Addicted to You

Addicted to You

Bethany Kane / Feb 20, 2020

Addicted to You All it takes is a moment for your life to change one night of desire to make you feel alive Irish film director Rill Pierce fled to the tiny backwoods town of Vulture s Canyon seeking sanctuary and

  • Title: Addicted to You
  • Author: Bethany Kane
  • ISBN: 9780425241103
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • All it takes is a moment for your life to change one night of desire to make you feel alive Irish film director Rill Pierce fled to the tiny, backwoods town of Vulture s Canyon, seeking sanctuary and solitude after a devastating tragedy Once, his raw sex appeal and sultry Irish accent made women across the globe swoon Now, he s barely recognizable But Katie Hughes, his bAll it takes is a moment for your life to change one night of desire to make you feel alive Irish film director Rill Pierce fled to the tiny, backwoods town of Vulture s Canyon, seeking sanctuary and solitude after a devastating tragedy Once, his raw sex appeal and sultry Irish accent made women across the globe swoon Now, he s barely recognizable But Katie Hughes, his best friend s sister, is not the type of woman to give up on a man like Rill She blazes into Vulture s Canyon determined to save him from himself Instead, she finds herself unleashing years of pent up passion In a storm of hunger and need, Katie and Rill forget themselves and the world But will Rill s insatiable attraction to Katie heal his pain or will it just feed the darkness within him

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        Bethany Kane is Beth Kery s alter ego.Beth Kery ll be writing a series for Berkley called One Night of Passion, involving lovers from a connection of friends and family The common thread is that each book starts out with an impulsive, steamy one night stand Of course a lifetime of love follows, but each couple has some struggles to go from one night to true love forever Part of that news is that Beth ll be writing this series under another pen name, Bethany Kane Beth hopes you like it, it s similar to Beth Kery, but different And, no worries, Beth will continue to publish under Beth Kery, as well.


    1. I'm a pretty big fan of Beth Kery/Bethany Kane's writing, and I've been eager to see if she could top (or equal) my favorite book of hers, Daring Time. With Addicted To You she comes close, but I'm afraid I had too many issues with the hero and he didn't totally win me over until late in the book for me to rank this one as a favorite.The basics:Ruggedly handsome 36-year-old Rill Pierce is a famous Hollywood screenwriter/director. He came to the US from Ireland at the age of 19 to attend UCLA. Th [...]

    2. As reviewed for Read Our Lips Book Blogt4.5 starsAfter reading two works by Bethany Kane’s alter-ego Beth Kery, I was very excited to explore her works under this nom de plume. I’ve often found that when a favorite author writes under two pen names, each name seems to take on a different writing personality. Addicted to You is a great example of this.While I’d never describe writings under Beth Kery as “light-hearted”, Addicted to You had a darker, more sultry mood about it. Most of th [...]

    3. Addicted to You by Bethany Kane is one of those titles that I stumbled upon quite accidentally whilst hopping through Twitter. Upon seeing the cover I was tempted and seeing the "friends-to-lovers" tag scream at me, I was sold and within minutes I pushed everything else aside and loaded up with this delectable piece of erotic contemporary romance, I let myself be swept away on the heady journey filled with all sorts of body tingling moments towards Rill and Katie's happily ever after.36 year old [...]

    4. Rill, Rill, Rill. How much do I love thee? A whole helluva lot, let me tell you.This book surprised me. I went in to it thinking it would be good (since it's Bethany Kane, aka Beth Kery after all), but I didn't think it would be THIS good. I will never be a doubter again. Lesson learned. Why did I like this book so much? That's an easy answer: the story. The character development. The pacing. Oh hell, all of it! But seriously, character development is important and the author does an excellent j [...]

    5. Favorite Quote: His already translucent moral conscience vanished into a puff of vapor. She looked like something that ought to be illegal.His cock agreed wholeheartedly.Movie writer and director Rill Pierce and Katie Hughes have been friends for a long time. Katie’s brother Everett is actually an actor and has worked with and been best friends with Rill since childhood as well. But when Rill’s wife dies in a car accident, he becomes a broken man. He moves to Vulture’s Canyon, Illinois – [...]

    6. 3 ½ stars. Slightly above average for story. Good for lots of hot sexORY BRIEF:Rill was a famous Hollywood writer director. His wife died in a car accident 18 months ago. He took off with no destination in mind and ended up in a small town in southern Illinois. He’s been living there as a recluse, not working, and drunk most of the time. Katie and her brother were best friends with Rill for many years. Katie was a tax attorney in Los Angeles. She left her job to visit Rill to help him. She’ [...]

    7. “It’s going to be the healthiest thing I’ve ever done in my life, becoming addicted to you.”I actually enjoy reading this story. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. I may just have a little qualms on the characters’s personality.Katie Hughes was tired of maintaining a façade to appear on just how people sees her. So for once in her life, she tried to be irresponsible. Her mission? Save the man she love from himself.Katie’s trademark is her Maserati. She’s compassionate and she wan [...]

    8. Well, I bought this one because I listened to a workshop this author gave with Julie James. I'm soooo glad I gave her a try. For me, it was well worth the higher ticket price as well. Beautifully written and smokin' hot scenes between Rill and Katie. In fact, I was reading this beside my brother on the train and got a little uncomfortable. I was expecting the story to be sexy, but truly didn't think it would make my damn face flame off.I'm a sucker for an Irish accent, I admitbut it wasn't overu [...]

    9. Whew! I was fanning myself with this one, LOL! I started Addicted to You while on the plane ride home from Nashville, and let me tell ya, I think I turned beet red reading this with strangers sitting inches away, lmao!I'm a historical girl, but I enjoy contemporary if it's in the form of erotic romance. A bit of a tortured hero thing going on, as Rill can't forgive himself for past mistakes. Also a bit of the forbidden, as Katie is the little sister of his best friend.(and therefore off-limits) [...]

    10. Something about those Irish heroes – they get me every time! :) Addicted To You’s Rill is no exception. This is a friends-to-lovers erotic romance set in a backwoods town, Vulture’s Canyon. Rill is a talented film writer and director who has abandoned his life. He’s been living in isolation in a secluded cabin, depressed and heavily liquored up, ever since his wife’s sudden death. He’s no longer writing and he’s unwilling to interact with the community, save a few meals and store v [...]

    11. So, the first thing you have to understand before even start reading this book is that Rill Pierce is an asshole. A gigantic asshole. Sometimes, when he treated Katie like crap, I felt a tremendous pull to just clock him right beside the head. My violent instincts were at full force.And I didn't understand the shit he tried to always convince himself with. He was always like "You're my wife's best friend", "You're my best friend's little sister" and blah,blah,blah Let's start analyzing this, Ril [...]

    12. Came as something of a disappointment to me, just because I saw this hyped. The external conflict was flimsy, though that's not why we read Bethany Kane (aka Beth Kery). It's mostly about the emotional relationship and sexual journey, which in this case dragged. Maybe it's because I've read too many of her books, but I liked the hero and sex scenes in Explosive and some of the other books better.Katy felt inconsistent to me and I didn't believe in her character arc. (view spoiler)[Everyone was s [...]

    13. Ce n'est certes pas un coup de coeur mais c'est une lecture agréable, une romance classique, épicée comme tous les romans sentimentaux contemporains de ces dernières années.L'histoire est convenue, et par rapport à des héros assez classiques, j'ai presque préféré la galerie de personnages secondaires qui auraient mérité d'être plus présents, comme le fait avec énormément de talent Kristan Higgins.J'ai d'ailleurs été surprise par la longueur du roman, car il ne se passe pas gran [...]

    14. Weak but entertaining story, excellent steamy scenes and I really liked author’s style.HERO type is a Performer, a film director who retreated to a small town after his wife died in an accident, and is drowning his pain in alcohol until his best friend’s younger sister comes to rescue him. SCENES/CONTENT: several/eroticGENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGTH: 250 pages

    15. I really want to read this book and the others that follow, but I refuse to pay $13 for an EBOOK!!!! Penguin you have just priced yourself out of a reader!!! I can get it in PB for $10.20, but on principal not going to buy. Sorry Ms. Kery I do love your writing, but I just cannot pay $13 for an ebook

    16. 4.5 stars!SERIOUSLY?!? Rill and Katie give new meaning to the word “multiples”! Im totally impressed!The Rundown:Sultry Irish film director, Rill Peirce, has thrown himself into seclusion after his wife’s death and has become a drunken recluse for the past 18 months. Barely able to leave his dilapidated house for more than food and alcohol, he’s known around town as the grouch who lives on the hill.Tax attorney Katie Hughes has decided Rill has been in hiding long enough. Her long time c [...]

    17. DNF :(I couldn't connect to the characters and couldn't care less if they got together or not which I'm sure inevitably they will.I just found it very cliche and have read so much better.There are just too many good books out there waiting for me to read them.I didn't even get to the swing :(

    18. Loved it.oooo very hot in a semi-vanilla kind of way. The pantry, and the swing, and the AP. oooooomph.

    19. A very hot and sexy erotic contemporary romance! This was my first book by Bethany Kane (aka Beth Kery) but it most certainly will not be my last.

    20. Let me first start off by saying I LOVED Addicted to You! From the opening pages, I was hooked. The descriptions are wonderfully vivid, the characters are brilliant and brought to life through flawless dialogue, there’s an abundance of humour, a heaping helping of erotica, and a heart-warming, impossibly addictive love story at its root.Rill Pierce. You’ll fall in love with the man before you even get a chance to know him. He’s an Irishman (points for that), with sexy, rugged looks (more p [...]

    21. Rill’s wife died 2 years ago and since then he’s been holed up in Vulture’s Canyon, Illinois. He’s been drinking himself silly and generally being a hermit while he deals with his own thoughts.Katie Hughes shows up in Vulture’s Canyon for many different reasons – the main one to try and “help” or “save” Rill from this black hole he’s in. She’s also trying to find a bit of herself as the life she’s living isn’t one that’s making her happy. Besides that – she’s be [...]

    22. With characters that have great chemistry and pull you in from the first, Addicted to You has a contemporary voice, plenty of angst and strong story line. The magic of this book happens on many fronts. First, Ms. Kane is a great story teller. Her ability to write both prose and dialogue that immediately capture the essence of an angst ridden drunken Irish film maker, a hopeful woman in love, the sleepy mining town of Vulture's Canyon as well as the characters who live there is quite remarkable. [...]

    23. If you love sexually intense heroes (and I definitely do), you're going to love this book. Rill is full of self loathing and in other books I've read that tended to get tiresome after a while, but in 'Addicted To You', it fits and his reasoning is explained sufficiently. His deep depression is justified too, and I applauded Katie for not giving up even when he repeatedly pushed her away. At the same time, she wasn't spineless, which I appreciate in a heroine. The characters were likeable and int [...]

    24. I recently read a book with a similar premise to Addicted to you with a grumpy/damaged hero which has the heroine kicking his arse to next Sunday to wake up from his funk. Addicted to You, was a hot, sexy and an emotional read. The romance between Katie and Rill was full on sexual tension that hits high on the temperature front and the love scenes, were some of the hottest I've read in a long while. I also loved the small town setting with the quirky and colourful cast of supporting characters. [...]

    25. As my first book by this author, the bite that held me throughout the story was Rill, the drunken Irishman. He’s insensitive, unpredictable, randy, and gorgeous-–only made more savory with that accent. The bulk of the conflict hovered around him and his self-torment. Some external drama was introduced-–potential jealously over the diner waitress, the fragile friendship between Rill and Everett, the riverboat tycoon, the diner/hostage scene, Rill’s unknown father-–but these altercations [...]

    26. I found and started this book because I wanted to read something with the reunited lovers or unrequited love type of theme. Particularly I wanted a childhood crush that is realized in adulthood, and that is sort of what happens here.This book didn't go where I thought it would and it didn't have the tone I was looking for. This story is darker but a little deeper than I expected. I enjoyed reading about the relationship developments of these two characters as well as their own personal journeys [...]

    27. unbrindelecture/2015/1J'ai passé un agréable moment en compagnie de Rill et Katie . Cette romance érotique est captivante et nous embarque dans son univers dès les premières pages. L'intensité de la passion et le charisme de ce duo rendent cette lecture pimentée à souhait et addictive .Un peu déçue par le manque de piquant et d'originalité peut-être même si je suis curieuse de découvrir la suite de cette aventure.

    28. 4.5 stars - It was a very good book. I loved it. I felt it was a slow start at first but the Author was developing story line and characters. It also didn't help that I was in a book hangover from my previous read.Sex scenes were very HOT. I will never look at a tree swing the same way again!!!Love Love Love Love Beth Kery's / Bethany Kane's style of writing! very talented author.

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