And the Word Came with Power: How God Met and Changed a People Forever

And the Word Came with Power: How God Met and Changed a People Forever

Joanne Shetler / Jun 04, 2020

And the Word Came with Power How God Met and Changed a People Forever And the Word Came with Power How God Met and Changed a People Forever

  • Title: And the Word Came with Power: How God Met and Changed a People Forever
  • Author: Joanne Shetler
  • ISBN: 9780880704755
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • And the Word Came with Power How God Met and Changed a People Forever

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    1. My family has had a copy of this book for years, but I just never got around to it until now. I am so glad that I took the time to read this because this was such a sweet story. Joanne Shelters story is so inspiring. I can’t even imagine going off to live in a village in some far away place, and yet she was so brave and made such an impact on the Balangaos lives. She put her faith in God and followed His will, even when it wasn’t what she had in mind. She spent 20 years in the Balangao villa [...]

    2. My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What brought it closer to us is that it happened in the Philippines and how the Word of God was translated to a native dialect. Juammi has become a part of us as we were reading this. This also was the start of my 9 yo son's comment which have become very frequent lately"I think that I will become a missionary."

    3. This story gripped my heart from the get go. I fell in love with the people of Balangao. I laughed and cried with them. It encouraged me to pray for all the countries in the world who still don't yet have the Word of God written in their language and why it's so important. It also opened my eyes to how difficult a job it is for the missionaries. How many hours they pour into their work all for the Lord's glory! I was inspired and could feel the power of God at work as I read the intense stories [...]

    4. Sometimes in these depressing times you just need to read a good missionary story to remind you that God is powerful and working where He will.

    5. What a beautiful testimony to the power of the written Word. Joanne mixes her story in with that of the Balangao church. It covers the full twenty years her time with them but is a rather short book. There is really only time to cover the highlights.It was interesting especially as she tells about the growth of the church and the different missions that grew out of their church.

    6. This book, like no other, excites my desire to sell my worldly possessions and throw my life whole-heartedly into serving others and sharing Christ with them. Joanne Shetler is an inspiration -- her patience, persistence, sense of humor in unique circumstances, and especially her reliance upon and trust in the God who sent her across the world to live for 20 years with the Balangao people of the Philippines. I found her story extremely moving. I've read it several times, and each time, I look up [...]

    7. This is an amazing missionary biography. If you need something to remind you of God's power or to get you prepared for and excited about an overseas missionary trip or lifestyle, this is it. She shares her heart, her prayers, and the fruits of her labors. God's power comes alive and real in this easy read.

    8. I loved this book as it reminded me of the missionary biographies I read as a new Christian. God is real and His power is real. Very encouraging book.

    9. I was brought to tears several times throughout this account of bringing the Word of God to the Balangaos tribe in the Philippines. What a sweet story of Salvation for a people previously at the mercy of evil spirits and seeing how the Word and Power of God worked miraculously through them was both encouraging and inspiring for my own Walk.

    10. Though I've never been, I really have a heart for the Philippines. Maybe it's my many years as a US Navy wife (and having so many sweet Filipina friends in that life), or my love of all things Far East (having lived in and loved Japan), or the fact that my uncle retired to the Philippines after serving in Vietnam and made a life there (and how utterly exotic I found that to be in my growing-up years). Whatever the case, I've always had a fondness for the country and, in fact, have chosen as one [...]

    11. This is one of my favorite missionary stories of all time. When I was a girl, our denomination had several missionary books that they wanted you to read. Each year a different set would come out and we were encouraged to read those that year. Several times I tried to do so. I'm sure it was during the years my grandmother had charge of getting people to read them. I never liked them, maybe it was just my age. They seemed so dry and boring. Oh, if they had only been as interesting as this book! I [...]

    12. The story of a woman who moves from California to live with a tribe in northern Luzon, Philippines to translate the New Testament over 20 years. Having grown up in the Philippines (in very different surroundings) I mostly just enjoyed the descriptions of people, places, cultures and the difficulties of really understanding people from another culture. You never fully get it - but you try really hard. The most challenging part for my skeptical western brain was the descriptions of the spiritual w [...]

    13. I enjoyed the concise story of how the Balangao people went from being skeptical of the motives of Joanne Shetler to embracing her as family, and embracing the Bible as the true word of God. One issue with the book is that every problem or event of suffering that happens in the book (Joanne's loneliness, children dying, Joanne making a big mistake) has some explanation for it. I can respect Joanne for being able to look back at her life and seeing the reason for some of these things, but surely [...]

    14. This is a book put out by JAARS, a division of Wycliffe Bible Translaters. All of their books that I have read are so down to earth and inspiring. The missionary in this book, Joanne Shetler, goes to the Philippines to translate the Bible into the local language. She is candid about her personal struggles and demonstrates through her story that God truly does know how to work all things together for good.

    15. Definitely a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about Bible translation and missions in general. It is an easy-to-read account of how God used a small-town girl who was faithful in prayer to change an entire community for his glory. Shetler, whom I had the privilege of meeting last year, does a great job of describing how God not pinned down to a specific culture and that the job of a missionary is to plant the seed of the Gospel and have faith that God will grow it.

    16. This story of a missionary in the Philippines is a great easy read. It is not an exhaustive account with endless details; rather it is the type of story which is hard to put down! I appreciated how Joane Shetler tells the story of God's power and not her own accomplishments. There is much to learn both from her approaches and interactions with people as well as the insights of the people she worked with.

    17. Joanne Shetler's prayer to God as a missionary-linguist was, "Prove yourself stronger than the spirits." The Balangao people were in need of a true revelation of the authority of Jesus to persuade them to follow him and when the Father answered her cry, Christians were born. "And the Word Came with Power" is the story of two decades of Bible translation and church-planting in the Philippines by a woman willing to sacrifice her own dreams for God's glorious future.

    18. Nothing is impossible with God. Joanne Shetler proved that over and over in her hard-to-put-down book. You will be amazed at the many stories told about how God overcame the many evils that were present in the lives of the people in "And the Word Came with Power: How God Met and Changed a People Forever." This book demonstrates how the teachings of Jesus about spreading the Gospel were implemented in the Philipines.

    19. This book is very much a Christian tale focusing on faith in God and God's way of making things happen. I found this to be an interesting account of the missionary experience and of the efforts of bible translators around the world. Although I would have preferred more details about day to day life in the Philippines and the challenges of living within another culture, I still enjoyed it.

    20. I LOVED this book. It hits all the points of things that I like in a book. True life events, wonderful storytelling, emotions running the gamut, and the kind of God stories that sometimes I think we forget about in America. The book is written by a woman who moves to the Philippines to translate the Bible for the Balangao people. The stories she tells range from adorable to harrowing.

    21. This is a short book about Joanne Shetler's experiences translating the Bible into the Balango langauge in the Philipines. Excellent book. I walked away impressed with the endless creativity of God. I love how he relates to everyone in new and different ways.

    22. I devoured this book almost completely in one night. I found this autobiography of a woman Bible translator and her experience off going to live in a remote village for 20 years riveting, refreshing, moving, and convicting! I must read more like this Sonlight book from Core 1!

    23. This is such an amazing book. My mom read it to me for school in about second grade, and it totally changed my whole understanding of what God can do. I've read it several times since then and it blows my mind every time.

    24. I loved this book. It was a quick read, but it was amazing. It made me want to run away to the Philippians. Okt really, but it did make me want to turn more of myself over to God. He can do so much more with me than I can.

    25. I read this powerful missionary story aloud to my boys. I forget they don't quite have the firsthand "missionary exposure" I did growing up in a small Baptist church and this story was quite meaningful to all of us.

    26. This is a powerful book. It reveals God's care for every person, the sacrifices of translation work and the beauty of His Spirit's moving. Fascinating, terrifying, sweet and lovely. Thank you Joanne Shelter for sharing your story!

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