Her Daughter's Dream

Her Daughter's Dream

Francine Rivers / Nov 18, 2019

Her Daughter s Dream In the dramatic conclusion to the New York Times best seller Her Mother s Hope Francine Rivers delivers a rich and deeply moving story about the silent sorrows that can tear a family apart and the gr

  • Title: Her Daughter's Dream
  • Author: Francine Rivers
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  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the dramatic conclusion to the New York Times best seller Her Mother s Hope, Francine Rivers delivers a rich and deeply moving story about the silent sorrows that can tear a family apart and the grace and forgiveness that can heal even the deepest wounds.Growing up isn t easy for little Carolyn Arundel With her mother, Hildemara, quarantined to her room with tuberculosIn the dramatic conclusion to the New York Times best seller Her Mother s Hope, Francine Rivers delivers a rich and deeply moving story about the silent sorrows that can tear a family apart and the grace and forgiveness that can heal even the deepest wounds.Growing up isn t easy for little Carolyn Arundel With her mother, Hildemara, quarantined to her room with tuberculosis, Carolyn forms a special bond with her oma Marta, who moves in to care for the household But as tensions between Hildie and Marta escalate, Carolyn believes she is to blame When Hildie returns to work and Marta leaves, Carolyn and her brother grow up as latchkey kids in a world gripped by the fear of the Cold War.College offers Carolyn the chance to find herself, but a family tragedy shatters her newfound independence Rather than return home, she cuts all ties and disappears into the heady counterculture of San Francisco When she reemerges two years later, lost than ever, she reluctantly turns to her family to help rebuild a life for her and her own daughter, May Flower Dawn Just like Carolyn, May Flower Dawn develops a closer bond with her grandmother, Hildie, than with her mother, causing yet another rift between generations But as Dawn struggles to avoid the mistakes of those who went before her, she vows that somehow she will be a bridge between the women in her family rather than the wall that separates them forever Spanning from the 1950s to present day, Her Daughter s Dream is the emotional final chapter of an unforgettable family saga about the sacrifices every mother makes for her daughter and the very nature of unconditional love.

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    1. I have one word that sums up my overall feelings about this book. It was WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed the first book, but loved this one even more! I was so inspired as I read about how the Lord pulled each of these ladies through the hard times and I cried more than once while reading this book. Not because it was sad (though I was) but because I really cared about the characters. And honestly, even the sad feelings were a healing, rejoicing kind of sad because of the beauty that God brought for [...]

    2. This book picks up where HER MOTHER'S HOPE left off, and continues the family saga into present times. I won't try to relate the plot, but since the chronology of this book was similar to my own life, I could identify with the characters who were impacted by the Vietnam War and the social revolution that took place around that time in history.I will repeat the following from my review of HER MOTHER'S HOPE because it applies to both books:The story has many parallels with the author's own family, [...]

    3. Ever so rarely, a book comes along that makes you rethink your own life. Francine River’s new book Her Daughter’s Dream is just such a book. But not only does it challenge your own experiences, it helps you see the lives and relationships of those around you in a new light. Mother-daughter relationships seem to be naturally fraught with possible misunderstandings and hurts… this book actually lends hope that not only are things not always as they seem, but that there is hope for bridges bu [...]

    4. This second book following 'Her mother's hope' continues to trace the relationship between mothers and daughters over the generations. I found the book very interesting when I pondered about the friction and hidden messages and nuances that passed between mom, daughter and grand-daughter. Marta's daughter HildieHildie's daughter Caroline.Caroline's daughter May Flower Dawn. The book dwells on how each of these women behaved with her daughter in the best way she thought to do trying not to repeat [...]

    5. I love all of Francine Rivers books and I love them because of the theme that runs through each one of them: God redeems. He takes broken people from broken places and heals them. He makes all things new. This book (and the one preceding it) was a little different kind of book for Francine. This book grew out of her desire to understand the relationships between the women in her own life. She did a good job of accurately portraying the complexity inherent in human relationships and in particular [...]

    6. I liked Her Mother's Hope so much more than this sad story. Dawn develops a closer bond with her grandmother, Hildemara, than with her mother, just as Carolyn did with her Oma, Marta, causing more rifts between generations of mothers and daughters. Frustrating story with the characters not seeing they were repeating the same mistakes over and over.

    7. Her Daughter's Dream is the sequel to Her Mother's Hope and concludes this five generational story. Beginning where the first book left off, the reader joins Hildemara as she is struck by tuberculosis and forced to ask Marta to help with her children. She fights her warring feelings for her mother, thankful for her help but jealous of Marta's closeness to her children. I had thought that Marta was a hard-hearted mother and expected Hildemara to be different. After all, she was a nurse and loved [...]

    8. I enjoyed this, although not as much as Her Mother's Hope. At times I just felt too annoyed and frustrated by all the conflict that could just be so simply resolved if these women just opened up and said what they were feeling instead of bottling it all up and letting it fester! The women in my family are very much the sort to tell each other immediately and bluntly if they have a problem with something, so I couldn't relate to all the secrecy and repression and found it exasperating, even thoug [...]

    9. Beautifully written and an intriguing storyline that kept me reading. Little bits of information slowly coming out. It was great. The writing is spectacular and from the very first chapter i was invested in Carolyn and her future. I now want to read everything by Francine Rivers. Carolyns mother was sick so instead of the mother daughter relationship she wanted she became close with her grandmother. Carolyn loved her grandmother but once her mother got better Carolyns mother was jealous of their [...]

    10. Her Daughter’s Dream continues the fascinating character study Francine Rivers began in Her Mother’s Hope. This book covers the lives of Marta’s daughter and granddaughters. The characters seemed so real to me and the hurts they inflicted upon each other so damaging that, again, I found this book difficult to read yet impossible to put down. Spanning from the 1950s to present day, this book tells the story of Hildemara’s battle with tuberculosis. Because of her illness, her daughter Caro [...]

    11. Her Daughter’s Dream is part two in Marta’s Legacy by Francine Rivers. To fully understand and soak in the story you need to start with part one, Her Mother’s Hope.Part two picks up where one left off in the early 1950’s. Hilde is suffering for a second time with TB and is in a hospital room quarantined from her family. Her husband Trip calls Oma Marta to come and help them so that Hilde can come home to recover and care for the children. Hilde is surprised that she does. Marta and Carol [...]

    12. “Love one another, Jesus said. Sometimes it took a lifetime to learn how. Sometimes it took hitting rock bottom to make someone reach up and grasp hold and be lifted from the mire to stand on a firm foundation.” In the conclusion of Francine Rivers Marta’s Legacy Series we continue to learn about Oma, Hildemara Rose her daughter Carolyn and daughter May Flower Rose. Rivers continues to weave a story that links you to the characters but also teaches you lessons about your everyday life. Eve [...]

    13. I liked the first book better because Marta was the most interesting and well-developed character of the four women.I liked this second book less because there were just too many depressing events in Carolyn's life. Surely no one person has experienced that many tragedies: parental neglect, sexual molestation and rape as a child, drug/alcohol abuse, death of a sibling, being homeless and hungry, condemned by a self-righteous preacher when she was trying to turn her life around, and finally the d [...]

    14. Wow. This book really was a intricately woven story. that held SO much. It grabbed me and had me aching, angry, and grounded; it was such a story. I loved seeing the pictures and history tidbits from Francine Rivers', as well!

    15. I have been blessed to receive a review copy of the sequel to Her Mother’s Hope. This is a very personal story for Francine Rivers. She says, “I wanted to explore what caused the rift between my grandma and my mom during the last years of my grandmother's life. Was it a simple misunderstanding or something deeper that had grown over the years? Many of the events of this story were inspired by my family history that I researched and events I read about in my mother’s journals or experienced [...]

    16. The book:The same mistake Oma made with her daughter HIldie, was repeated again between Hildie and Carolyn, Hildie was never there for Carolyn. The pain Carolyn went through was unbearable but no excuse for the wayward life, the good thing was that she was able to retrace her steps back, and her parents were there for her to help her make something out of her life. Men like Mitch, do they really exist? Love as real as what was between Jason and Dawn.Strangely, the Christ within Dawn healed the g [...]

    17. It seems that I really should have reviewed this book right after I finished it to be able to get my surface thoughts out on paper, but even now at more than a month later I can tell you that this saga is worth it's money for the pen to the page. Francine Rivers has a way with storytelling that finds a personal note to connect with a reader and does not let go, but digs deeper until she hits a note and affects your life. Go back and read my review of the first book in the Marta's Legacy saga, He [...]

    18. This is the sequel to Her Mother's Hope and all I can say is WOW, wha an engaging generational saga written by the author of Redeeming Love (one of my all-time favorite books), Francine Rivers. The series is called Marta's Legacy and when you read the books you can see how a legacy of pain and heartache, bitternes and resentment, mistrusted motives and long buried secrets can lead to hopelessness for reconciliation.until Marta's great-granddaughter takes a chance of bringing sides together befor [...]

    19. This is the conclusion of the short series, starting with Her Mother's Hope. The novel continues with the next generation of Carolyn and than her daughter, May Flower Dawn. From the Cold War to the hippie era to the aftermath of nine eleven, the characters embark of their journeys of rebuilding their lives with each other. I found the book to be very repetitive of the first one, dealing on the same subjects over and over. The first novel is more appealing and fresh.

    20. I did like Epilogue of this book, but felt like the rest of the story was a little too good to be true. The first book felt authentic and inspiring, spanning several generations. Although this one had the same idea, it felt more manufactured.

    21. As with Her mother's hope, which I read at the end of March, this was an easy read. I found it difficult to put down!

    22. I liked the first book in this series, but I found this one depressing and the ending contrived and not very believable.

    23. I am a bit at odds with how I really feel about this book. The very premise of the lack of necessary communication between mother and daughter, the resulting repressed feelings, the lashing out in harmful ways and the overall denial that there is anything essential to confront, became overly redundant for me. In fact, Oma (Marta) reiterated this process herself when she wrote in her journal to the extent that in the effort of one generation to raise the next generation by doing the opposite of w [...]

    24. Typically, I avoid, like the plague, stories about mother/daughter conflict and eventual redemption. I have my own "mother issues", from my own mother. Now that she's gone - my resolution is simply to let it go. Gooey sappy, tied up in a bow mother/daughter-huggy-kissy-we'll-exchange-recipe stories MAKE ME CRINGE! That is NOT this story!In this sequel to Marta's Legacy, we find out what happens when people jump to conclusions, keep secrets, and second guess others regarding things that are said, [...]

    25. The first book had me hooked enough to finish reading Marta's Legacy. Once again, I was interested in the storyline and the characters kept me reading. The writing makes it an easy read and keeps you wanting to find out what happens. Unfortunately, all of the characters in the book seem very stubborn and tight-lipped, at least when it comes to mother-daughter communications. The story focuses on mother-daughter relationships, but the message seems to be more that only mother-grandaughter relatio [...]

    26. It took four generations for the hurts and anger and bickering between a family of four women to come to an end. "Her Daughter's Dream" continues the story begun in book one, Her Mother's Hope and they should be read one right after the other. Which is what I did. There are so many character struggles in this book. So much heartache, so much learning to be done and through it all I did find myself a bit indifferent. But there were many moments though the book that tugged at my emotions. Both joy [...]

    27. This is the sequel to Her Mother’s Hope. Carolyn Arundel is Hildmara’s daughter and granddaughter of Marta (Hildie’s mother). Tensions continue to mount between mothers and daughters. Carolyn disappears in the San Francisco hippie scene, but then returns home with her daughter born out of wedlock. May Flower Dawn develops a closer bond with grandmother (just as her mother had done), yet she becomes a bridge between the generations. Rivers captures the complexity of the mother-daughter rela [...]

    28. Her Daughter's Dream is a follow up to Her Mother's Hope, a Christian novel. I chose these books to read during a rather busy and somewhat stressful time preparing to move to CA. They are "light and fluffy" novels, easy to read but do have a good message of practical life and highlight the experiences and misunderstandings that can disrupt relationships between mothers, daughter, grandmothers unless they are addressed through honest conversation. The author underscores Jesus' message of love, un [...]

    29. All the tragedy page after page at the beginning of the book was frustrating and depressing to get through. It finally started to turn a corner with the birth of May Flower Dawn. Once this character joined the mix, I really started to enjoy the book. It is such a lesson in how miscommunication and past hurts can really hinder relationships and the importance of taking the time to talk things out to understand where someone is coming from if you really care about the relationship. The underlying [...]

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