Planning to Live

Planning to Live

Heather Wardell / Feb 28, 2020

Planning to Live Determined to lose weight for her best friend s wedding goal obsessed Rhiannon flees her parents Christmas Day feast to avoid overeating but her car skids off the deserted road into a tree Trapped an

  • Title: Planning to Live
  • Author: Heather Wardell
  • ISBN: 9781453774809
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Determined to lose weight for her best friend s wedding, goal obsessed Rhiannon flees her parents Christmas Day feast to avoid overeating but her car skids off the deserted road into a tree Trapped and bleeding, with her cell phone out of reach, she struggles to escape, and to accept that she s spent her whole life planning but hasn t ever really lived Will she get theDetermined to lose weight for her best friend s wedding, goal obsessed Rhiannon flees her parents Christmas Day feast to avoid overeating but her car skids off the deserted road into a tree Trapped and bleeding, with her cell phone out of reach, she struggles to escape, and to accept that she s spent her whole life planning but hasn t ever really lived Will she get the chance to change that

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    1. Very rarely do I ever connect with a character in a book. Usually I can sit back detached and judge the character, roll my eyes, maybe I get lucky and can sympathize with a character but NEVER have I ever related to a character as deeply as I did with Rhiannon.First off I am over weight and no it’s not something random that I just decided on or no I’m not happy with my looks because I’m only 10 pounds overweight and well I hate that little bit of flab. No I am seriously obese. You wouldn [...]

    2. Yesterday, very shortly after posting my “Dear Author’s…” rant, I was contacted by Heather Wardell, (one of my favorite authors.) “Read Planning to Live” she said, throwing down her personal shiny gauntlet; challenging me to NOT connect with her characters. So I did. I pulled out my kindle, loaded the book and started reading, unfortunately…after 1 paragraph I remembered what the book was about and freaked. I picked up my Kindle, shoved it into my bag and quickly left the room. I t [...]

    3. Plot: Rhiannon is trapped in her car from an accident (and in a blizzard, of course). This book is all about Rhiannon’s experience in the car; it switches back from her presently being stuck in the car and her past experiences she is reminiscing about. You learn about her past relationships, her current relationships, and her need to control everything in her life. She's a designer for online role playing game and learning about that world was SO interesting to me. Definitely an emotional ride [...]

    4. It simply didn't work for me. The story was disjointed and didn't flow the form was first-person present slipping into memory and back again. Though I think the story had foundation, it lacked continuity.

    5. Thank you to NetGalley for the e-ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. Rhiannon is trapped in her car, which leads her to think back about other situations in her life. I enjoyed this title.

    6. Planning to Live takes us on a woman’s journey into the frightening, the heartbreaking and the frustrating. Plans and goals- that’s what makes a successful person. Rhiannon is a goal-setter. She has timelines for work and has a strict daily regiment on how she eats. The plans must be stuck to- no deviating and no excuses. Her most recent plan is losing weight for her best friends wedding, she struggles with this not only because she wants to look great in a brides maid dress, but she’s try [...]

    7. Rhiannon Taylor leaves her parents' Christmas feast in a hurry, to avoid eating all the high-calorie foods that she is so tempted to have. It's a blizzard outside and her mom wants her to wait till it subsides, but Rhiannon is quite insistent, so she leaves. Which doesn't work well for her, because her car skids off the road and hits a tree. Trapped and unable to even feel her left leg, she tries to reach her phone but cannot. She thinks of all possible escape avenues, each one failing. As she s [...]

    8. I have been trying to type up a review of this book for about the last two hours. As I sit here, having erased what I wrote yet again, I realize that I can't write this like a normal review. Wiping the tears in my eyes as I try to figure out exactly what to say has made me realize that I'm just going to have to write exactly what I feel. I hope you don't mind, dear readers. Try to keep up, and I'll promise not to ramble too much.From the moment that I opened Planning to Live, I was at one with R [...]

    9. This was such a powerful read. I wasn't expecting to be so moved, or to take the book's message to heart like I have. This book reminded me in such a good way of how I felt reading Gayle Forman's If I Stay.Rhiannon is a thirty-something perfectionist. She holds herself to unattainable standards and is always beating herself up about her weight and not being good enough at every part of her life. She has a tragic past, which is revealed little by little as she reflects on her life throughout the [...]

    10. Planning To Live is Heather's fourth novel and having finished Planning To Live in a few hours, I have to say, I feel like I was missing out, not knowing her name until now.Planning To Live is a book for every woman.Rhiannon is character that readers will fall in love with. She's also the kind of character that you wish were your friend. But lordy she's had it rough. The love of her life was kidnapped and killed by a crazy ex-girlfriend. Like most women she's battling the scale, and feels that a [...]

    11. This is one of those books that spoke, no yelled, at me and my personality. I am a planner, I love spreadsheets and goals and sometimes I obsess to the point of missing out on the joy of the thing/event. I have a quote on my desk at work about enjoying the journey, not just the destination. All of this said, I found myself identifying with Rhiannon from the first page. This book was full of heart break but combined with hope and love. Through death and moving on we discover new things about the [...]

    12. This book will draw you in immediately. You find yourself in the car with Rhiannon almost. The author does a great job describing what the character is going through. First thoughts to me, is why doesn't she just get out? Her left leg has something that has gone through her foot and is holding her trapped in the car. From the impact of the crash, her phone is on the floor just out of reach. She does have her laptop, however she can't get a wireless signal to e-mail anyone for help. So it becomes [...]

    13. This book was really different from the other books by this author that I have read. It was much slower in pace and I had a hard time loosing myself in the story. For a while I considered quitting on it altogether, but then I can be persistant just like Rhiannon and hate to quit. Anyway, in the end I enjoyed it a lot, although it didn't make me cry like some of the other reviewers. Rather, I thought it was about hope: hope that there is love out there, that you can find it and most of all that y [...]

    14. I read this book while on a Mediterranean Cruise. Beaches, sunshine, frozen drinksd me with my nose in this book. Whenever I had to put it down, I would sit there twitching in anticipation. Lunch time? Twitch, twitch, twitch, what's going to happen to Rhiannon?! Time to hit the casino - ummm, is it socially acceptable to bring a book?! Needless to say, I wasn't the most fun person to be around while reading Planning to Live. I just HAD. TO. KNOW.All of Heather Wardell's books have affected me in [...]

    15. I gave this book 4 stars partly because I'm still thinking about it a day after finishing it. I honestly never saw the end coming. I REALLY thought she would get out alive. Nope. It caught me so off guard I just sat there and said "I can't believe she died in the car. I can't believe she DIED in the CAR. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE DIED IN THE CAR!" Even now I still can't believe it. If you want a book to shake you up and get you out there to better live your life, then this one is for you. We all put t [...]

    16. Don't be deceived by the cover illustration of this book: a chocolate chip cookie that is partially eaten, a comfort food to many people. With a chocolate chip cookie, I never expected to get sad (almost cry actually) over how the story ended. Some of the more emotional love scenes got a little bit mushy for my taste, but it felt good overall, until the end that is.I am not sure about the printed copy, but the Kindle edition does not have the transitions well defined. I had to blink a lot of tim [...]

    17. *potential spoilers ahead*The book is well written. It flows smoothly between the past and present as one might expect if you were examining your life while waiting to be rescued. The characters are very easy to identify with. I was drawn to Rhiannon. I could relate to her struggle with weight and her insecurities about herself. She felt very real to me. The book does have serious, emotional moments, but it is balanced nicely with funny and witty scenes. Going into this book, I wasn’t sure if [...]

    18. I knew going into this book what happened to Rhiannon, and I thought having foreknowledge of her death would mean I wouldn't get emotional about it. Wrong, wrong. The beginning didn't really catch me, but once I saw how Rhiannon was just starting to get her life together and move in a positive direction only to just die. It was rough. Unlike a lot of other reviewers, I didn't initially feel uplifted by the message of the book. Seeing all the work she put in, and the ultimate futility of it all; [...]

    19. This book really made me think. I know there have been plenty of times that I have passed on something enjoyable simply because I am trying to stay "focused". Honestly, who hasn't? This story helps you realize how you prioritize the important things and/or people in your life.I really loved the character of Rhiannon. She was a very real character with real issues. I liked that she was able to come to terms with that fact that she had been so busy focusing on the destination that she failed to en [...]

    20. i found myself annoyed with this heroine at times, I wanted to shake her and tell her to get over it! Many of us can see bits or a lot of ourselves in Rhiannon, Heather was brilliant in showing how annoying that can be! LOL Rhiannon is so obsessed about her weight and so many of us relate but, sadly, Rhiannon takes it too far. The lesson in this book, to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy your life as much as possible, really hit home. "It's not the destination, it's the journey". I loved i [...]

    21. I’m struggling with writing up my thoughts on this one. It’s a tearjerker, so have tissue nearby. It’s thought-provoking, so be prepared to think hard. It’s annoying as hell – well, not the book, but the main character in her obsession over planning and her weight. But very good. And the end is wow. The last several chapters. Wow. Very well done. Very interesting, and definitely a great read.I want to say more, but just don’t know how to. And instead of forcing it, I’m just going t [...]

    22. I don't necessarily want all books I read to be true to life but I do feel like some books are more enjoyable if its believable. Two of the male characters are just too good to be true. While reading this book, I often thought to myself really? is a dude really saying and doing those mushy gushy things? Not that I don't believe in nice, sentimental loveable guys but still the romantic bits are obviously written by a woman who is a hopeless romantic. If you are into that kind of thing - you are i [...]

    23. First off, this was an $.89 book for Kindle by an independent author. It sounded ok, so I figured I couldn't go wrong for less than a dollar. This is one of those books that sticks with you - I found myself thinking back about it several times yesterday (I finished it the night before). That's a good book. It's not a perfect book, but it's definitely worth the time and money.The story takes place when Rhiannon's car slides off the road in a snowstorm. She's trapped and while waiting for help, st [...]

    24. Heather Wardell is a writer who does not let you down. Her books keep you interested from start to finish. What a wonderful book this one is. Rhiannon is a well developed character who is human with all the flaws. With this book we are reminded of what is important in our life. Determined to lose weight for her best friend's wedding, goal-obsessed Rhiannon flees her parents' Christmas Day feast to avoid overeating but her car skids off the deserted road into a tree. Trapped and bleeding, with he [...]

    25. Spoilers - I really liked this book but it gave me severe anxiety. Not knowing if she was gonna make it out of the car put me on edge and made my brain confused. Is this a thriller or light chick lit. I didn't like that. I also didn't buy the sleeping with Joel twist. Andrew would have to he a saint to forgive and spend the night with her after she banged gross Joel. Also her self hatred was a bit much. Sounds like I didn't like this book after all but I swear I did. Made me feel stupid because [...]

    26. It isn't the writing, the characters, or even the plot that makes this book something out of the ordinary, it's the message. Don't spend your life focusing on seemingly important things only to find out in a bare-bones moment of reality that you've missed living. Despite the sometimes awkward, repetitive, occasionally overdone writing this book manages to convey a profound insight that's not only moving but timely.

    27. There was a lot good about this book but the ending was thoroughly disappointing. The main character has several epiphanies that she is never able to grow from because of her death. I am not saying that every story needs a happy ending but I felt cheated after growing to care about the main character through her ordeal and he flashbacks only to find it was futile.

    28. *spoiler alert* I have read all of Wardell's novels and live them but was sad and disappointed by the ending. While her stories usually deal with a sad tragedy that the characters overcome with love. This book was just tragic. While the message was clear the ending left me with the feeling that Rhiannon did not quite get to actual live.

    29. This was one of the best books I've read in a long time! I really connected wtih the main character. I just couldn't put this one down. I recommend every woman read this book!!! It is truly inspiring

    30. After reading "Finding My Happy Pace" I was thrilled to meet Andrew as he once was and get to Rhiannon. I saw much of myself in her and vowed when I finished to make changes. While I wished for a different ending, it was fitting. Thank you for another great read Heather!

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