books :)

    5. I have read this book several years ago at the library. I liked it so much that I purchased it - that was when it was cheap. Then they featured it on the DSC & A&E channels. has the hardback starting at $70 & paperback starting at $83.83. It makes for good FICTIONAL reading. I recommended it to my friend & it didn't scare her at all. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!Go to this link & read what the author, Ray Garton, has to say about the book he wrote:horrorbound/readarticl [...]

    6. Too graphic and scary for me and I really didn't like how it seems the evil can just run all over the righteous Word of the Lord and there was a particularly terrible scene where Jesus is shown to be grotesque and well I don't even want to say the rest. I mean also a man gets anally raped by an unseen entity that turns out to look like some kind of reptilian in the end! What the?? If these people made this crap up, especially the parts about Jesus, I'm really very angry. If not, then I am asking [...]

    7. I am a HUGE fan of the SyFy show "The Haunted Collector", so I had to read this novel written by his aunt and uncle, about a true haunting in a Connecticut funeral parlor turned into a Colonial home. Creepy. I cannot say that enough. I could not stop reading this book which details the experiences of the Snedeker family, who moves into a downstairs apartment (and basement) of an old funeral home. Upon entering the house, teenage son Stephen says that the house is evil, but nobody listens to him. [...]

    8. I didn't give this a five star rating for the accuracy, but for the way it held my attention. This is the sort of ghost story that I love reading. There are not many ghost stories like this one!The accuracy was off on a few things while other things I know about this story were simply missing. I do know that the people involved in this haunting were not at all happy about the way this book was written. They feel it sensationalized their story, and made them look like liars the way the author twi [...]

    9. Most of the book reads like an overdramatic horror story. I don't mean to disrespect the victims of this horrible story--if it is indeed true--I just wish the writing were more haunting. The ending is very abrupt, and they never followed up with poor Stephen. Did they just leave him in the institution?? It was like "OK exorcism done bye." just like this review.

    10. I'm starting this book today. I know Ray and he told me that he was to make it as scary as possible. So yeah, it's not true but I heard its really scary! I'll let you know how it turns out!

    11. I read the previous books in this series, and for me, In a Dark Place is the most disturbing by far. By all accounts, the Snedeker family did nothing purposeful to invite the evil that came into their lives and almost destroyed them. It was there lurking in that funeral home long before they showed up, waiting for a chance to assault the living.In past books, Ed Warren talked about the three stages of demonic activity: infestation, oppression, and possession. Or did that come from ‘The Conjuri [...]

    12. Really? I mean, really?!? (view spoiler)[Here's a summary:~A family moves into a house~Parents punish their son repeatedly for acknowledging something they know is real~In a family with at least 3 sisters, the one in the haunted house keeps her own kids at home and takes in two nieces. One of whom later moves in with the other aunt, which means it would have been an option.~Teenage boy molests his cousin. He gets locked up but her parents don't bring the girl home and her sister continues to sta [...]

    13. Interesting This is so not my regular genre, but a friend recommended the book, so I thought I’d give it a goWhile I found it interesting, what I also find interesting is only religious people seem to bothered by “demons” or possessions just my thoughtsAlthough the book certainly kept me interested, I really wish we could’ve found out more about how poor Stephen ended up his family treated him terribly, and I want to know if his personality changed at all once he left the house. would lo [...]

    14. It felt like it was moving at a good, perfectly slow pace for all of the book and then the ending came too swiftly. We learn the day by day issues the family has in the home and then the Warrens, who are not the main focus of the book, fix the problem in a really short amount of time that's more glanced over than explained in the same detail as the rest of the book. It was unsatisfying.

    15. A narrativa do livro tem momentos tão incríveis que até medrosos (como eu) têm certeza de que estão lendo uma história fictícia e não algo tirado (supostamente) dos registros pessoais da dupla de investigadores paranormais e relatado com harmonia entre os fatos. Nisso o filme, que é bem mais incrementado, consegue ser mais eficaz.

    16. Le doy 3.5/5Fue interesante leer el libro pero por partes era aburrido te quedas pensando que le paso a stephen despues de que todo pasoPara mi le falto mas supuestamente es basado en una historia real de los Warren

    17. Graphic and entertaining. Solid 3 stars. Parts of it seem pretty farfetched. I was reading another a review and the person said the author claimed it was a hoax alas, I'm too lazy to actually research that claim but I'd definitely believe it. Nonetheless, it was still fun to read!

    18. Sabe aquele livro que você começa e nunca mais quer parar? É esse! Tive momentos de tensão mesmo, que tive que parar pra refletir e respirar o livro é MARAVILHOSO. Mas que medo que eu tive de uns capítulos.

    19. Better then the movieThis is another Scarry Rollo coaster ride strait through hell wonderfully written , you keep turning the pages because you can't wait to see what comes next this actually gave me nightmares

    20. This was far more detailed than the movie based on it, A Haunting in Connecticut. Many of the details were terrifying and hard to read. This is not light-hearted reading.

    21. Sleeping with the lights onWhether the story is true or not it definitely creeped me out enough to sleep with the lights on when I started hearing noises in the night!

    22. Not as scary as expectedDefinitely a good read, though the typos drove me crazy. Would recommend to anyone that likes the other books in this series

    23. It's defintly scary, solely for the fact it's supposed to be real events. Maybe next Hallween I will start another book by The Warrens, but now I really need a break :(

    24. I liked this book better than "Satan's Harvest." It actually creeped me out because it dealt with a demonic entity in a house.

    25. Real spooky stuff, and graphic at times. The story takes a bit of a turn near the end when the main character is removed from the story but other than than, a good read.

    26. Based off of the story of the Snedeker haunting case. Tales of the supernatural are over the top to many people and especially to the kinds of people that have no propensity to believe in that sort of thing. The narrative doesn't flow consistently because the author was confused by all testimonies from each family member during interview. Claiming that the mother was the ring-leader in all of the madness. To top everything off, The author had never been inside of the house (which could account f [...]

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