Cat-O'nine Tails

Cat-O'nine Tails

Julia Golding / Jan 23, 2020

Cat O nine Tails Cat O Nine Tails Cat feisty heroine of Cat Royal becomes an unlikely recruit for the British Navy takes passage to America and navigates her way through a fiendish plot to do away with Lord Francis

  • Title: Cat-O'nine Tails
  • Author: Julia Golding
  • ISBN: 9781405230469
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cat O Nine Tails Cat, feisty heroine of Cat Royal becomes an unlikely recruit for the British Navy, takes passage to America and navigates her way through a fiendish plot to do away with Lord Francis, heir to a dukedom From the grand Assembly Rooms of Bath to the wilds of a new frontier, Cat finds she is for once quite out of her depth Full description

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        My journey to becoming an author has been a roundabout one, taking in many other careers I grew up on the edge of Epping Forest and was that dreamy kind of child who was always writing stories After reading English at Cambridge, I decided to find out as much as I could about the wider world so joined the Foreign Office and served in Poland My work as a diplomat took me from the high point of town twinning in the Tatra Mountains to the low of inspecting the bottom of a Silesian coal mine.On leaving Poland, I exchanged diplomacy for academia and took a doctorate in the literature of the English Romantic Period at Oxford I then joined Oxfam as a lobbyist on conflict issues, campaigning at the UN and with governments to lessen the impact of conflict on civilians living in war zones a cause about which I still feel very passionate.Married with three children, I now live in Oxford between two rivers, surrounded by gargoyles, beautiful sandstone buildings and ancient trees.My first novel, The Diamond of Drury Lane , won the Waterstone s Children s Book Prize 2006 and the Nestle Children s Book Prize 2006 formerly known as the Smarties Prize I was also chosen by Waterstone s in 2007 as one of their Twenty five authors for the future In the US, Secret of the Sirens won the honor book medal of the Green Earth Book Award My latest series, which starts with Mel Foster and the Demon Butler, about an intrepid Victorian orphan who lives in a household of monsters, won Bronze in the Primary Teacher awards in 2015 The next part, Mel Foster and the Time Machine, has set the time dial to arrive in 2016.


    1. OK, if this had been the crappiest book in the whole universe, but still included the scene in which Cat and Syd have to fight, I still would've rated it five stars. BEST. SCENE. EVER. I actually vote this the best scene I have read for yeeeeears. It made me laugh so hard. Even now I smile when I think of it. Boxing champion vs four-foot tall girl? And Cat's taunts Onto that - Billy Freakin' Shephard kissed her? Eew!!! I nearly died. I've never wanted to hit a fictional character so much in my l [...]

    2. God, I can’t give the books of this series anything but five stars! I love love love love them! I mean, a collection of adventurers, along with a bunch of crazy lovable characters. God, I love them all!While reading this book , at first I was like: “ well maybe I’ll go with four stars this time, huh? Maybe it’s not as good as” But this story didn’t even let me finish my sentence. It impressed me WAY more than I expected! The Syd fight scene The scene where Cat was sick and exhausted [...]

    3. Cat O'Nine Tails (Cat Royal, #4), 2008, Julia Goldingعنوان: ماجراهای کت رویال جلد 4 : تازیانه نه سر، نویسنده: جولیا گلدینگ، ترجمه: اکرم کرمی. ویراستار: احمد کرمی، نشر: تهران، قدیانی، کتابهای بنفشه، چاپ نخست 1390، چاپ دوم 1392، در 392 ص.، ‏شابک: 9789645365187، شابک دوره کامل: 9789645365217، فروست: ماجراهای کت رویال جلد 4، [...]

    4. Ms Golding is back in form with this Cat Royal adventure. The title and cover hint at what is in store. With Frank and Pedro Cat is visiting Bath for the 'season'. They run into Billy Shepard, now a gent?! Frank is the toast of the season, he holds the uncomfortable position of the most desirable bachelor in Bath. The other young men in town need not worry long- someone has decided to get Frank (and Cat) out of their way. They find themselves pressed into reluctant duty in the king's admiralty. [...]

    5. I gritted my teeth on the first three books hoping this chick who always gets into trouble and ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE SAVED would wise up and learn to defend herself. But she doesn't it just gets worse and worse. the lil summary said "Cat finds herself out of her depth for once" wrong in each book she is out of her depth. She smarts off and picks fights but whines and snivels when she gets beat up or outsmarted. And what made it all the more unbearable is she gets kissed by her arch enemy and likes [...]

    6. It was with considerable trepidation I began this book, thoughI thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series, "Den of Thieves" (its predecessor) was awful. I was, though, thoroughly suprised. Not only bringing in classic and favorite characters (Syd, Frank, and Pedro) but a good lot of new ones, the bad guy even varies. Instead of the inevitable Billy Boil (who does make a rather dramatic appearance) Cat is off on another tale. Though plot wise, not that great, the writing is excellent and the [...]

    7. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Anyone should read this girl/boy child/teen/adult!!!Love this book!!!Cat O'nine tails may seem dull in the first half but from the middle onward

    8. You might know that I am currently working my way through this series which was one of my absolute favourites when I was a young teen and on my journey to re-read the six books, I turned my attention to the fourth in the series. In my mind, it is the first four that stick most vividly in my mind but even saying that, there were many things that I had forgotten happened in this book. I find it really fascinating to be reading a book again a few years later because there are so many details that I [...]

    9. It has its moments, and certainly plenty of adventure (plus Golding is working the central female protag with multiple interested potential love interests to a fare-thee-well!), but on the other hand, it's got so many clunky moments of history fail. Obviously Golding's intentions are very good, but this type of heavy-handed commenting on the injustices of the past just doesn't do anything for me.And that's just *before* they leave England! When Cat encounters the Creek Indians in Georgia -- aahh [...]

    10. Cat Royal is visiting Boxton, the Duke of Avon's estate and she's dreadfully bored! With Lizzie in America and Frank and Pedro off with the men, Cat's left alone and expected to be happy doing womanly things. Only Frank's gallant cousin, Mr. Dixon pays notice to Cat. Since Cat is Cat and trouble always finds her, she is soon involved in more adventures. First she runs up against and old adversary who won't leave her alone, then she discovers that Syd Fletcher is missing. Cat and friends set out [...]

    11. In this the fourth installment, kidnapped and press-ganged, Cat and her friends find themselves sailing west. So far so good. The marine theme is an exiting setting. Full of new dangers and challenges as they try to find the ropes. But when reaching the Americas, when our young heroine jumps ship and goes off with the natives This is where I start speed reading, turning pages, skimming, just to get away from it all.London, Paris or a warship, Julia Golding knows her history and manages to load t [...]

    12. Cat is spunky as ever, and this time she's press ganged onto a ship sailing for America and has to pretend to be a boy. I should have loved this book. And I did enjoy spending time with Cat, Pedro, Syd, and Frank, but, this book has a problem that the others so far have not. I was apprehensive when I realized that this book would take Cat and her friends to America because I was sure that meant they'd encounter Native Americans. I certainly think that Golding meant well. I'm pretty sure she was [...]

    13. So I really never even finished it. I'm a nautical fan-girl, so I was happy when I found out Cat's next adventure was to be a tale of the British Navy-type. But it was not to be. Julia Golding shouldn't go to the nautical genre, in my cynical opinion. What really bugged me was a quote on page 114: "Laying my hand on my heart, I promise to keep such naval jargon to a minimum." O.o Excuse me, that "naval jargon" is a huge part of what makes a swashbuckling tale enjoyable. Anywho, no more of this s [...]

    14. Cat Royal returns in another exciting, non-stop adventure. Having been exiled from Drury Lane she has taken up residence with her wealthy friends in the country. She is bored, bored, bored with all the sitting around expected of young girls in society. Of course, Cat is never long without mischief and mayhem. She enlists the help of Frank and Pedro to track down Syd who has disappeared. They quickly learn he was caught by a press gang of the British Navy and is serving on board a ship. I am sure [...]

    15. Cat Royal's friend Syd has disappeared, so she and her friends go to London to find out what happened to him and along the way get press-ganged into becoming part of the crew of a British naval vessel in late 1791. Turns out someone paid the press gang to ambush them specifically, and getting home will be harder than they thought.I accidentally read this one before #3, and maybe that makes a bit of a difference? The story is enjoyable, if somewhat improbable. What makes it three stars instead of [...]

    16. I picked this one up, not realizing that it was #4 in the series, and belatedly realizing I had read the first book a long time ago.Cat Royal is out of her theater gig at this point and in an attempt to find an old friend, gets forced onto a boat to the Americas. She must hide her gender and work as a crew member, or her high society friends who were captured with her will pay the price. She comes to realize that if she were out of the picture, her friends would have a much better chance of esca [...]

    17. I liked it better than Den of Thieves. The crew is on a ship for the better portion of the book, which wasn't bad, and the second half was really boring. Right now, I feel like Syd would be a good choice as someone for Cat eventually, but I don't see that happening. Hate Billy. May that never ever happen in a bazillion years. Honestly, I like Frank. I would be more than fine with him. Just please not Billy. Frank? Yeah? Someday?

    18. I enjoyed volume four in the Cat Royal series a little more than the third. There was certainly lots of action as Cat is captured and taken to sea, along with her friends. I think, for me, that the series has gone a little bit too far from its roots in London, but I suppose there is only so much excitement you can have in one city. I just feel like the storyline is getting ridiculously far-fetched, so I think I will leave our heroine where she is and wish her well on her further adventures, wher [...]

    19. Ripping yarn, delightfully (to a palate cloyed by A Kiss for Little Bear and its ilk)salty, but marred, in the American interlude by lazy stereotypes and inattention to detail, e.g. a "Creek" named Tecumseh (an Algonquian, not a Muskogean word) and the rest of his "Wind Clan," who act like they just stepped out of the Walt Disney Peter Pan singing "What make the Red Man red? What make him go 'Ugh!'"?.

    20. this is a shoutout to all who have read this book ,or going to read it- Ms.golding has a super awesome web site(juliagolding) where you can ask her stuff about her or her books, get imput from other readers, learn 18th century slang, ask cat, syd,billy,frank,ect. stuff and have them answer, learn about Ms. Goldings other books, and more. this is a site you should go to.

    21. Much better than the last installment - Miss Cat is back in form. I'm always leery when historical novels bring in well known historical figures as casual characters, but that portion of the book is over soon enough. I saw the villain-twist right away, so that reveal didn't do much for the story. The ending is over the top ridiculous. Fun read.

    22. I love these books. Cat never ceases to amaze me. I can really relate to her, and she is a lot like me. We even look alike. We both have red hair, but I'm not short like she is. The bad guy, Billy Shepard, really reminds me of a kid in my class. No names or anything, he is just mean like Billy

    23. The Cat Royal series just keeps on delivering! Fast-paced action, heart-warming characters, perilous situations, and real causes written in a manner that doesn’t condescend to its younger audience. This time round, Cat is all at sea – literally! It also delivers a sensitive portrayal of Native Americans and the oppression they often suffered at the hands of white settlers.

    24. Eh, I thought the second half of this one was really weak, maybe because so much of it takes place away from Cat's friends; also it just seemed even more far-fetched than these story lines usually are somehow. In any case, this one was by far my least favorite of the series so far. Still, I can't wait for the next one to come out here!

    25. Cat's back again! This is a great book that I loved! Cat is at franks estate and is expected to be the good little girl who is becoming an honourable woman. But that's not cats style. When cat finds out that syd is missing she goes on an epic chase to try and find him, which includes becoming a boy and joining the navy! This is a fab book I would recommend

    26. In this fourth installment, we first find Cat Royal wishing for adventures while being bored living life as a proper young lady. And that's exactly what she gets except this time she's not the target of danger, her friends are. But Cat has her own problems to deal with, like how a certain boy now wants to kiss her not kill her.

    27. Seemingly a little far fetched at times, but greatly written. Cat is such a lovely character and her attitude brings great entertainment. Many side plot things occurred that I was waiting to happen, and the whole plot was good as I never figured out who was to blame for the characters struggles.

    28. It was too good. Cat's in a drawing room wishing for adventure. Well, you got your wish, Cat. From being thrust aboard as ship as a boy, to living with the Indian 'savages' of the States, this book totally keeps you on your toes.

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