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Tricia Tusa / Jan 24, 2020

Follow Me Swing high into the sky and explore a world full of earthy and elegant colors with the girl in this story as she experiences nature with a twist of her imagination s ever sat on a swing and daydreamed

  • Title: Follow Me
  • Author: Tricia Tusa
  • ISBN: 9780547272016
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Swing high into the sky and explore a world full of earthy and elegant colors with the girl in this story as she experiences nature with a twist of her imagination.s ever sat on a swing and daydreamed.

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    1. This is one book where I liked the parts better than the whole. The pictures are appealing, and I liked the dog at the end. I loved the idea of swinging, going through the colors of nature (though purple and some other colors were not adequately matched in the illustrations), and I liked the girl, and appreciated remembering what this sort of adventure feels like.But, the whole didn’t wow me. It doesn’t read all that well aloud and isn’t substantial enough for any but the youngest independ [...]

    2. I love Tricia Tusa’s illustrations and this book thrives on them. The story itself is rather abstract—the little girl gets carried away with colors, swept up in all the beauty of nature around her—but the illustrations are the real stars.

    3. I'm not sure what to think about this one. The narrative is abstract enough for older children to appreciate, but it's very short and with a big font that would make them cringe and consider it too babyish. And younger children likely won't understand the flow of the lyrical words and they aren't rhyming or rhythmic enough to catch their interest. So this books seems to fall in between.Still, the illustrations are wonderful and the book conveys a sense of wonder and delight at the colors of natu [...]

    4. Well I defy you to read this and not want to head to the nearest playground for your turn on the swings. A beautiful celebration of imagination!

    5. A girl swings on a swing, traveling from one color to another. As the colors change, so does her swinging speed and style, until she flies free from the swim altogether. She gets lost in green and travels down into the brown of the forest, and then out into the blue of the sky once again. Until she drifts back down to green. Finally, returning back home.If that description of the book seems loose and floaty, that’s because the book is that way too. While it does mention colors, this is not an [...]

    6. An imaginative girl swings through the air, seeing the world around her in a series of colors such as the pinks that represent dawn and the flowers on the ground and the blues of the sky. As she flies through the greens of the nearby trees and notes the colors of the fall foliage, she feels as though she can tumble across the sky. In the end, of cours, she returns safely back home. The illustrations, which are etchings with monograph colors, are particularly lovely, filled with soft hues floatin [...]

    7. Wonderful mood piece that would not work with toddlers and perhaps not even with preschoolers, but will be great for early elementary kids and older. The text doesn't attempt to rhyme, but it still has far more of a lyrical sense to it than many books written in cringeworthy verse for children. Lovely use of colors and the loosely drawn pictures have grace and energy. A winner, one I'd like to see get a Caledcott nomination.

    8. A young girl wanders, rises, falls, whispers, tumbles, and gets lost in all the different colors of a beautiful daydream and eventually finds her way back home.Tusa's illustrations are bright, whimsical, and reminds us that we can follow our dreams anywhere but we're never really too far from home.Love it!

    9. How could a book with such simple lyrics and illustrations capture my heart the way it did? Mainly by the author portraying the feelings of a young girls imagination through beautiful illustrations and taking me back to my own childhood, swinging for hours on the backyard swingset. The illustrations were done by a colorful etching process and the girls facial expression tells the moment, reminding us of being a carefree child once again. This story enlightened my spirit and put a smile on my fac [...]

    10. Love. LOVE love.I have always been drawn to Tricia Tusa's illustrations. I like the curves and the colors and the happy cartoon faces. They are the reason I picked this book up to read it. But it is the language of Follow Me that made me sigh. It is lyrical and lovely, like sauntering through a poem. It is a poem, really, and every word is just as it should be:I whisper, I hum and I find my way,lost in small, green, happy music.That's the kind of line I want to read in a hushed voice and the [...]

    11. A little girl swings on a swing and lets her imagination run free. She wanders through the pink of roses and a sunrise then gets lost in the blue of the sky. She wants the reader to follow her into the bright fall colors (although I did not quite understand what "the bright white of yellow" is). I can almost imagine the rhythm of the story as a push on the swing - [push] "into orange [push]that slips into red, [push] all tumbled together." The illustrations capture that lively imagination with s [...]

    12. "Follow Me," by Tricia Tusa is about a girl who soars through the different colors of the world. She wants the reader to go on the adventure with her and then she finds her way back home. This book is the 2012 Golden Kite honor winner in the category of picture book illustration. I think this book deserved the award because I really loved the art. It looks like the illustrations were done in chalk and they are marvelous. The way the colors blend together make it visually appealing. I really enjo [...]

    13. This is a book that is about a young girl who gets carried away by the wonders of nature. Her imagination runs wild while playing around outside. I love how the author involves you in the whimsical adventures of the main character. The illustrations in this book are very descriptive and colorful. I like this book a lot, but I doubt I would have this book in my classroom. This book really had no plot and it wasn't thought provoking enough for me.

    14. One of those books where I find the artwork very appealing, and also enjoy the text, but don't necessarily feel like the two always match up well--especially for the purpose of reading this to a young child. It's very lyrical and lovely, but as a mother and a children's librarian I've got to admit that lyrical and lovely are values that tend to appeal more to adults than 3-5 year olds.

    15. This was part of Christie's lesson on pictures books with no words. It's hard for me personally to get into a book like that, but for young kids it could be a great way for them to develop meaning before they actually learn to read. I would definitely use a book like this if I was teaching a primary grade.

    16. Ages 2 - 5A girl imagines her way through a world of colors and she swings and leaps from her swing set. This would be a good book to use for a story time about colors. You could engage the children asking them about the colors that they see in the pictures. You could follow up by playing a flannel board game about colors.

    17. beautifully illustrated with plenty of muted browns, greens and blues. A girl swings then jumps high into the air, until she gently returns to the ground and finds her way back home. Simple text with few words on each page.

    18. I'm always intrigued by this illustrator's covers and then disappointed by the stories. I like the wiggly, sketched nature of her artwork. The story seems like it's trying to be poetic but it fails. This is the kind of book you would read to a child once and they would never request again.

    19. Girl on a swing daydreams through the colorful world around her. Maybe it appeals to me because once upon a time I was that girl on a swing lost in her own world. Illustrations are quiet lovely and enhance the simple story. Easily used at storytime.Themes: colors, imagination.

    20. I do love Tusa's illustrations. And this is just right for my 10yo poet! I appreciated it more after I had her read it to me. And I love it for capturing the sensation that after you jump off a swing in midair, you are airborne FOREVER.

    21. I really enjoyed the artwork in this book (love Tusa's style!) I found the text to be a bit awkward in parts, though, and it didn't always match up with the images. With that said, though, I think that Tusa did a great job, especially with medium choice (etching process).

    22. Beautiful! LOVE this illustrator's work! A simple story full of colors and play. The author/illustrator really steps into a child's mind and sees the world through young eyes and plenty of imagination. Reading this book was like taking a mental vacation back in time!

    23. Very pretty! A ride on a swing turns into a flight of fancy for a young girl. The use of color is beautiful and helps tie the illustrations and text together. The very short, rhyming text feels almost like a poem.

    24. I love this picture book, but not necessarily for kids (I don't think it will be re-read by my kids). I love it because I think it is about me. I love to swing and have amazing flying dreams. Great illustrations, too.

    25. I would write a review of this beautiful free verse picture book, but I couldn't possibly do it better than Kristi Hazelrigg. "Follow me" to her lovely review, then "Follow me" to a world of simple enchantment in Tusa's new work.

    26. A girl swings through pink and blue and brown and yellow, and then soars into the curl of a breeze until she drifts down home.Beautiful illustrations.“I wander through pink and get lost in blue.I rise, I fall in purple and gray.”

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