The Hawk and the Dove

The Hawk and the Dove

Virginia Henley / Mar 30, 2020

The Hawk and the Dove The DoveShe d been bought for a strip of land then abandoned a bartered bride married by proxy determined to wreak revenge As innocent Sara Bishop she d paid dearly for freedom from her cruel mock

  • Title: The Hawk and the Dove
  • Author: Virginia Henley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The DoveShe d been bought for a strip of land, then abandoned a bartered bride, married by proxy, determined to wreak revenge As innocent Sara Bishop she d paid dearly for freedom from her cruel, mocking family As flame haired, jade eyed Sabre Wilde, she would scandalize Queen Elizabeth s court as she set out to seduce her unknown husband, become his mistress andThe DoveShe d been bought for a strip of land, then abandoned a bartered bride, married by proxy, determined to wreak revenge As innocent Sara Bishop she d paid dearly for freedom from her cruel, mocking family As flame haired, jade eyed Sabre Wilde, she would scandalize Queen Elizabeth s court as she set out to seduce her unknown husband, become his mistress and make him her slave.The HawkThe Queen s favorite, called The Sea God, his white teeth flashed in his bronze face as his deep, virile voice boomed orders to his men He branded Sabre with his searing kiss and his masterful touch, not even aware she was already his wife Captain Shane Hawkhurst knew how to command, how to subdue and ravage an enemy, but was he prepared to be caught in passion s merciless snare by a fiery beauty who ruled his heart and inflamed his senses From the Paperback edition.

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        Virginia Syddall was born on December 5, 1935 in England, where her father, Thomas Syddall, taught her to love history She obtained a degree in History in the University In 1956, Virginia married Arthur Henley They moved to America, and now they live most of the year in St Petersburg, Florida, and they spend the hot summers in Ontario, Canada, where they have their two adult children and three grandsons.Virginia Henley is a New York Times bestselling writer of historical novels Her work has been translated into fourteen languages She is the recipient of than a dozen writing awards, including a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, a Waldenbooks Bestselling Award, and a Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers.


    1. Review is a tad spoilerish"Sabre, promise me you won't do anything foolish while I'm gone."The girl:Sara Bishop is the eldest and least favorite daughter (mum's on the third marriage, this time to a minister of some sort). With no dowry, her marriage prospects are pretty grim (although her brothers in law are pretty hot to get in her drawers). The only thing she's got to her name is a worthless strip of land in Ireland her father left to her.The guy: Captain Shane Hawkhurst (nicknamed The Sea Go [...]

    2. I'm not going to rate this because, honestly, I did so much skimming it's almost unfair to mark it as read.If the elements of the old school bodice ripper do not offend or trigger you, this can be entertaining in an over-the-top train wreck sort of way. It's very porny in an often hilarious way. You could make a drinking game out of the references to the size of Hawk's "throbbing shaft" or the number of times Sabre's ripe melons popped out of whatever she was wearing and get very, very intoxicat [...]

    3. A Privateer to Love, a Sea Hawk, and a fiercely independent Irish lassoh yes!I love Henley's storytelling, her attention to historic detail and her ability to weave a captivating tale. This one is no different. The story is set in 1586, when Queen Elizabeth ruled England and her sea hawks ruled the seas, robbing the Spanish fleet to fill her coffers. Captain Shane Hawkhurst was Queen Bess' favorite. She named him “the sea god.” He was, in fact, not the son of Lord Hawkhurst, but the son of a [...]

    4. 1 Infidelity?-I-am-Fucking-OUT! Stars- You married a woman, and you don't bother being present to marry her? I'm NOT impressed by this.- You married a woman and then you dump her at God-knows-where after ROBING? I'm NOT impressed by this.- You're married yet you fuck every fuckable thing on Earth? I'm NOT impressed by this.Final thought:

    5. Elizabethan England. The heroine is Sara Bishop a/k/a Sabre Wilde—the latter is her real name, given by her wild Irish father, her mom's first hubby. After that husband died, mom decided to go respectable. She married a prissy bishop and had a few more prissy daughters, who make sure that Sara is always the Enter "The Sea God," which is Elizabeth's court's code name for Shane Hawkhurst. Shane's dad's dying wish is for Shane to marry. The thing is, Shane has secrets. For example he's not only p [...]

    6. The Heroine has a split personality disorder and I don't care what y'all say: She's immature and her ego is bigger than a white, male Republican's.This book is BS. The h plays mistress to the H and basically (stupidly) believes that she is in love with him. UHM. WHATTT?! I have no respect for the protagonists at all! This book makes me so mad. How the hell are you trying to tell me it got over 4 stars?!

    7. I was not a huge fan of this book. The heroine, to me, was unbearable. I gave her a pass at first because she had a rough go in the beginning. However, she became more and more entitled and annoying as the book went on. I could not connect with her on any level. It was pretty wordy, and I just lost interest at the half way mark. I skipped through until I found the part where she revealed her big (obnoxious) secret. Total let-down. Oh well! Can’t all be winners!

    8. Sara Bishop was really Sabre Wilde. She lived with her mother, stepfather and three of her stepsisters were married. Each of their husbands had asked for Sara and had been married to another sister. Each man thought that Sara still worshiped them. She was nearing 20 and her last boyfriend, Andrew, was to marry her 15 yr old sister, Beth. Sara hated the dresses they had chosen for the bridesmaids due to her auburn hair. The chose pink. Sara had gotten spanked for apologizing to her them that the [...]

    9. La historia fue bastante entretenida y sólo quería leer para ver conocer cómo sería la venganza de ella, cómo sería cuando él viera a su esposa, la reconciliación y fue bien aburrido, esperaba otra cosa.

    10. This actually might be my favorite historical romance novel. It's definitely what made me look up more of them to read. There's a good story around all the sex.

    11. Deludente.Direi decisamente deludente, questa Henley che non sembra neanche lei.Anacronistico oltre ogni immaginazione, questo libro sembra scritto da una persona completamente differente da quella che invece ha partorito "Nati nemici", lascio all'autrice il beneficio del dubbio sperando che lei abbia prodotto l'altro testo e questo l'abbia scritto sua cugina.Piatto, noioso, senza suspance. La ricostruzione storica che aveva fatto grande l'altra mia lettura di lei qui appare appena e viene dato [...]

    12. I heard about this book in a podcast I follow, and the premise sounded interesting, so I picked it up.It took me a while to get even the little bit invested in the characters, who are both quite flawed, with the heroine being rebellious but also very spiteful, and vain, and the hero arrogant and pretty shallow, (view spoiler)[despite his involvement in different causes, the Irish rebellion one of them (hide spoiler)], as well as god's gift to women apparently.I can't even put into words my frust [...]

    13. I enjoyed this when I was in my teens. Let's see if I re-read this more than a decade later if the feelings are the same.

    14. baca virginia henley harus berhati2ringan kita susah mengikuti alurnya di halaman2 awal tp begitu sudah bbrp halaman baru mulai bisa mengikuti dengan lancarnyavel ini mo dibilang jelek tp gitu mulai baca aq ga bisa nglepas tp dibilang bagus kok ya aq jengkel dengan tokoh2nya.ung dehbercerita ttg sara bishop, yg hidup bersama saudara2 tirinya & ibu serta ayah tirinya, reverend bishop kehidupan sara tidak bgt baik.ayahnya adl orang irish & sara tidak punya saudara kandung. satu2nya peningg [...]

    15. Well, with all good comments but none real review, after read this book i decided to give one.The first i want to say, also the one nagging all along, is the way it's narrated. Everything literally laid down for you. For example, when Shane and Sara talk, one time we are with Shane, then next line we in Sabra's head. This goes on and on so you may feel like you in everybody head in 5 sec and not really in anyone's. This 5 sec is used to be author explaination for the character's motive or feelin [...]

    16. I really like this book. What can I say I like books where the heroine gives as good as she gets. This heroine is no wimpy female. She is spit fire and I was never once frustrated with her. It is refreshing to read about a hero who falls in love with the heroine and says it often enough with out any qualms. Lets face it most heroes in historical romance are terrified of the L word and we suffer through chapters of their dilemma. I am an avid reader of married couple romance and the thing that st [...]

    17. I had higher expectations for this book/author. At first I liked Sara, the girl who seemed to have been ridiculed by her family. The only attention she got was attempts at sexual favors by any and all men, including her brothers-in-law. I was on her side as her groom to be married her by proxy, using his brother in her stead. I began to dislike her as she started coming across as a spoiled brat. She becomes a lady in waiting to the Queen of England and her desires for material things and power e [...]

    18. Virginia Henley are darul de a crea o poveste fascinantă despre pasiune, iubire și frânturi de istorie. Uliul şi porumbiţa este cartea ce oferă detalii picante despre viața la curte, dar mai ales despre obiceiurile reginei Elisabeta, un personaj istoric destul de controversat. M-a dus cu gândul la un alt titlu-Skye O’Malley de Bertrice Small. Diferite ca și format, dar tratează aceleași probleme-conflictul dintre Irlanda şi Anglia, trădări le pentru putere şi oameni care au scri [...]

    19. So Sara/saber is a willful, ignorant brat. Shane/the sea god/ the black shadow is a hot courtier in queen Elizabeth court. I liked the details of the period, the descriptions of cleaning the garments, Elizabeth unpredictable nature and the debauchery at court. I was annoyed with Saber, she was so damn stupid. I'm surprised this couple wasn't beheaded on tower greenI also think the 20 year old Saber probably wasn't a convincing 53 year old queen. Her ridiculous jealousy and notions about her quee [...]

    20. I have so many favorites but the characters in this book are top 10! This book is set in the 1500 and is about Shane who marries to acquire a piece of land and takes Sara Bishop to wife. Except he does all this SPOILER*** by proxy. In doing so he sets a chain of events where his wife is determined to be his mistress and in doing so wraps him SPOILER*** around his finger when she becomes his most desired item, love, and wife in ever sense of the word. I couldn't put this down, again since this is [...]

    21. Usually I really enjoy reading books by Virginia Henley but I didn't love this one. It had a lot to do with the two main characters. Sabre was kind of a vicious beat and Shane was a violent jackass. There was way too much violence in their bedroom that it made for an uncomfortable read. Shane always seemed to be angry about something and Sabre just kept pushing and shoving and behaving like a child. I did like Matthew however, and I wish Sabre had ended up with him instead.

    22. It would have been very close to 5 stars if there weren't too much of Elizabethan court drama. But I can't truly blame it much either, 'cause it all brought up the plot. Still, it just was a bit too much to stall my enjoyment of the romance between the main protagonists.The hero was great! The heroine, she sometimes was feisty in a good way, but at other times was just TSTL.The romance in the story however is flawless. Maybe, it's a 3.5 star book

    23. As a romance and adventure it was a good read. Factually, I'm not so sure. The solicitor could not have been a Jew, as they had been expelled from England centuries before and were not allowed back in until the mid 1600s. With this fact ignored, I have to doubt the rest except that Queen Elizabeth was not a very nice person and the presence one isn't much better as she has been all over the world, except Israel.

    24. I would given it 4 stars but for some of the facts which I did not like about Sabre. I would have loved her character but for her stupid ending oh her revenge. I even did not like her greed for grown. Maybe in that time it was ok but it did not appeal to me. Keeping the file which was such a big risk. That was not personal, and was wrong.

    25. This was tough to finish as the writing just kept getting worse. Sara/Sabre was just ridiculous in her behavior and Shane the Sea God was all over the place. There was no discipline in the time line, I found the book very frustrating. The plot was good, execution poor.

    26. (3.5 Stars) This is my first Virginia Henley book, and initially I wasn't overly impressed. However, about half way through the book it began to gather more momentum and I ended up getting into it. Overall it's a good read, but you need to have some patience.

    27. Not my favorite of Henley's books. I didn't really connect with the characters and skimmed a few pages here and there. The beginning was great but then it just fizzled out. It was just an Ok story.

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